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Local Lux Rekindles Family Tradition in First Rose Cup Appearance Local Brings Dodge Viper Comp. Coupe to the Northwest's Premier Club Event PORTLAND, Ore., May 29, 2007 - This weekend Cindi Lux will live a dream that she and her family have...

Local Lux Rekindles Family Tradition in First Rose Cup Appearance
Local Brings Dodge Viper Comp. Coupe to the Northwest's Premier Club Event

PORTLAND, Ore., May 29, 2007 - This weekend Cindi Lux will live a dream that she and her family have held a lifetime. With her No. 2 KUMHO Tires/Mintex Brakes/Red Line Oil SPEED World Challenge Dodge Viper Competition Coupe available, Lux has chosen to bring her family name, Hahn, back into the local limelight by following family tradition and competing in the prestigious Rose Cup Festival at Portland International Raceway. Despite having won multiple championships and races, this is the first time that the Aloha, Ore.-resident will race in Portland's major Club racing event of the year. While a celebrated event in itself, the Rose Cup holds a special place in the heart of Lux and her family. Dick Hahn, Lux's father, won the inaugural Rose Cup as an owner in 1961 and again in '62. Due to her commitment this season to the SPEED World Challenge, a professional level road racing series organized by the Sports Car Club of America, Sunday's event will be the only time Lux will race in her hometown this year.

While Lux has competed in SCCA National events on the Rose Festival weekend, no member of the family has recently been involved in the lead event. Joining Lux is her SPEED World Challenge teammate, Scotty B. White. White, of Lake Tapps, Wash., entered the race last season with the No. 3 KUMHO Tires/Corsa Performance/Forgeline Dodge Viper Comp Coupe and brings that experience of the event to the NayKid Racing effort.

In 1961, the Rose Cup was a very different event. A longer track, a longer race distance and several other elements have been altered since then. However, some things, like the intense competition and desire of local drivers to beat the visitors, have not changed. That first year Jerry Grant drove the Hahn Ferrari Testa Rosa- purchased as a former factory car from Luigi Chinetti- to victory. The winning car is now in the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan. While neither the Lux nor White Vipers is ever likely to be housed in the museum for Dodge's cross-town rival, the importance of the event remains. Particularly to Lux who is eager to honor her father's racing heritage as well as that of the Portland-area.

The 1.944-mile, 12-turn Portland International Raceway plays host to the 46th anniversary of the great race on Sunday. Despite White's previous participation in the event and Lux's competing in SCCA National Club events on the Rose festival weekend, this is the first time NayKid Racing will enter both its formidable V10-powered, front engine machines in the main Rose Cup race. Fred Lux, husband of Cindi and team manager for NayKid Racing, has pulled out all the restrictors the cars are mandated to run in regular season competition. KUMHO Tire will supply both Lux and White with the tires they will need to be competitive this weekend.

Racing NayKid, a reality show centered on NayKid Racing, will premiere on iDrive TV at 8 PM (ET), Wednesday, June 6.


Cindi Lux: "I have never come here and raced in the main event of the Rose Cup before because we never had a car to compete. This is a big race and people bring out the biggest, baddest machines they have. Now, with the Dodge Viper Comp. Coupe we are racing in World Challenge this year, I might have something that can hang with the big dogs. We'll still be a little behind some of the Trans-Am cars but that isn't the major reason we're out here. I always come to compete and to win but the major reason for being here this year is to make my Dad proud. I am basically doing it more for him to honor what he has done in the past than what I think I might be able to do in the present."

Dick Hahn: "Winning the very first Rose Cup was a real thrill and a huge win for us. This was 'THE' Rose Festival and it is such a big event in Portland, to win was a fantastic experience. I am extremely proud of my daughter and her racing accomplishments. It will be very hard for me to believe 46 years later that Cindi will be running in the Rose Cup. Cindi's racing career has gone beyond my wildest comprehension. She can truly 'run' with the best of them, and as always the Rose Cup is full of great cars and talented drivers. I am confident that if there are no accidents or other problems she will finish in the top-five."

-credit: www.CindiLux.com.

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