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>From: Greg Rubenstein The Runoffs Ramblings Volume 1, Number 3 October 11, 1996 WORKER OF THE YEAR AWARD WINNERS: The SCCA BFGoodrich Worker of the Year Awards were presented Thursday night. Following are the WotY recipients: COURSE...

>From: Greg Rubenstein

The Runoffs Ramblings Volume 1, Number 3 October 11, 1996

WORKER OF THE YEAR AWARD WINNERS: The SCCA BFGoodrich Worker of the Year Awards were presented Thursday night. Following are the WotY recipients: COURSE MARSHAL: Jeff Nadler, CSCC EMERGENCY SERVICES: Steve Huemmer, Wash. D.C. F&C: John Best, Indianapolis GRID: Karen Petersen, New England PIT CONTROL: Teri Massey, Colorado RACE CHAIRMAN: Laurie Barnhart, NeOhio REGISTRATION: Sharon Rollow, Atlanta SOUND CONTROL: Blair March, New England STARTERS: Tom Huxtable, Wichita TECH INSPECTOR: Penny Coy, CSCC TIMING & SCORING: Les Walter, Steel Cities VAL D. SCROGGIE MEMORIAL AWARD: Dr. Tom Dehn, Milwaukee REGIONAL ACHIEVEMENT AWARD HONORABLE MENTIONS FOR 1996: Small Region: Great River Region Medium Region: Blue Ridge Region Medium/Large Region: Des Moines Valley Region Large: Ohio Valley Region Jumbo Region: New England Region Winner: Cincinnati Region (Medium/Large Category)

WORKER PARTY SPONSORS: The following companies have sponsored (or will be sponsoring) the various worker parties each night during this year s Runoffs: Monday, Oct. 7 Beer Night, sponsored by the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course and Valvoline. Tuesday, Oct. 8 German Night, sponsored by Nickles Bakery, Sysco of Cleveland, Weidles Meat and Valvoline. Wednesday, Oct. 9 Chili Cook-Off Night, sponsored by Gordon Food Service, Buckeye Ice Cream and Valvoline. Thursday, Oct. 10 Doggone Party Night, sponsored by Gordon Food Service, Nickles Bakery, Sysco of Cleveland and Valvoline. Friday, Oct. 11 Meat and Potatoes Night, sponsored by The Roadhouse, Valvoline and American Honda (excluding beer). Saturday, Oct. 12 Pizza Night, sponsored by Marco s Pizza, Jones Potato Chips, Valvoline and Mazda.

T&S THANKS: The hardworking T&S gang thanks Beuran Hicks, driver of the #63 SSB Mazda Miata, for brightening the T&S dungeon with a flower arrangement, complete with a small tire for a planter.

AN EXTRA-SPECIAL RRDC MARK DONOHUE AWARD IN 1996: A special thanks to Greg Pickett, owner of Pickett Racing and driver of the #6 Rain-X/Cytomax Chevrolet Camaro competing in the SCCA Trans-Am Championship. Pickett donated a wheel from his car that was used during the 1996 Cleveland ATCALL Trans-Am Classic the race where he broke Donohue s all-time top-three finishes Trans-Am record for the Road Racing Drivers Club Mark Donohue Award. The RRDC Mark Donohue Award, presented for outstanding performance at the Valvoline Runoffs, consists of a race wheel and an engraved glass table-top, and will be presented at Sunday s awards banquet. Pickett also shod the wheel with a brand-new Goodyear slick.

RHINO-SCHMINO, WHO REALLY CARES ABOUT THE DAMN MASCOT?: The Rhino Boy mascot is still missing. Rhino Boy is now offering a reward of Red Line Oil products for the safe return of the Rhino team mascot before 7 p.m. Friday, when the ransom comes due. The use of bounty hunters and unnecessary force is authorized so long as the rhino is not hurt in the rescue. The perpetrators need not be punished. Rhino (an inflatable unit who does not come when called and responds only to heavy breathing in his blow hole) was kidnapped on Tuesday by four "armed" men wearing balaclavas and riding golf carts. The men were "legged," too.

LOTS 'O WORKERS: According to Race Chairman Ron Sharp, there are nearly 600 SCCA licensed workers here at The Runoffs, from 35 states, representing 70 regions. That's almost 1:1 ratio of workers to drivers.

A-SEDAN HUB UPDATE: Baer hub is offering a next-generation hub for A-Sedan racers, produced to reduce hub breakage at the point where the seat for the outer bearing race is machined. The revised hub features a new radius on the seat for the race; elimination of the ball reliefs machined in the hub to allow races to be removed; and .110-inch additional material added to the outside of the seat for the race. Hubs can be purchased outright for $325.75 each or $100 with exchange. Contact Pro-Prep Motorsports, in the Pro-Prep trailer at top of paddock.

1997 RUNOFFS DATE SET: The date for the 1997 SCCA Valvoline Runoffs is October 6-12, 1997, at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course.

TECH TYPES TESTING TEMPS: The SCCA s intrepid tech inspectors are testing a high temperature nail polish to mark head and sump gasket areas to foil pre-race, post-inspection tampering. Tech inspectors will be conducting durability tests throughout the weekend.

FORMULA VEE ACCOLADES: Last Sunday the Formula Vee family congregated for their ninth annual cookout, with over 250 drivers, crew, workers and friends joining for good times and the Valvoline ProVee Series trophy presentation honoring the top-10 drivers. The top-three points leaders were: Mike Jones, series champion; Jeff Loughead, second; and Jim Kearney. The 1997 series schedule is set to begin at Moroso Motorsports Park in January.

CHAPEL SERVICES SATURDAY AND SUNDAY: Richard Anderson, Rookie from SFR in a Nissan SSB, is also the President of Motorsports Ministries, and as such will conduct non-denominational Chapel Services both Saturday and Sunday mornings at 7:15 a.m. in the white tent at the base of the Tower.

TIRES, TIRES AND MORE TIRES: The Goodyear Tire Company is represented at The Runoffs both with factory folks and Competition West tire distributors out of Brooklyn, Mich. >From the factory comes Bob Shaffer, Motorsports Manager for Sports Car Racing, Chris Mantei, Tire Development and Jeff Mackle, Sports Car Group Leader. Under John Woody, the Competition West General Manager for Tire Competition, there are 25 employees including tire mounters, hauler drivers and even their own chef. They brought with them nine trailers to transport more than 5000 tires, of which 10 percent are rain tires. Goodyear is represented in 23 of the 25 SCCA National classes racing here this weekend. The non-Goodyear classes are Spec Racer and SRF, which have Yokohama as the spec tire. Goodyear has the entire field in four classes FC, S2000, GT-1 and GT-4, and are the spec tire for SCA. Kumho Tires has tires on 25 cars this weekend. They are involved in SCCA Club Racing and the SCCA World Challenge. This is Kumho s third year at the Runoffs, with their efforts overseen by Larry Krause, Senior Chemist. Assisting Krause is Mike Kramer from C.U.T. tire distributor. Kumho has tires in five classes AS, T1, SSA, SSB, and SSC. They brought with them 500 tires and have a staff of four to service their customers. They offer shaved and rain DOT tires. Toyo Tires are here on one car Dwight Faitz/StLouis Region in American Sedan, gridded 16th for the race. Bruce Wolf is representing Toyo. Dave Sanders, BFG Team T/A Special Activities Manager, is in charge of their presence here at The Runoffs. Sanders presented the BFG Worker of the Year Awards at the Thursday Night Worker Social. He also coordinates the SCCA Club Racing program for BFG. BFG tires are on cars in the Showroom Stock Classes A, B and C as well as T1 and American Sedan. They brought 1,000 tires in their three haulers. BFG/Team T/A is also very active in the SCCA Pro Solo and Solo II programs. Yokohama Tires and Hoosier Tires are being handled at The Runoffs by Frisby Tires of Gurney, Ill., under the direction of owner Bob Schaefer. Working with Schaefer is Bruce Foss from Hoosier Tires. Yokohama Tires are found in five classes SRF, SR, FA, FC and GT-2. They brought 900 tires and a staff of six. Assisting Foss is Tom Barnett, Hoosier Tire s Engineer. Hoosier brought 1600 tires to The Runoffs.

LOST AND FOUND, FOUND AND LOST: The main lost and found for the Runoffs is at the Driver Information tent (red and white tent), next to the concession stand. Valuable items that are found are held at SCCA HQ, in the white trailer near the Richland County tent. Kudos to those honest folks who turned in the lost credit cards and drivers licenses that were lost earlier in the week. The owners of these lost items are most grateful.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY (JUST FILLER NOT TO START A TREND): Happy birthday wishes to Tech Steward Dean Croucher, who celebrated his 56th BD on Thursday. How did he celebrate? By spending the day in the tech shed, of course.

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