RACE: Mid-Ohio Runoffs Friday notes #4

Runoffs Notes - 21 - Friday copyright 1996 John P. M. Dillon --------------- Last ever Spec Racer National Race. 44 cars on course. 4:27 PM Green flag Cars going off everywhere at start. Turn 6 yellow car off dr left without body work.

Runoffs Notes - 21 - Friday copyright 1996 John P. M. Dillon


Last ever Spec Racer National Race.

44 cars on course.

4:27 PM Green flag Cars going off everywhere at start.

Turn 6 yellow car off dr left without body work. 10 white left body work off course.

Turn 7 23 yellow, 93, 8 off dr left. 8 blue stayed at Turn 8.

Turn 6 can't move the car. Driver out of car. Car off surface within a foot of track.

4:29 PM Wrecker now at Turn 6. Car hit wall, moved wall, should be checked at end.

Turn 6. Car is 01 yellow.

Lap 1 complete

Full course yellow.

Lap 2 4:30 PM

Turn 7 car 4 off/on.

Turn 5 has 52 up to axles in sand across from 1A. 20 feet off track. 4:31 PM

Dispatching to Turn 6 and Turn 1A. 4:32 PM

Turn 6  Wrecker arrived    4:32 PM
Turn 5 Wrecker arrived    4:32 PM

Turn 1A 52 and 81 continued. 81 is in the pits.

lap 3 4:33 PM

Turn 7 just before full course yellow 0 white off/on.

Turn 6 01 is on hook, going to be stashed in Turn 8. 4:34 PM

Turn 5 52 is flat towed to safe. Driver may try to get it restarted.

Lap 4. Going green next time by. 4:36 PM

Hollansworth in lead under mostly full course yellow. Order is: 43, 97, 42, 35, 30.

Restart on lap 5. 4:39 PM

Moen gets inside red car going into Turn 1, they race side/side through Turn 2

Turn 6 blue car off dr right.

Turn 7 98 blue off dr right, trying to park him safe.

Turn 3 check 4 white RR latch loose.

Turn 1A 30 off dr right, struck by 61 maybe. Both continued.

Turn 6 61 blue dragging body work against tire.

Turn 5. 71 dragging right rub strip.

Lap 7 4:42 PM Hollanswort big lead.

61 in pits with dragging bodywork, smoking under radio.

Turn 2 During 1A's incidend, 18 off/on evasive. Did "Good job" evading according to corner workers.

Turn 7 0 wht spun/cont. 4:44 PM

Turn 16 48 nose/tail contact into 31 blue. light contact.

43, 42, 97 now top three, all spaced.

Turn 6 93 red has fiberglass debris, dragging it around in back of car.

Lap 8 4:45 PM

Turn 7 98 blue is now safe.

Leaders 43, 42, 97, 35 / 45, 31, 71, 48. ^ dicing Turn 7 nose/tail contact: 80 nose into 00 tail.

Lap 10 4:47 PM 7 second lead over 42, who has 4 seconds over 3rd place.

Turn 15 64 pur/blk spun/cont, now on surface flag for grass. 4:48 PM

Battle is for fifth between B.J. and Strickler.

Laps completed. 10. Top 5, 43, 42, 97, 35, 31. 4:49 PM

87/93 dicing, 93 got by 87 into Turn 1. Lap 10.

Turn 11 4 / 07 side/side contact

Turn 1A 83 off/on dr right.

lap 12.

Turn 15  23/64 side/side contact.
33n / 93 nose tail contact.  Twice.

Turn 1A 27 off dr left, contacted guard rail. Driver getting out. Safe.

Turn 3. 18 off dr left. driver out.

Turn 14 white spun/cont.

Turn 7 0 white spun/cont.

Turn 1A. 27 needs wrecker. 4:54 PM

Turn 10 0 wht off mech dr left, driver out of car.

Turn 3 Change flat tow to wrecker, broken suspension.

Turn 15. 21 red spun/cont dr left.

Lap 16 4:56 PM

Turn 15 30 car is steaming, no track surface change.

Field is definitely stringing out. 00/66 dicing in back.

Turn 14 65 side/side cont right side.

Turn 3 4:58 PM 00 org spun, broken suspension, continuing. 07 contacted him and continued, 66 pulled off to drivers left and continued.

Turn 2 Driver getting out of car near sound. Car 00. Hit concrete after contact with car.

Turn 4 00 may have been hit to cause his initial spin.

Turn 16 65 red spun/cont. 5:00 PM

Timing: Lap 18. 5:00 PM

Last lap. 5:01 PM

97/45 dicing for third place.

Checkered flag 5:03 PM

Interviews ==========

Dick Kennedy, Lonely day. I just couldn't catch them, I was trying. Saw Hal coming up behind me, just tried to keep him behind me.

Tom Van Camp. I didn't have much for John today. Missed a gear on the start, put me in fourth place. Even after the restart, I felt comfortable, wasn't going to spin out of 2nd place.

Hollansworth: No, its never as easy as it looked. Worried that another full course yellow to bunch us up. Elite prepared this car as a rental.

To TVC and JH:   Both of you guys were here in the same spot last
year, but reversed.  How important is Elite Motorsports in your
success?  Tom:  Beau Martin has given us 7 wins and 3 seconds, not a
bad record for one shop.  "Beau knows Renault" is what the shirt says.
Dick:  what got me fast is the MO driving school.
John:  I would second Dick's comment that the school helped
tremendously.  Had Tom as an insturctor.  Tom:  even I took school
here.  Took it one day, taught the next.  It's like golfers, always
have a coaches.  Having somebody else watch and help is a big plus.

Tom: Dick has come a long way this past year. Dick: the school made that much difference.

Tom: Would've loved to race in the rain. John: It wasn't raining in qualifying as heavy as with ford session. Positions may have been swapped again if it had been a wet race. We didn't get taught the rain line since the track was dry at the time!

Tom: I like to keep that in my back pocket! John and I worked together all week. I know he was unhappy last year, but we made it a team effort.

Next year's plans: Dick: Converting to Ford, maybe going to the pro series. John: My longest shot is Barber Dodge, but not likely. Second longest shot is American IndyCar Series. If not, then we'll run Slick 50 World Sports Racers (WSC lights). VanCamp: I'm a clubby, I'll always be a clubby, so I'll be back. I start the steward's program in the spring. Wife's gonna race more next year. She rolled this car in her driver's school this spring.

Is it true Dick is looking for Team Green sponsorship? Dick: No, it's just AARP! I've got something these two don't have--two grandchildren. I haven't done press interviews too many times, but I look forward to doing some more.

What's the best part about being at Runoffs this year? Dick: Great people and competition this year. John: driving away from the field on race day. Tom: Runoffs are always a great couple of weeks; weatherman has been pretty good every year. We know how much the fans enjoyed it. Unfortunately not as good a show as last year. It's nice seeing everybody from across the country. It really is a family. Ask all the readers for a moment of silence for the Spec Racer. My Renault has been sold to Phil Keirn's operation, will be converted to a Ford.

Personally I'd like to see Renault stay on as a regional class.  A lot
of guys can't afford to convert, it's a good shcool car.  Dick:  I
agree.  John:  Me too.
Dick:  I blew it come out of the keyhole, saw Hal come up to me, but I
managed to hold him off.  Hal blew it on last lap.

Scott Webb, car #4, finished 17th. "I was unwillingly removed from the racing surface. I was up to 15th by the second lap after qualifying 21st, but the contact pushed me down to 27th." He added, "God, what a fun track though, and a beautiful day."

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