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Prescott Forest PRO Rally Round #8 - 1998 Michelin PRO Rally Championship Prescott, Arizona Notes - Saturday, October 3, 1998 - 7:30 PM PDT

38. The first stage of the day - stage #5 - saw the Subaru Impreza Open class car (prepared to Group N specs) of Hiroyuki Genta/Kazmasa Takata go off the road early in the stage losing two minutes to the field. Choiniere had a 15-second lead over Summerbell after stage 5.

39. On stage #7, the Choiniere/Becker Hyundai lost a bolt from the rear suspension four miles into an 11-mile turnaround stage, and lost almost 12 minutes to the field. At the turnaround, Choiniere took a similar bolt from the trunk latch and affected the repair himself, enabling the team to stop losing time to the field.

40. The rally fell behind schedule on stage #7 when the Roger Hull/Sean Gallagher Eagle Talon went off the road far enough to be out of sight, and the stage was held up until the TV helicopter found them. It was a mechanical DNF, and the rally resumed.

The Tony Takaori/Ken Cassidy Mitsubishi Lancer Evo III was fastest on stage #7.

41. The report on the Merrill/Smith car, which was inspected by PRO Rally National Safety Steward Greg Lund, National Series Steward John McArthur, and PRO Rally Board member Doc Shrader. The Ford Escort Cosworth, which hit a tree after Merrill had his cardiac event, held up well with only slight damage and all safety equipment intact.

42. After Stage #8, Summerbell/Fennell were in front in their Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IV, with the Lawler/Bradley Hyundai Elantra second - only 14 seconds behind. Lawler had caught up to Summerbell, but had to back off near the end of stage #8 because the Elantra was overheating. The Ford Sierra Cosworth of Mike Whitman/Paula Gibeault was third.

43. Others who are having trouble include the Bill Malik/Christian Edstrom Volvo 240, which is having electrical problems and was trying to borrow a battery at the turn-around stage to keep him in the Group 2 title chase.

The Genta/Takata Subaru, having lost time from his earlier off, is losing more time with turbo problems.

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