RACE: Mid-Ohio Runoffs Sunday press notes #2

RACE ...

RACE #7 - GT-5

Sports Car picks: Bill Gilcrease, Mini Richard Kraus, Mini Jim Rauck, Nissan Grid: Jamie Houseman, Jim Rauck, Kirk Olsen

LAP 1: Houseman's Honda CRX takes the early lead. Kirk Olsen's Honda CRX moves quickly into second. Jim Rauck's Nissan falls back to third, Bill Gilcrease (Mini Cooper) moves up 2 places to 4th and Jay Ilioham moves his Alfa from 8th to 5th. LAP 2: Order remains the same. Corner station 1A reports David Muramoto spun on driver's right and continued. LAP 3: Top 5 remain the same. Jack Beck's Alfa Romeo is reported to have smoke in the cockpit. Keith Maloney's Mini is reported to be dumping fluid going into station 15. Smoke from Beck's car may be from left front tire rub. LAP 4: Houseman opening up distance from Olson. Beck smoking worse. Chuck Rauck spun at station 11 and parks it. Driver OK. LAP 5: Beck is given the mechanical black flag. His cockpit is full of smoke. He had been running fifth. LAP 6: The top 4 remain the same. Ilioham, who had been passed by Beck, recaptures fifth. LAP 9: Jim Rauck recovers second place. LAP 10: Order at the front is Houseman, Jim Rauck, Olson, Gilcrease, and Ilioham. LAP 12: Jack Baumgardner pits his Austin Mini S and parks it. LAP 13: Larry Janzen pulled his Austin Mini into station 8 and parks it by the guardrail with a bad wheel bearing. LAP 14: Order is Houseman, Jim Rauck, Gilcrease, and Olson. LAP 16: Joe Camilleri pits and parks his Austin Mini. Lee Feineigle goes off at station 13 with mechanical problems and will require a flat tow at end of race. LAP 19: Houseman takes checker after leading the entire race, followed by Jim Rauck and Bill Gilcrease. Margin of victory - 0.343 seconds. This race had another husband and wife competition - Ted Wollesen in an Austin Mini was gridded 14th and finished 6th; Mary Wollesen was gridded 16th in her Austin Mini and finished only five laps before going off at station 7. Driver quotes: Race #7 - GT5 Jamie Houseman - 1st "I haven't had too much experience on this track so I was scared every lap." "It was a pretty clean race and the backmarkers let us through." "I was quite worried about Jim (Rauck) because he beat me here earlier this year." Jim Rauck - 2nd "I ran the wheels off that thing and had a good time doing it." "I could have taken a cheap shot on the last lap and put Jamie and a backmarker out, but I didn't because that happened to me and that's no way to race." Bill Gilcrease - 3rd "Every single lap I went sideways in turn six. There was oil out there."

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