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OG Racing Porsche dominates 4th annual Khumo Tires 12 Hours at the Point. With a dominating performance, the OG Racing Porsche 993 of Coleman/Harrison/Wisker took the overall and Improved Touring E victory in this weekend's Kumho Tires 12 Hours...

OG Racing Porsche dominates 4th annual Khumo Tires 12 Hours at the Point.

With a dominating performance, the OG Racing Porsche 993 of Coleman/Harrison/Wisker took the overall and Improved Touring E victory in this weekend's Kumho Tires 12 Hours at the Point held at Summit Point Raceway. The OG Racing Porsche sat on the pole for the race and never lost the lead during the entire 12 Hour race. The team completely dominated the race -- lapping the entire field at the end of the first hour -- and set a new overall distance-covered record of 938 miles for the 12 Hours at the Point. The Ferrari of Washington Team had set the old record of 934 miles in 2001.

Second place overall and first in Spec Miata went to the Integrity Applications Team with 445 laps. The Spec Miata victory was hard fought throughout the entire event and the margin of victory was only 6 laps. Second in Spec Miata -- sixth overall -- went to Rotary Performance Team of Barrack/de Pedro/Sweeney who led the third place -- seventh overall -- Miata of Elder/Elder/Nolfi by only 48 seconds at the finish.

Third overall and Improved Touring S victory went to the 1999 overall winning Motorsports Auto/Radial Tire Datsun 240Z of Jeter/Legg/Lucas. The margin of victory was only 4 laps over the fourth place overall, second in ITS Porsche 944 of Ferragonio/Putt/Shultz. One lap further down was the fifth place overall, third in ITS, American Engineering Mazda Miata of Foote/Maiek/Miskoe.

The Showroom Stock C battle was another daylong fought battle. Victory went to the Nissan of Webster Nissan 200SX of Walsh/Williamson. Only one lap down was the Plymouth Neon of Cuttitta/Leonard/Rothstein. Only fifty-seven second behind the second place was The Dump Boutique Neon of Meindel/Robinson/Solly. This was the fourth consecutive SSC victory for Walsh and Williamson and the two drivers have been the only drivers to win SSC at the 12 Hours at the Point.

Second in ITE went to the Craftsman Automotive/Radial Tire Mazda Miata of Himes/Moorcones/Piper. The Craftsman Automotive was 43 laps behind the ITE winner, but only 47 seconds in front of the third place Vision Porsche Audi/Toyo Tire team of Adams/Kintzi/Sprinkle. The battle for second place was determined in the final minutes of the 12 Hour race. The Craftsman Automotive/Radial Tire team pulled-up lame with 30 minutes remaining in the race and with only one-half hour remaining, it became a question whether the Vision Porsche Audi Team could close the 21-lap gap before the clock ran out. Despite a valiant effort, the team was about one minute short.

The Tran 4CFC-123 Honda CRXsi of Peterson/Peterson/Roth took Improved Touring A race. Leading the class from the green, thee Peterson's and Roth set a blistering pace that worked their way to fourth overall at the end of the second hour. Around 2:30 PM, however, mechanical gremlins hit the team and gave the class lead to the Richard Shine VW Golf GTI. The Roth Honda CRXsi spent a good part of the day overcoming the problems encountered during the third hour of the race.

At the mid-point, Shine held the ITA lead by 5 laps over the second place Mazda RX7 of Lewis/Qualls/Smith. Shine Racing followed Qualls Racing by 6 laps, but the running order would last this way for only about one more hour.

Shortly after hour seven, the Shine Racing VW dropped out, giving the class lead to Qualls Racing. Roth and his teammates would spend the next three hours chasing Qualls Racing and at hour 10, the margin had been whittled away to only 1:35. By hour eleven hours, the hound had become the hare and the Tran 4CFC-123 Honda had taken the ITA lead and ultimately the win. Qualls Racing would finish 5 laps down and second in ITA. Third in ITA was the Ed's Pallet World Datsun 210 of Larson/McKeevers/Romney.

The Improved Touring B victory went to the Manassas Motorwerkes team of Vilkkila/Willis with 357 laps completed. The Autoy Autowerke team of Shelton/Toy/Wheeler took second in the class.

The first hour of the Improved Touring C race went to the Performance Service Honda of Burkhard/Burkhard/Krominnga/Troxel. The Burkhard led team led the eventual ITC winner of victory went to Ford Escort of Flinchbaugh/Bucher/Duka by nine seconds after one hour. The Ford Escort of Flinchbaugh's Team, however, claimed the rest of the race. The Burkhard team would finish second in ITC. The Larsons (three of them) would claim third in ITC in their Datsun 510.

Finishing first in American Sedan, and establishing a new total distance covered record for the class was the Beasley Ford/Roltech Industry Ford Mustang team lead by Dave Gotwald. Gotwald's team completed 330 laps, or 660 miles during the race.

Taking the SSC win was the Primerica BMW Z3 of Buisson/Dobson/Villamil. The Primerica BMW put in a good performance until a probable brake problem sidelined the team with 50 minutes remaining. The team completed 357 laps, or 714 miles during the race.

At noon, fifty cars started the Kumho Tires 12 Hours at the Point. When the checkered flag flew at midnight, only 29 cars remained at the track. As in all endurance races, taking the checker is, in itself, a victory. Congratulations to all of the participants of this year's Khumo Tires 12 Hours at the Point.

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