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Ojibwe Forests PRO Rally Round ...

Ojibwe Forests PRO Rally Round #7 - 1998 Michelin PRO Rally Championship Bemidji, Minnesota Press Notes #3 - Thursday, August 27 - 6:00 AM CDT

4. Many people who read these notes online already know this, but the Sports Car Club of America has recently changed its web site URL from <com> to <org>. Thus, PRO Rally information, as well as scores, updates, membership, or other SCCA material can be found on the SCCA web site at <>.

5. Recent rumours about an FIA Rally event in the U.S. are untrue, and the organizations that are circulating these rumours have had no contact with the FIA and are not authorized to deal with the FIA concerning rally in the U.S. The Sports Car Club of America in the sole agent of the FIA for rally in the U.S., and can be the only sanctioning body for any FIA Rally event that would be held here.

To clarify another misunderstanding that seems to be floating around, neither the Sports Car Club of America or the SCCA PRO Rally Board has any involvement in the American Rally Sport Group, which has distributed flyers at recent SCCA PRO Rally events.

Dennis Dean, vice president - rally/solo and club racing, and Kurt Spitzner - marketing manager, rally/solo, can answer any questions concerning the above items at (303) 779-6622, or e-mail <> for Dennis and <> for Spitzner.

6. In 1998, the Sports Car Club of America has added a new kind of event called RallyCross. Designed as an introduction to PRO Rally, a RallyCross is run in a relatively small unpaved area, with the course defined by pylons. No co-driver is required, and anyone with a driver's license can compete in a RallyCross. There are classes for almost every type of car or truck. While the speeds are slower than in a PRO Rally, RallyCross is a great place to learn the car-handling skills necessary to drive fast on an unpaved surface.

Land O'Lakes Region SCCA will be presenting a RallyCross at Bemidji Speedway (tonight) Thursday August 27, with registration starting at 6:30 PM. While anyone can run, many of the rally drivers will be there showing their stuff and some of their co-drivers will be there to try to beat them. Admission is $2.00 to get into the speedway, and $10.00 if you want to try the course in your car. Radio station KKBJ-FM Mix 103 is sponsoring the event, with all proceeds will go to the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

7. For those of you who have read the Ojibwe Media Alert posted yesterday, please note the correct dates on the schedule are Thursday, August 27, Friday, August 28, and Saturday, August 29 (the posted dates of August 22, 23, and 24 are obviously incorrect). 8. In some of the other classes, Ralph Kosmides with co-driver Joe Noyes is the favorite in his factory-sponsored, Group 5 class Toyota Supra twin turbo after his two West Coast wins and a Maine victory earlier this month. Challenging Ralph here will be the Mike Hurst/Rob Bohn Mazda RX-7, and the Mark Utecht/Douglas Dill Dodge Omni GLH turbo. The Jim Anderson/Martin Dapot Honda Prelude VTEC, the 1996 Production class champion, has been bumped up to Group 5 by the rules, but doesn't have enough horsepower to keep up with the leaders.

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