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SCCA ProRally Championship - Round #3; Day 2 - Rim of the World
Preliminary Results and Key Notes
Mitsubishi 1 & 2, FIA Group N takes overall

At 1:00 PM Pacific Time this afternoon a reconstituted group of 36 cars were at the Day Two restart of the SCCA Rim of the World ProRally, with the strongest manufacturer field in a decade heading to the Angeles National Forest to test each other in a genuine survival of the fittest.

Key Notes:

* The rally started its second day at the headquarters Hotel, following an extended Parc Expose. During the Parc, the organizers hosted a fundraising RallyCross event for local charities, offering rides in the rally cars to the fans; there were plenty of takers, with the MFG Championship Mitsubishi Lancers and Subaru Imprezas high on the 'preferred' list.

* As the afternoon turned to night the running order began to really move around, with multiple suspension problems plaguing front-runners and ClubRally entrants alike. The remaining factory Hyundai (#2, Choiniere) had a rear suspension failure in SS9, but, like the proverbial cat with nine lives, was able to get to service and effect repairs in time for SS10.

* Eric Eaton, the newcomer who had a great day one, had an even better day two, running as high as 2nd overall, falling back to 5th due to a puncture in SS12.

* Ralph Kosmides, in the Toyota Supra, made up 11 of the 14 minutes he lost last night - a remarkable achievement on the rough roads Day 2 presented, but not enough to gain back position. "Carl [Jardevall, #39] ran a brilliant race all day. I really, really hate that his car gave up on him. He deserved the win."

* And finally, 1999 Production class champion Karl Scheible, with co-driver Russ Hughes, achieved the win they have been striving for with an overall win for Mitsubishi, and big boost to the teams drivers and co-drivers championship points, and the first overall win for an FIA Group N car in the United States.


Karl Scheible: "There was always someone there to keep us honest. Eaton, Lahm and Plsek really pushed us the entire night. A very satisfying day, and a great comeback from Oregon Trail. Our Mitsubishi was solid the entire weekend. Lance [Smith, Vermont Sports Car] and the guys did a great job with the prep. A great event."

Peter Lahm: "What a run back and forth between us! We had some road points to deal with, so we really ran hard at the end to be sure. To finish Rim twice in a row, both times on the podium, is twice the honor."

Eric Eaton: "After the tough day at Oregon Trail, we knew our day was going to come - it had too. When I found out we were in 2nd overall, I really thought , wow, this is it. That flat on SS12 did us in though. Maybe we should have pressed on. But really, we did ok. I know now we can run there. A good day."

Patrick Richard: (#162 Subaru) "Today was a good day. I'm finding that I'm better on day two of these events, and even though we had two punctures and a bent A-arm today, we were able to keep pace. I got a case of Kodak Courage when I saw the Speedvision helicopter, and really launched the Impreza on a jump - that landing though was our 2nd puncture, which probably cost us the podium. I hope the video is good!"

Noel Lawler: (#1 Hyundai, retired Day 1) "I'll tell you this much: Stage 1 and 2 at Susquehannock Trail [round #4 in June] is going to be an F1 race, that's for sure."

<pre> SCCA Rim of the World ProRallysm Championship Round #3 May 5- 6, 2000 Day Two Preliminary Finishing Order (unofficial - subject to revision)

St Fin Car Driver Co-Driver Class Yr Make Model OA el time 2 1 61 Karl Scheible Russ Hughes FIA-N 98 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo V 2:35.40 4 2 10 Peter Lahm Matt Chester Open 95 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IV 2:37.30 6 3 20 George Plsek Renn Phillips Open 90 Audi S2 quattro 2:39.29 10 4 162 Patrick Richard Ben Bradley PGT 98 Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS 2:40.37 7 5 260 Eric Eaton Kenny Almquist Open 88 Mazda 323GTX 2:42.29 12 6 345 Thomas Liljeqvist Roine Andersson G5 81 Volvo 240 2:42.52 13 7 351 Jay Streets Bill Feyling G2 85 Toyota Corolla 2:43.15 15 8 68 Doug Robinson Sue Robinson Open 89 Mazda 323GTX 2:45.03 14 9 258 Doug Schrenk Rob Walden G5 96 SAAB 900 2:47.17 9 10 95 Tony Chavez Eddie Cardenas Open 91 Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 2:49.27 1 11 2 Paul Choiniere Jeff Becker Open 00 Hyundai Tiburon 2:51.38 15 12 35 Lee Shadbolt Bob Sherman Open 97 Subaru Impreza 2:57.20 26 13 110 Mark Nelson John Dillon FIA N 97 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IV 3:11.22 18 14 25 Gerry Valentini Lee Sorenson G5 82 Mazda RX-7 3:11.35 11 15 5 Ralph Kosmides Ken Cassidy G5 96 Toyota Supra Turbo 3:14.52

SCCA Rim of the World ProRallysm Championship Round #3 May 5-6, 2000 Retirements

Car Driver Co-Driver Class Yr Make stage Ret cause (unofficial)

Day One 28 Bill Malik Christian Edstrom G2 80 Volvo SS2 transmission 222* Jon Tabor Kevin Poirier P 92 Nissan SS2 accident 35 Paul Eklund Scott Huhn Open 95 Subaru SS3 Engine cooling and electrical 1 Noel Lawler Charles Bradley Open 00 Hyundai SS4 alternator 358* Matt Sweeney Lucinda Strub G2 82 Toyota SS4 engine 377* Sean McKenna Neal Kiley PGT 91 Eagle SS4 accident 101 Mark Brown Ole Holter G2 88 Toyota SS5 Rear suspension 4 Garen Shrader Doc Shrader Open 97 Mitsubishi SS6 High-centered on berm, time-barred 323* Paul Timmerman Suzanne Martin Open 89 Mazda transit Wheel bearing 365* Nick Taylor Josh Armbruster G2 76 Toyota 372* Sean Otto Jason Lane G2 Mazda

Day Two 97 Paul Dubinsky Yvon Dubinsky PGT 94 Eagle SS8 Mechanical 361 Steve Westwood Alex Gelsomino G2 VW SS8 Engine management 367 Richard Byford Fran Olson G2 70 BMW SS9 Steering 39 Carl Jardevall Amity Trowbridge G5 83 Volvo SS9 Suspension 373 Rey Laureano Joshua Bressen G2 81 Toyota SS10 Punctures 165 Dennis Chizma Claire Chizma P 73 Porsche SS10 Suspension 9 Lauchlin O'Sullivan Mark Tabor PGT 91 Mitsubishi SS11 Clutch 188 Andrew Havas Tom Bier G5 79 Mazda SS11 High centered on berm, time-barred 389 George Scott Jay Meridith P 98 Ford SS11 Fuel pump 28 Bill Malik Eric Tremblay G2 79 Volvo SS13 Mechanical 2 Garen

*cars marked with * were allowed to restart rally on day two, but were unable to do so.

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