RACE: Mid-Ohio Runoffs Friday press notes #3

RACE 3 - T1 Sports Car picks: David Schardt - Pontiac Firebird Chris Perrotti - Pontiac Firebird Kerry Alexander - Chevy Camaro Grid: Carter, Alexander, Van Cleef Lap 1: 19 cars took the green...

RACE 3 - T1

Sports Car picks: David Schardt - Pontiac Firebird Chris Perrotti - Pontiac Firebird Kerry Alexander - Chevy Camaro

Grid: Carter, Alexander, Van Cleef

Lap 1: 19 cars took the green flag, with polesitter Grant Carter secure in the lead. Mike Pettiford off at station 8, but continued. Eric Van Cleef went off on drivers' right at station 1A over the "gator teeth", but was able to continue, albeit from the rear of the field. Lap 2: Kenneth McVicker and Terry Johnson spun, no contact, and continued at station 7. Lap 3: Fire was reported in the Camaro of McVicker. Cornerworkers at station 10 showed him a fire bottle as he went by. He pulled into station 14 smoking heavily, but no apparent fire. Lap 4: David Schardt takes the lead . Van Cleef went off course at station 7 on drivers left and got stuck in the gravel. Chip Baumgartner went off and into the sandtrap at station 8. Terry Johnson hit station 8 after possibly hitting the same oil patch that did in Van Cleef and Baumgartner. The cornerworkers kept their cool well enough to be able to call the "hit" in to control and add that all workers were okay, but the station needed a little work! Johnson was okay. Lap 6: Thomas Oates was finally able to pass Brian Kelm for 7th place. Lap 8: Top 5 continue running in the same order: Schardt, Carter, Mills, Alexander, and Perrotti. Lap 11: Tom Brecht spun, tapped the guardrail, and continued. Lap 12: Joseph Balbi stuck in the gravel at station 7 for the duration. Lap 14: Schardt pulling away again. Lap 19: The finishing order is Schardt, Carter, Don Mills, Alexander, and Perrotti. The margin of victory is 3.172 sec. Driver Quotes Race #3 T1

David Schardt - 1st " I saw the the slippery course flag coming to the end of the back straight and saw Garnt brake. I knew that this might be my only shot." "We planned to run up front, but never hoped to win but it has been my dream ever since my dad finished 3rd in the Runoffs."

Grant Carter - 2nd "It was really slippery out there and I've only had the car for 2 weeks. I was kinda hopin Dave would slide off "(after the pass in the oil).

Don Mills - 3rd "I was not content running third and was not closing on Grant very quickly"

RACE 4 - S2000 and SCA

Sports Car S2 picks: David Downey - Lola Sports Car SCA picks: Mike Davies Jim Ballard - Swift Steve Burgner Dan Dubrovich - Lola Bob Gardner S2 grid: Cliff Knudsen, Owen Trinkler, David Downey SCA grid: Jeffrey Tyler, Steve Burgner, Ed Rawles

Due to the low entry in the SCAclass, that race was run along with the S2's as Race #4. Despite the "race within a race", the results will be printed for each race separately. However, since the two classes of cars were on the track at the same time, despite the split start, the recap will include both classes.

Lap 1: S2 pole sitter Cliff Knudsen started dropping back at the green flag and by the end of the first lap, he was in 3rd place. Knudsen had qualified in the rain. Tyler, the SCA polesitter, maintained his class lead, in 19th OA. Lap 3: James Ballard moved up to 3rd., just ahead of Chris Thomas. The order is Trinkler, David Downey, Thomas, Andrea Kasiewicz, the only lady in the race, and James Ballard. Lap 4: Kasiewicz moved into third place. Lap 5: David Gill had moved up from his 17th grid position to 8th. Back in SCA, Tyler had moved into 17th OA , maintaining his lead in class. Lap 6: Kasiewicz got by Downey at station 7 to take over 2nd place then passes Trinkler for 1st.. Gill moved up to 7th. Lap 7: Kasiewicz opened up the lead on Trinkler to 1.7 seconds. Lap 8: Tyler continues his big lead in SCA. Thomas falls off the pace a little. Lap 9: Downey gets by Trinkler under braking at station 7. Downey spreads out the lead by 2 car lengths. Lap 10: Kasiewicz pushes to a 3.35 second lead. Bill Braucksick spun out at station 11 and ended up in the gravel. Driver okay left car in pit till end of session. Lap 11: Field pretty well strung out. Groundhog waiting to cross at turn 8, eventually able to execute his manuever safely. Lap 12: Kasiewicz and Rawles(SCA) side by side, light contact, going by station 15. Kasiewicz gets safely by and both continue. Lap 14: J. Duke Johnson off on drivers left, back on and continued. Lap 16: Mike Phillips off at station 3 on drivers right, behind gravel trap. Driver out and okay. Lap 18: Field strung out. Downey only 1 second behind as Kasiewicz comes up on the back of the field. She gets by cleanly and goes on to become the first woman National Champion since 1979 when Kat Kizer won HP in an AH Sprite. Jeffrey Tyler takes checker in the last national championship for SCA cars.

Driver Quotes Race #4 and SCA

Ed Rawles - 3rd SCA " I was holding onto 2nd place. On the next to last lap, a slower S2 pointed me by at the mouth of the carousel. By the time I got by him, Tom Kraft got by me." Driver Quotes Race #4 S2

Andrea Kasiewicz - 1st S2 "I'm in shock" This was probably the cleanest, most fun racing I've ever had." "This was the best car I've ever had." "David Downey let me by. He could have fought for the position, but he didn't. Referring to the light contact with Chris Thomas: "It was probably the best thing that could have happened to me because it made me mad! We bumped and I was thinking 'I'm not going to give up this position!'"

David Downey - 2nd S2 "This girl is 122 lbs. of twisted blue-steel. She just drove a flawless race which is tough on this track." "I waited too long to get around Owen and by then Andrea was gone." "One problem I had was that I forgot to change my brake bias back from the rain setup. By the end it was alright."

Owen Trinkler - 3rd S2 "From lap 1 I knew the car wasn't right. I held on as long as I could."


Sports Car picks: Mark Younquist - VW Corrado Tony Swan - Honda Prelude Terry Coates - VW Corrado

Grid:Terry Coates, Mark Younquist, Tony Swan

Lap 1: Tony Swan made light contact with Dave Mead, Tim Brecht and Bob Allison in a crowded Station 8 at start of race. Dennis Baglier puts car upside down in Turn 11 next to wall after side to side contact with Jack Tippens. Baglier is okay. Lap 2: Pace car on track under full course yellow. Swan's car has right rear suspension damage; he retires. Lap 3: Fred Fiala pulls into pits and quickly resumes Lap 4: Still under yellow Lap 5: Top 5 cars are Coates, Younquist, Bob Beede, Kjell Skavnes, Bill Fenton, and Ken Payson. Lap 7: The fight for third between Beede and Skavnes is close. Nose to tail contact between them, but both continue. Beede drops to fifth, Skavnes moves up to third in Turn 7. Lap 10: Younquist closes on Coates at Station 7. Fenton gets by Skavnes for third. Lap 11: Coates, Younquist, and Fenton are top three. Lap 12: Coates challenged Younquist but holds position using heads-up racing. Big gap between 2nd place Younquist and 3rd place Fenton. Lap 14: Jerry Spangler passed Fenton at Station 1A when Fenton took a wide line. Lap 16: Spangler is pulling away from Fenton. Coates and Younquist side by side through Station 7, with Coates still holding lead. Lap 17: Past National champion Younquist uses all his skills to pass Coates for the lead at Station 7. Lap 18: Younquist almost spins at Station 8, but regains control and holds the lead. Lap 19: Coates tries every way but over to get over Younquist, but comes up short. Younquist claims second National championship.

Driver Quotes Race #5 SSA Mark Younquist - 1st "Had trouble with clutch slave cylinder all week. Had another airfreighted in." "Guess it is better to be lucky than good because I couldn't find 3rd gear coming out of last turn and Terry pushed me across the finish." "I've won a National championship and was in a daze for two years. I really feel sorry for Terry that he couldn't win."

Terry Coates - 2nd "I was having problems with my shift linkage and that's when Mark got around me."

Jerry Spangler - 3rd "Seems like I had a lot of power down the back straight and the car was sticking pretty good."

RACE #6 - Formula Atlantic

Sports Car picks: Robert Sollenskog - Ralt RT-40 Dan Carmichael - Ralt RT-40 Bruce Pohlmann - Swift DB-4

Grid: Sollenskog, Lars Dirks, Kevin Firlein

Lap 1: Leader Sollenskog spun of at Station 8. Steve Forrer takes lead followed by Paul LeCain and Pohlmann. Lap 2: Forrer has good lead. Sollenskog continues after his spin. Lap 4: Ahsen Yelkin passed Dirks to take over fourth place. Lap 5: After five laps, leaders are Forrer, LeCain, Yelkin, Pohlmann, Dirks. Lap 7: No change in order. Lap 8: Defending champion Carmichael, who was gridded ninth, worked his way up to 6th, when the car is reported to be showering sparks from under the left front wing. Yelkin successfully takes 2nd place from LeCain going into Turn 1. Lap 9: Forrer manages to hold off Yelkin's charge through Station 14. Lap 11: Forrer and Yelkin begin encountering the back of the field. Lap 12: LeCain repassed Yelkin for second place. Dirks, running in fourth, pulls into the pits. Lap 13: Big gap opens between first and second place cars. Steve Hickman off at Station 6 with hole in transmission. Lap 16: Kjell Tollefsen moves up into 8th. Lap 17: Order is still Forrer, LeCain, and Yelkin. Lap 19: Sollenskog works his way back up to 6th place.

Margin of victory was 0.745 seconds.

Driver Quotes Race #6 FA Steve Forrer - 1st "Robert [Sollensbog] was going backwards and I didn't know which way to go so I went left and got through." "I raced snowmobiles for over 20 years, which was a good thing since I'm used to it being slippery."

Paul LeCain - 2nd "There was oil everywhere from the end of the back straight to Turn 13."

Ahsen Yelkin - 3rd "I knew it was going to be crowded in the first turn so I kind of held back and held my position."

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