ProRally: Maine Forest Saturday Part 2

Maine Forest ProRally 68.) ClubRally entrants Marty and Stewart Allen had a frightening "off" in their Mazda 323 GTX. About 21 miles into Stage 8, Marty slid a little wide on a turn, got snagged by a rut and was flung off the ...

Maine Forest ProRally

68.) ClubRally entrants Marty and Stewart Allen had a frightening "off" in their Mazda 323 GTX. About 21 miles into Stage 8, Marty slid a little wide on a turn, got snagged by a rut and was flung off the road at perhaps 80 mph. The car was thrown into a series of five and a half flips and rolls, cleared some trees and wound up on its roof well off the road. They were quickly out and assured cars behind them that they were okay. Marty is bruised and sore; Stewart has a broken arm but will be fine. 69.) Bill Dreigert and Claire Chizma also went off on Stage 8, in roughly the same vicinity. They had stopped previously to inspect the right-rear tire for problems. It looked fine, so they went on. A while later the wheel and tire folded under, and they shot almost straight off the road. The Subaru WRX ended up in a culvert, and their day was done. 70.) Mike White and Mike Ronan putted along through Stage 8 in their SAAB 99 GLi. At the next service, they changed the fuel pump and filter, and the problem was solved. 71.) Team Honda Research's Nicholas Robinson and Carl Lindquist finished Stage 8 without a right-front tire on their Production Class Honda Civic. At present, there is no explanation of how they lost the tire. 72.) David Green and Mike Wilerson had to stop and repair hoses on Stage 8. Once repairs were made, they were able to continue on in their Eagle Talon. 73.) A crowd of almost 2000 people (Rumford police estimate) jammed into downtown Rumford's main street for the finish of the 12th running of the Maine Forest ProRally. The 48 cars remaining from the 70 that started the day's festivities ran the rally's final stage in town. It was a half-mile course that ran through Mead Paper's facility, and ended with a fast 90-degree left and a flying finish on Congress St. In a very unusual move, cars ran the final stage in the reverse order. This was designed to give the fans, competitors and workers a chance to applaud the rally winners while the event was still underway. 74.) Some of the loudest applause came from the crowd when Noel Lawler and Charlie Bradley's Hyundai Tiburon hit the big orange traffic barrel placed in front of the Dunkin' Donuts to keep drivers from hitting a hard-to-see curb. The barrel was just 25 years from the finish. 75.) Eric Burmeister and Mark Buskirk had a flat right-rear tire on their Group 2 Volkswagen Golf GTi when they came up the hill to the Dunkin' Donuts turn. The tire nearly rolled off the rim as they rounded the corner onto Congress Street. They made it, though, and the crowd loved it. 76.) Bryan Hourt and Peter Cardimen had the same flat-tire experience in their Group 2 Honda Civic. The crowd loved that effort, too, and showed their appreciation. 77.) The Shraders crossed the finish with a nice slide. However, immediately after they did there was the distinct telltale "thunk" and cloud of oil smoke that indicates a blown engine. Sure enough, they said that the engine had thrown a rod through the side of the block. However, they still were pleased with their fourth-place finish, and could even joke that they had been worried about the alternator before the start of the stage. 78.) Finally, Stig Blomqvist and Lance Smith perfectly slid the Ford Escort Cosworth through the Dunkin' Donuts turn, to the delight of the crowd. They had completed their mission to honor the memory of the Maine Forest ProRally's favorite son, Carl Merrill. They had piloted the former Merrill car to an impressive overall win over a great field of open-class cars. Blomqvist got a huge cheer at the podium ceremony, which also was held downtown. 79.) Final results will follow as a separate message. However, the class winners are: Blomqvist/Smith (Ford Escort Cosworth)in Open, 1:39:58; Malik/Edstrom (Volvo 240)in Group 2, sixth overall, 1:54:16; Krolikowski/Krolikowski (Dodge Shadow), seventh overall, 1:54:27; Healey/Macleod (Subaru Impreza) in Production GT, 12th overall, 1:57:15; and Moen/Young (Plymouth Neon ACR) in Production, 18th overall, 1:58:56.

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