RACE: Mid-Ohio Runoffs Friday press notes #2

Friday, October 11, 1996 RACE 1 - D Sports Racing SportsCar picks: David Kaiser, LeGrand Bruce Sunseri, Cheetah Nancy James, A-Mac Grid Top 3: David Kaiser, Glen Wild, Michael Reupert Lap 1 : David...

Friday, October 11, 1996

RACE 1 - D Sports Racing

SportsCar picks: David Kaiser, LeGrand Bruce Sunseri, Cheetah Nancy James, A-Mac

Grid Top 3: David Kaiser, Glen Wild, Michael Reupert

Lap 1 : David Kaiser jumped into a big lead at the start, using his pole position to its best advantage. Bruce Sunseri moved up into 2nd by turn 7. The order quickly became Kaiser, Sunseri, Wild, and Reuper Lap 2: The field is spreading out with the order of Kaiser, Wild, Reupert, James. Al Beasley, Jr. overdrove turn 14 and put his nose into the rear of Bill Lomenick's Msagro CV-3, sustaining body damage to the front of his Beasley B2. Both cars continued. Nancy James spun in the center of the track at 11, but continued after losing 5 positions. Lap 3: Beasley Jr. pitted to replace nose on car. With the leader pulling away, the best race appears to be for 4th place. Phil Alspach's TCR Ocelot 596 reported smoking from the rear. Lap 4: Beasley, Sr. continued to make his way up from the back of the grid. Lap 6: Senseri spun at station off course at station 7, losing several positions. He re-entered in 12th place. Lap 7: James got by Reupert at turn 7. Lap 8: Kaiser appears to be coasting, with no pressure from 2nd place Wild. Lap 9: Reupert reported slowing as he proceeds around the course, engine reported to be sounding sour. Lap 10: James has worked her way back up to 4th place. Reupert pitted. Al Beasley, Jr.'s Beasley reported smoking. Aslpach's Ocelot reported smoking. He parked it at station 1A. Lap 11: Harvey MacDonald spun his Aaen MK10 at station 1A. MacDOnald ends up down track and out of the car. He had worked his way up to 4th place. James and Dick Knoblauch touched and 16 ended up spinning at station 1A where he ended up for the duration. Lap 12: Field stays spread out. Lap 13: Paul Shinsky passed Richard Colburn for 9th place. Lap 14: Sunseri shows up in 4th place. Lap 15: After 15 laps its Kaiser, Wild, James, Sunseri, and Lomenick. Lap 16: Beasley, Jr. pulled off at station, needing a flat tow. Lap 17: Order remains the same. Lap 19: Kaiser's car making unusual sounds as it heads into the last lap - sounds like something broke, but at full speed as he goes by station 14 on his way to the checker. Right behind him, is James and Wild is aways behind her. Beasley, Sr. pits on last lap.

Driver Quotes Race#1 DSR Dave Kaiser(only driver attending): "Everything went according to plan. I just paced myself and made sure I made it to the finish - which I just barely did. Maybe a valve spring of exhaust. I'd like to try for 4 wins(in DSR) next year or the year after. Then I'll probably try FA because it's the only thing faster."


RACE 2 Formula 440

Sports Car picks: Ramon Partida KBS Tim Tibbals KBS Ron Vince KBS

Grid Top 3: Jim Hale, Rusty Cook, Seth Mote

Lap 1: Immediately after the green flag 5 cars go off at station 7, including 2nd place qualifier Rusty Cook. Lap 2: The order was 61,24,09, going through station 7. Dave Lapham of on drivers' right at station 9, suffering from a flat tire on the left rear. Lap 5: Bob Whyte spun at station 5 but continued. Second place car of Wesley Wilfong right up the tail pipe of the leader Hale under the bridge. Wilfong got by at station 14 to take the lead. Lap 6: The new order is Wilfong, Jack Bennett, Seth Mote and Hale. Scott Woodruff who was gridded last passed Thomas Edwards for 9th place. Lap 7: Jeff Auberger moved into 4th place. Lap 8: Woodruff, who had done such a great job of charging from the rear, drove off between stations 4 & 5 finished for the day. Bob Whyte pulled off at station 7. Lap 9: The order was Wilfong, Bennett, Mote, and Auberger. Lap 10: Bennett is able to get ahead of Wilfong going through the s's. Lab 11: Edwards spun at station 3, but was able to continue. Bennett took lead . Lab 12:Wilfong took the lead back at station 15 with a clean pass. Lap 13: Bennett retakes the lead. Lap 16: Ramon Partida, SportsCar magazines pick to win has worked his way up to 5th place. Lap 17: Bennett pulling away from the 2nd place Wilfong. Lap 18: Partida pulled into station 10 and needed a flat tow back to the pits. Howell Jones moved into 3rd. Lap 19: Bennett is the new F440 champion with a margin of victory of 3:475 sec.

Driver Quotes Race #2 F440 Jack Bennett- 1st "Wes and I got lucky and missed the melee at the start. We had a great race going until he had a problem.

Wesley Wilfong- 2nd "I started 10th and was going down the inside. Someone hit me from behind when I slowed for a spinning cars. I slide sideways but made it through in fifth." "Something faded about halfway and I lost my mph. Luckily the Sidewinder has better brakes than the KBS and I was able to stay in second."

Howell Jones III - 3rd "On the start there were cars everywhere. Everyone was tight and there was nothing anyone could do."

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