RACE: Mid-Ohio Runoffs Friday notes #9

Runoffs Notes - 19 - Friday copyright 1996 John P. M. Dillon DSRs has cleared tech, but driver protest underway. F440s being torn apart as we speak. T1's are on the sniffer. ----------------------------------- Notes from the...

Runoffs Notes - 19 - Friday copyright 1996 John P. M. Dillon

DSRs has cleared tech, but driver protest underway.  F440s being torn apart as
we speak.  T1's are on the sniffer.


Notes from the communications network for the S2/SCA race.

S2 Green flag 1:05 PM SCA green flag 1:05 PM

76 leading at start. 94 leads first lap. SCS 66.

Turn 11 reports car 50 possibly dumping.

Downey in second.

1:07 PM  Turn 13 confirms 50 dumping, possibly fuel.
Owen Trinkler leads on lap 2, then Downey.  Chris Thomas moves up to 3rd under
braking at Turn 6.  Lot of shuffling in top 5.     1:09 PM

Downey's setup is good in twisty part of course.

87 4th. leader completed lap 3. trying to move up to podium. Tyler car stumbling on front straight.

Ballard off drivers left Turn 7, as is 16 Dubrovisch.  Turn 9, 16
spun/continued.     1:11 PM Lap 4.

71 spun/continued Turn 8 1:11 PM

Turn 3  46 into back of 13 under braking, light contact, no position change.  
Turn 8  side/side contact 87 red / 79 silver.  

Turn 15 nose/tail contact 13/46 nose. 1:12 PM

Turn 5 16 S2 heavy smoker right side, maybe tires. 1:12 PM

Turn 10 16 broken right front nose, hence tire rub.

Timing. 94, 14, 87, 79, 65. after 5 laps. Pit stop 16. 1:13 PM

87 gets by Downey in Turn 7. CLose race, she's moved up from row 3.

Lap 6. 1:14 PM

Gill moved up to 6th from 17th position. 1:14 PM

Turn 15. side/side contact 13/46, racing incident one lap back.

87 gets lead in back section. 1:15 PM

Lap 7. 1:15 PM

Andrea opens gap

Turn 15 2 spun/cont center track. 1:16 PM

66 big lead in SCA, then 46, then 50 and 13 close together. 1:16 PM

1.7 second lead by 87 over trinkler. Lap 8. 1:17 PM

Thomas falls way back.

Dave Downey gets trinkler under braking in Turn 7.  13 tries around 50 in Turn
1, no good.     1:18 PM
Downey has 2 car lengths in second place.  Fisher hangs onto fourth ahead of
Johnson.  Tyler still leader in SCA.  front straight advantage over 50/13.  

Lap 10. Andrea has 3.35 sec advantage over downey. 1:20 PM

Timing: Lap 10. 87, 14, 94, 65, 4.

14 solidly in 2nd, race is for third between trinkler, fisher.

Andrea encounters back markers.

Turn 11, 69 red off drivers left in gravel.

Turn 3, 46 spun/cont 1:22 PM

Turn 11 driver out and safe. Leaving the car there. Wrecker at the end.

Lap 11. 13 gets by 50 in SCA, with S2 between them.

Lap 11. 1:23 PM

Field strung out mostly.

Turn 8 has a groundhog off course looking anxious to cross.

Lap 12. while lapping, 87 s/side contact with sca 50 Turn 15. 1:25 PM

Turn 11. Loose bodywork 46 white, left rear.

Andrea has clear track. Downey has SCAs to deal with. 1:26 PM

Turn 2 Last lap 14/50 contact, right rear, 50's left front, 14 was lapping. Light contact, no problem.

Turn 2 4 off/on dr left. 1:28 PM

Lap 15. 1:28 PM 87, 14, 94, 79, 4.

Lap 16. 1:29 PM

Turn 3 12 off driver right. behind gravel trap, driver out and safe.

Turn 1A. 13 green off/on, then spun/cont. 1:30 PM

Turn 8 groundhog on track, now across.

Turn 3 12 continued. 1:30 PM

Lap 17. 1:30 PM

Turn 3 contact: left fr 2 into Right Rear of 60 red.

Scoring: 17 complete: 87, 14, 94. 1:31 PM

Turn 8 4 blk off/on rough ride .

Last lap. 1:32 PM

Field all strung out.

Downey 1 second behind in back section as 87 comes up on SCA back marker.

Checkered flag, 87 only second female national champion.  First was Cat Kaiser
in '79.     1:34 PM

42 stopped on front straight after taking checker.

Interviews ----------

Trinkler: car never hooked up all day. Straight line was good.

Downey: Been bridesmaid here every year. Give her credit, she did a great job.

Owen (He had his IMSA patch covered up on his driver's suit.): Led as long as we could. From lap 1 I knew car wasn't right. Held on as long as I could, tried to hold on to podium finish near the end.

Downey:  (Pointing to Andrea):  This is just 122 pounds of twisted blue steel.
She ran an excellent race.  Early part when Owen had lead, I waited too long to
get around him.  Andrea was driving well, able to reel me in on one lap and
within next lap got around owen in the same place, Turn 7.  I finally got my way
around Owen in Turn 7.  I forgot to change my brake bias from yesterday's wet to
today's dry conditions.  We dealt with some traffic, it might have hurt her more
than me.  She didn't make a mistake all 15 turns and 19 laps.   
To Andrea:  You started sixth.  You won it the old fashioned way, passed cars on
the track.  These guys did fantastic job, no blocking.  Some of the best,
cleanest, most fun racing I've ever run.  I had the absolute best car I've ever
had.  Dave was fair, didn't block me when I could get by.  We encountered some
traffic near the end.  I'm in shock, these guys are the greatest, I've had the
most fun.  Glad to be here and have a "SportsCar was wrong" shirt.

David: I blew off the first qualifying, assuming second day was better. However, more seat time is better and I should have gone out. Yesterday's wet session wasn't as bad as Wednesday's, but the seat time would have helped. It would have put me in tune for the race.

Andrea:  Qualified in both rain sessions.  The wet is the hardest thing to
judge.  It's easier to go out on a full wet setup, easier than yesterday's
wet/dry setup.  Some of the cars up front had softer setup, while we had stiffer
setup.  Grid was kind of skewed because of the wet qualifying.  

Her first Runoffs was in '91 racing against her dad.

Only close calls was with the Can-AM cars, a couple of them didn't see me. She also touched a little with Chris Thomas. He and I were dicing for the corner, it was good cause it made me mad and I told myself I'm not gonna let him get by.

Next year's plans: Trinkler trying to move to FA, or maybe WSC. This is probably my last year with SCCA. Downey: I'll stay where I am. I've been here four or five years. I'm still having fun as long as SCCA club racing is still having fun with Sports 2000. We need to continue the participation. In Cendiv it's a very competitive class. It's a great car, a great class. Very close racing.

Andrea: probably S2 for next year. I'm getting married in June, so that'll put a damper on the 1997 racing season.

John Dillon Mostly SoPac

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