RACE: Mid-Ohio Runoffs Saturday press notes

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RACE #8 - SR

Sports Car picks: B. J. Zacharias, Spec Racer Tom VanCamp, Spec Racer John Hollansworth, Spec Racer

Grid: John Hollansworth,Jr., Tom VanCamp, Richard Kennedy 44 cars started the last National Championship race for Spec Racers.

LAP 1: A wild first lap going into turn 6. John Bowden and Michael Caron are off between stations 7 & 8. They both get back on and continue. Joe Bunton, gridded 4th, also is off at station 6 and hits the tirewall. Driver is OK. A full course yellow is called and the wrecker is sent out to move the car. LAP 2: Scott Webb off and back on at station 7. Station 5 reports Thomas Ward's car is up to its axles in the sand. Wrecker is dispatched to move the car. Ward was able to rejoin the race with help from the wrecker to pull his car out. LAP 3: Still under full course yellow. LAP 4: Hollansworth is leading the parade under the yellow followed by Kennedy, VanCamp and John Strickler. LAP 5: John Warren goes off at station 7. Mark Broyles is also off at station 1A after tangling with Derek Schofield at the bridge. LAP 6: Station 6 reports Schofield's car is dragging bodywork against a tire. LAP 7: Schofield pits. LAP 8: Leaders are Hollansworth, VanCamp and Kennedy. LAP 10: Hollansworth has a 7 second lead over VanCamp with another four seconds back to third place Kennedy. Back in fifth there is a real battle between B.J. Zacharias and John Strickler. LAP 12: John Frank hits the guardrail at station 1A. Driver is OK. He had worked his way up to 9th from 13th starting position. Max Rodriguez pulls off at station 10 with a mechanical problem. Ralph Green, Jr., is off at station 3 with a broken suspension. LAP 16: Adam Burney pulls off at station 2 after hitting the concrete barrier. He may have come together with another car that caused a suspension failure. LAP 19: Hollansworth takes the National Championship with a margin of victory of 7.693 seconds over VanCamp with Kennedy third.

Driver quotes: Race #8 - SR John Hollansworth, Jr. - 1st "No. It's never as easy as it looks. I was worried that another full course yellow would bunch us up." Tom VanCamp - 2nd "I didn't have much for John today. I missed a gear on the start and put myself down in fourth place. Even after the restart I felt comfortable. I wasn't going to spin out of second place." Richard Kennedy - 3rd "A lonely day. I just couldn't catch them. I was trying. I saw Hal (Briand) coming up behind me. I just tried to keep him behind me."


Sports Car picks: Mike Davies, Shelby CanAm Steve Burgner, Shelby CanAm Bob Gardner, Shelby CanAm

Grid: Jeffrey Tyler, Steve Burgner, Ed Rawles

(This field was combined with Sports 2000 in Race #4.)

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