ProRally: Sno*Drift ProRally updated start order

Revised Start Order: SCCA ProRally Championship -- Round ...

Revised Start Order: SCCA ProRally Championship -- Round #1 -- Sno*Drift

A total of 52 cars and trucks are entered in this year's Sno*Drift SCCA ProRally Championship event, the largest field ever assembled for this one-of-a kind US-based performance rally. Combined with another performance rally being held this weekend in Canada, there are more than 100 rally cars in competition in North America - perhaps another wintertime record in itself. The list shown below reflects the latest revisions to the US-based rally's start order.

The weather forecast is good, but cold, as is to be expected in this part of the country. Today's temps will hover right around freezing, but the skies are crystal clear and the air is calm - perfect for driving and spectating. Tomorrow is expected to be much the same, with some cloud cover.

Key Changes: Gail Truess, the 1999 SCCA ProRally Champion in the Production GT class, has scratched at the last minute. Heavily favored for a strong finish with her proven and snow-proficient Mazda 323GTX; the car, which was crashed heavily in last year's final event, was not ready in time. A new, Colorado-based team, Mark Cox and Jim Hall, has been added to the list, and will be the 22nd car on the road. Interestingly, their car is a Mazda 323 GTX. The Eric Burmeister/Mike Buskirk entry has moved up the start order by four positions (from 29th to 26th), in correction of a computer error.

Information regarding this list:

Start = order in which cars will leave at the start of the event

Car # = number on vehicle. Car # under 200 are ProRally entries. Car # over 200 are generally ClubRally (regional) entrants. Some entries on list have not yet received number assignments.

Class = Open, FIA N - fastest; are cars with considerable modifications from stock

P (Production) - slowest; are cars very near to showroom-stock configuration.

G5 - two-wheel drive high-HP cars; G2 - two-wheel drive lower-HP cars; PGT - high-HP production (stock) cars.

SCCA ProRally: SCCA Sno*Drift ProRally:

Start   Car #   Drivers Name    Co-Drivers Name Class   Year    Make
Model   Tires
1       1       Noel Lawler     Charles Bradley Open    96      Hyundai Elantra Pirelli
2       2       Paul Choiniere  Jeff Becker     Open    99      Hyundai Tiburon Michelin
3       3       Jon Kemp        Rod Hendrickson Open    84      Audi 4000 Quaattro Michelin
4       4       Garen Shrader  F.R. Doc Shrader Open    98      Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IV Michelin
5       12      Steve Gingras   Bill Westrick   PGT             Eagle Talon
6       10      Pete Lahm       Matt Chester    Open    97      Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IV Bridgestone/Michelin
7       61      Karl Scheible   Russ Hughes     FIA N   98      Mitsubishi Lancer Evo V
8       21      Chris Czyzio    Eric Carlson    PGT     90      Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX Michelin
9       94      Bryan Pepp      Jerry Stang     PGT     90      Eagle Talon Blizzack
10      71      Bryan Hourt                     G5      97      Honda   Civic Michelin
11      111     Jim Anderson    Martin Dapot    G5      93      Honda Prelude Vtec Michelin
12      82      Mike Hurst      Rob Bohn        G5      98      Pontiac Sunbird Turbo GT Bridgestone
13      83      Mark Utecht  Brenda Corneliusen G5      86      Dodge Omni Michelin
14              Tad Ohtake  Cynthia Krolikowski G5      98      Ford ZX2 Escort Michelin
15      115     Seamus Burke   Frank Cunningham FIA N   98      Subaru  Impreza Pirelli
16      64      Sylvester Stepniewski Adam Pelc Open    87      Audi Quattro
17      105     Bill Morton                     Open    97      Mitsubishi Lancer Evo Bridgestone
18      27      Greg Healey     John MacLeod    PGT     97      Subaru Impreza Michelin
19      33      James Warren    Charles Binder  Open    83      Audi Quattro Coupe Michelin
20      36      Evan Moen       Kurt Winkelmann G5      97      Chrysler Neon ACD Michelin
21      170     Reny Villemure  Mike Villemure  G5      72      VW Beetle  Michelin
22              Mark Cox        Jim Hall        PGT     88      Mazda 323GTX
23      101     Mark Brown      Ole Holter      G2      88      Toyota Corolla FX-16 Michelin
24      98      Robert Nielsen Brett Corneliusen G2     87      VW Golf GTI Michelin
25      73      Nicholas Robinson Carl Lindquist G2     97      Honda  Civic
26      42      Eric Burmeister Mark Buskirk    G2      86      VW GTI Nokian
27      144     Charles Langan  Hughie Langan   G2      93      Ford Escort Michelin
28      59      John Rek        Mariusz Malik   Open    95      Audi S-2 Michelin
29      556     Colin McCleery  Jeff Secor      G5      91      VW GTI Nokian
30      56      Douglas Davenport Lea Hoffa     G2      85      VW Golf Bridgestone
31      173     Patrick Lilly   Lawrence Grieve G2      91      VW Golf Hakkapelliita
32      137     Phillip Smith   Dallas Smith    G2      68      MG BGT 
33      43      "Carlos Arrieta, Sr"Dick Casey  Open    84      Audi 4000 Quattro Michelin
34      540     Scott Carlborn  Dale Dewald     Open    92      Jeep Comanche Bridgestone
35      185     Jon Bogert      Daphne Bogert   Open    88      Toyota Celica Michelin/Nokia
36      502     Paul Dunn       Brian Jenkins   Open    88      Toyota Celica
37              Scott Harvey Jr Bob Martin      PGT     90      Eagle Talon Bridgestone
38      41      Art Burmeister  Randy Moore     G2      87      VW GTI Nokian
39      84      J B Niday       Al Kintigh      G2      86      VW Golf GTI Bridgestone
40      15      Brad Hawkins    Adrian Wintle   G2      96      VW GTI Michelin/Nokia
41      55      Brian Vinson    Luke Stuart     P       88      VW Golf GTI Brdgstn/Hakkapaliitta
42              Daniel Malott   Matt Malott     Open    90      Eagle Talon Cooper
43              Bill Bjorklund  Bob Baerg       PGT     86      Dodge Omni Firestone
44      548     John Zoerner    John Shepski    G5      85      Dodge Omni GLHT Nokian
45              Mark Kleckner   Al Zifilippo    G2      74      Dodge Colt Goodyear
46      505     Jon Hamilton    Josh Westhaven  G2      81      VW Golf Michelin
47              Joshua Scott    Roxanne Slancik G2      85      VW GTI Yokahama
48              Steve Irwin     Phil Schmidt    G2      87      Toyota MR2 Hakkapeliitta
48              Phil Schmidt    Steve Irwin     G2      87      Toyota MR2 Hakkapeliitta
49      552     Bruce Eddy      Jeffrey Shields P       99      Dodge Neon Silverstone/Yokohama
50              Tom Young       Jim LeBeau      P       95      Dodge Neon ACR Hakkapeliitta
51              Jouni Pohjolainen John Matikainen P     91      Nissan NX200 Bridgestone
52              Ryan Brooks Shanti Traskowski   P       84      Acura Integra Blizzak

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