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Courtesy of Andy Schupack, SCCA/Michelin PRO Rally Series: Round ...

Courtesy of Andy Schupack, SCCA/Michelin PRO Rally Series:

Round #4 - 1995 SCCA/Michelin PRO Rally Series Wild West PRO Rally - Olympia, Washington Final Results - National Rally Finish Car Driver/ Co-Driver/ Make/Model/Class/ Pos. No. Hometown Hometown Time (Min:sec) ----- ---- ------------------ ----------------- ------------------- 1 1 Paul Choiniere Jeff Becker Hyundai Elantra/Open Shelburne, VT Great Neck, NY 2:37:57 2 4 Henry Joy Chris Griffin Mitsuibshi Eclipse/Open Atlanta, MI Burbank, CA 2:38:22 3 3 Carl Merrill John Bellefleur Ford Escort Cosworth/Open Ogunquit, ME Toronto, ONT 2:41:55 4 10 Sam Bryan Rob Walden Saab 900/Group 2 Kent, WA Seattle, WA 2:50:03 5 18 Dave White Ben Greisler VW GTI/Group 2 Benicia, CA Philadelphia, PA 2:50:06 6 31 Ralph Kosmides Joe Noyes Ford Escort/Open Newport Beach, CA Seattle, WA 2:55:15 7 118 Rick Beson Ben Bradley Mazda Protege/Open Portland, OR Portland, OR 2:55:23 8 66 Tad Ohtake Bob Martin Ford Escort GT/Prod. Dearborn, MI Goodrich, MI 2:57:15 9 71 Janice Damitio Barry Berg Toyota Celica GTS/PGT Montesano, WA Apple Valley, MN 2:58:27 10 27 Bill Malik Roine Andresson Volvo 240/Group 2 Burbank, CA Santa Clarita, CA 3:04:58 11 39 Dave Peterson Greg Chaloupka VW GTI/Group 2 Aspen, CO Aspen, CO 3:07:19 12 21 Chad Dykes Pat Hanson Toyota Pick-up/Group 2 Escondido, CA Escondido, CA 3:54:24 13 26 Jason Priestley Kevin Caffrey Toyota Celica Alltrac/PGT Lake Hollywood, CA Van Nuys, CA 3:55:01 Did_Not_Finish 38 John Forespring Chris Forespring Saab 99 Olympia, WA Olympia, WA 6 Peter Moodie Michael Fennell Mazda 323GTR/Open Kingston, Jamaica Kingston, Jamaica 5 Selcuk Karamanoglu Constantine Mantop.Eagle Talon/PGT Bath, ME Staten Island, NY 7 Goran Ostlund Steve Baker Saab 99/Group 2 El Salvador Snohomish, WA 22 Rui Brasil John Elkin Audi Quattro/Open San Jose, CA Lytle Creek, CA 120 Chris Weleff Brian Paul Toyota Alltrac/Group A Riverside, CA Anaheim, CA 41 Dale Beard Richard Simmons Mazda 323GTX/PGT Elma, WA Bonney Lake, WA 57 Lucinda Strub Matt Sweeney Toyota Pick-up/Group 2 Van Nuys, CA Van Nuys, CA 20 Steve Walker David Lowe Mazda 323GTX/Open Issaquah, WA Bainbridge Island, WA CHOINIERE HANGS ON FOR THIRD MICHELIN PRO RALLY VICTORY AT WILD WEST OLYMPIA, Wash. -- April 23 -- Defending SCCA/Michelin PRO Rally champion Paul Choiniere, from Shelburne, Vermont, and co-driver Jeff Becker are used to comfortable five minute wins in their 350 horsepower, all-wheel-drive Hyundai Elantra racer, but had to hold on for a 30-second victory at the Wild West PRO Rally here this weekend. Choiniere, who had not won the Olympia since 1991 despite winning the championship with relative ease over the past four years, has had his hands full in 1995 with margins of victory in his three wins of only 39 seconds, 44 seconds, and now 30 seconds. "We had a four-minute lead over the Mitsubishi Eclipse of Henry Joy/Chris Griffin, and we almost let it get away," said Choiniere, whose car had a cracked manifold, but still was still going fast late in the event. Paul had a 49-second lead over Henry when Joy turned up the wick, putting 24 seconds on Paul on the final racing stage and almost stealing the win. But Choiniere hung on for the win - his third of the season - with Joy, from Atlanta, MI, finishing second. The Carl Merrill/John Bellefleur Ford Escort Cosworth, from Ogunquit, Maine, which lost five minutes early in the rally because of a flat tire, was third overall. Other class winners included the Sam Bryan/Rob Walden Saab 900, from Kent, WA (Group 2 class); the Tad Ohtake/Bob Martin Ford Escort GT, from Dearborn, Mich. (Production class), and the Janice Damitio/Barry Berg Toyota Celica GTS, from Montesano, Wash. (Production GT class). Actor Jason Priestley, from Lake Hollywood, Calif., finished 13th overall and second in the Production GT class after his Toyota Celica All-trac went off the road and into a ditch early on Saturday afternoon. He lost more than 28 minutes to the field - time which could have put him in the top ten. Only 26 of the original 50 starters finished the 350-mile event, which was run on Simpson Timber Company roads south and west of Olympia. Many of the cars fell victim to the rocks and ditches of the forest roads, while the high-speed competition brought mechanical woes to the others. Significant DNFs (cars that Did Not Finish) included: --Peter Moodie/Michael Fennell, Kingston, Jamaica, Mazda 323GTR, won the event here last month (broken transmission Friday night). --Selcuk Karamanoglu/Constantine Mantopoulos, Bath Maine, Eagle Talon, was running fourth overall (into a ditch and bent a control arm). --Rui Brasil/John Elkin, San Jose, Calif., Audi Quattro, was running third overall (flew off the road at 100 mph, rolled, and crashed). Besides the overall battle between Choiniere and Joy, the best racing of the day took place between Group 2 winner Sam Bryan and the VW GTI of Dave White/Ben Greisler, from Benicia, Calif. The pair were in a virtually tie with three stages to go when White blasted into a 20-second lead on the long 17-mile Cranberry Still stage. But Bryan, who was running a stock motor plucked from a junkyard Saab after blowing his race engine two weeks ago in Ohio, picked himself off the floor to score a three-second win. In a PRO Rally, each team consists of a driver and a co-driver (or navigator), and the exact course is kept secret until just before the event - different from World Rally, where practice is allowed. The cars start at one-minute intervals and race against the clock over 6 - 24 stages which range in length from four to 25 miles. Most of the rallies include night stages, making it necessary for competitors to adjust their driving style. Speeds of more than 120 miles-per-hour could be reached on long straight-aways, with the team achieving the fastest combined times winning the event. The 1995 SCCA/Michelin PRO Rally Series is sponsored by Michelin Tire Corporation, with field administration by the American Rally Association, and series sanction by the Sports Car Club of America. The 1995 Wild West PRO Rally was presented by the Northwest Region of the Sports Car Club of America. The next event is the Rim of the World PRO Rally in Palmdale, California, May 6 - 7, 1995. 1995 SCCA/MICHELIN PRO RALLY SERIES (4/23/95 - after four events) OVERALL DRIVER POINTS CO-DRIVER POINTS PAUL CHOINIERE 56.0 JEFF BECKER 56.0 HENRY JOY 33.8 CHRIS GRIFFIN 33.8 CARL MERRILL 33.0 JOHN BELLEFLEUR 33.0 PETER MOODIE 28.0 MICHAEL FENNELL 28.0 DOUG SHEPHERD 17.0 BEN GREISLER 17.8 BRUNO KREIBICH 15.2 PETE GLADYSZ 17.0 TOM OTTEY 15.0 ROD HENDRICKSEN 15.2 SAM BRYAN 14.0 PAM MCGARVEY 15.0 TAD OHTAKE 13.0 ROB WALDEN 14.0 RUI BRASIL 9.2 BOB MARTIN 13.0 OPEN DRIVER POINTS CO-DRIVER POINTS PAUL CHOINIERE 56.0 JEFF BECKER 56.0 HENRY JOY 35.0 CHRIS GRIFFIN 35.0 CARL MERRILL 33.0 JOHN BELLEFLEUR 33.0 PETER MOODIE 28.0 MICHAEL FENNELL 28.0 DOUG SHEPHERD 17.0 PETE GLADYSZ 17.0 BRUNO KREIBICH 15.2 ROD HENDRICKSEN 15.2 TOM OTTEY 15.0 PAM MCGARVEY 15.0 RALPH KOSMIDES 14.4 JOSEPH NOYES 14.4 RICK BESON 10.0 BEN BRADLEY 10.0 RUI BRASIL 9.2 JOHN ELKIN 9.2 GROUP A DRIVER POINTS CO-DRIVER POINTS CHRIS WELEFF 2.0 BRIAN PAUL 2.0 PRODUCTION GT DRIVER POINTS CO-DRIVER POINTS JANICE DAMITIO 31.0 BARRY BERG 31.0 CAL LANDAU 22.0 ERIC MARCUS 22.0 SELCUK KARAMANOGLU 19.0 CONSTANTINE MANTOP. 19.0 JASON PRIESTLEY 17.0 KEVIN CAFFREY 17.0 DAVID RALAKIS 14.0 JIM HURLEY 14.0 DALE BEARD 14.0 RICHARD SIMMONS 14.0 PRODUCTION DRIVER POINTS CO-DRIVER POINTS TAD OHTAKE 46.0 BOB MARTIN 46.0 JIM ANDERSON 26.0 BEN GREISLER 26.0 BOB ELLIOTT 22.0 JOHN HART 22.0 GREGORY TREPETIN 21.2 SONIA TREPETIN 21.2 DICK CASEY 10.0 MARTIN DAPOT 10.0 RALLY TRUCK DRIVER POINTS CO-DRIVER POINTS GREG HEALEY 22.0 JOHN MACLEOD 22.0 GROUP 2 DRIVER POINTS CO-DRIVER POINTS DAVE WHITE 26.0 ROB WALDEN 24.0 SAM BRYAN 24.0 GEORGE THOMPSON 22.0 KURT THIEL 22.0 ROINE ANDERSSON 18.8 BILL MALIK 18.8 ANNETTE PROCHASKA 17.0 WAYNE PROCHASKA 17.0 BEN GREISLER 17.0 JOHN PIZZAGALLI 14.0 LANCE SMITH 14.0 GERRY SWEET 12.0 STUART SPARK 12.0 GERRY BRINKMAN 12.0 ROBERT BARRALL 12.0 MIKE WHITMAN 12.0 KEVIN LINVILLE 12.0 DAVE PETERSON 12.0 GREGORY CHALOUPKA 12.0 CHAD DYKES 10.0 PAT HANSON 10.0

Divsional rally results are available; just e-mail a request and I'll send them to you!


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