ProRally: Maine Forest Saturday Notes

Maine Forest ProRally Round 6 Michelin SCCA ProRally Championship July 30-31, 1999 Restart Order Pos Class Seed Car ...

Maine Forest ProRally Round 6 Michelin SCCA ProRally Championship July 30-31, 1999

Restart Order

Pos  Class  Seed Car#   Driver/Co-Driver                Car
 1   Open    F      5   Stig Blomqvist/Lance Smith      Ford Escort Cosworth
 2   Open    F    141   Frank Sprongl/Dan Sprongl       Audi quattro S2
 3   Open    F      2   Noel Lawler/Charlie Bradley     Hyundai Tiburon
 4   Open    1     80   Jon Kemp/Rod Hendricksen        Audi 4000 quattro
 5   Open    2     14   Garen Schrader/Doc Schrader     Mitsubishi Evo IV
 6   Open    2    120   Dean Panton/Michael Fennel      Hyundai Elantra
 7   Grp 2   1    142   Jon Nichols/Mike Koch           Volkswagen Golf GTI
 8   Open    3     99   Sakis Hadjiminas/Brian Maxwell Volkswagen Fox Kit Car
 9   PGT     3    115   Seamus Burke/Mark Williams      Mitsubishi Galant VR4
10   PGT     1     13   Cal Landau/Eric Marcus          Mitsubishi Eclipse
11   Grp 2   1     10   Bill Malik/Christian Edstrom    Volvo 240
12   PGT     5    168   Celsus Donnelly/Kevin Mullan    Eagle Talon TSi
13   Open    4    188   Malachy Crawford/Finian Hannigan Mitsubishi Evo V
14   Grp 5   2     44   Henry Krolikowski/Cindy Krolikowski Dodge Shadow
15   Grp 5   2     82   Mike Hurst/Rob Bohn             Mazda Rx-7
16   Open    3     64   Sylvester Stepniewski/Adam Pelc Audi quattro
17   Grp 2   4     71   Bryan Hourt/Peter Cardimen      Honda Civic
18   Grp 2   2    108   Gerald Sweet/Stuart Spark       SAAB 99 EMS
19   Prod    4     76   Ted Mendham/Lise Mendham        Nissan Sentra SE-R
20   PGT     2     21   Chris Czyzio/Eric Carlson       Mitsubishi Eclipse
21   PGT     3     27   Greg Healey/John MacLeod        Subaru Impreza
22   Open    6    175   Alex Erisoty/Ben Greisler       Audi 90
23   Grp 5   4    121   Mark Bowers/Duffy Bowers        Mitsubishi Starion
24   Prod    5     36   Evan Moen/Tom Young             Plymouth Neon
25   Open    4    116   Thomas Lawless/Brendan Lawless  Volkswagen Golf GTi
26   Prod    4    119   Peter Malaszuk/Darek Szerejko   Daewoo Nubira
28   PGT     5    109   James Frandsen/Todd Bourdette   Audi 200
29   PGT     6    161   Thomas Brann/Brendan Bohan      Subaru Legacy
30   Open    5    126   Arthur Wojcik/Charles Cox       Mitsubishi Galant VR4
31   Prod    4     73   Nicholas Robinson/Carl Lindquist  Honda Civic
32   Grp 2   5    199   Mike White/Mike Ronan           SAAB 99 GLI
33   Grp 2   5     42   Eric Burmeister/Mark Buskirk    Volkswagen Golf GTi
34   Grp 2   5    146   Walt Kammer/Jackie Adams        Datsun 510
35   Grp 5   6    555   Colin McCleery/Jeff Secor       Mercury Merkur XR4ti
36   Prod    3     61   Karl Scheible/Gail McGuire      Volkswagen New Beetle
37   Open    6     59   John Rek/Constantine Mantopolous Audi S2
38   Grp 2   5    129   Scott Kreisler/John Bonasera    Nissan 200SX
39   PGT     6     97   Paul Dubinsky/Yvon Dubinsky     Eagle Talon
40   PGT     5     70   Kendall Russell/John Dillon     Dodge Shadow
41   Open    6    159   Michael ZamikhovskyRon Norton   Toyota Celica
42   Grp 2   6    173   Patrick Lilly/Mark McAllister   Volkswagen Golf GTi
43   Grp 2   6     41   Art Burmeister/Jimmy Brandt     Volkswagen Golf GTi
44   Open    5    901   Gerry Brinkman/Will Sekella     Audi 4000 quattro
45   Grp 2   6     77   Robert Pao/Bob Barrell          Volkswagen Golf GTi
46   PGT     6     19   Rod Dean/Nichole Dean           Plymouth Laser
47   Grp 2   6     15   Brad Hawkins/Adrian Wintle      Volkswagen Jetta
48   PGT     6    100   Donal Mulleady/John O'Reilly    Mazda 323 GTX
49   Grp 5   6    112   Jens Larsen/Roger Sanderson     Mazda Rx-7
50   Open    6    152   Wojciech Hajduczyk/Cezary Fidler Plymouth Laser
51   Open    6    186   Jerry Cuffe/Barry Cuffe         Audi 80
52   Prod    4    143   Ilana Rosenshein/Jennifer Cote  Suzuki Swift GT
53   Open    6    167   David Green/Mike Wilkerson      Eagle Talon TSi
54   Prod    4    145   Bruno Laverdiere/Martin Duval   Toyota Corolla
55   Open    2    135   Bill Driegert/Claire Chizma     Subaru WRX
56   Grp 5   3     38   Lesley Suddard/Marc Goldfarb    Dodge Charger
57   Open    TBA  906   TBA/TBA                         TBA
58   Open    6     43   Carlos Arrieta Sr./Belen Arrieta Audi 4000 quattro
59   Open    4    969   Christopher Sanborn/Lou Datilio Audi 4000 quattro
60   Open    6    104   Martin Donnelly/Peter Cunningham Eaqle Talon
61   Open    6    905   John Carrara/Philip Ho          Dodge Shadow
62   Grp 5   6    990   Charles Sprigg/Andy Jones       Volkswagen Golf GTi
63   Grp 5   6    907   Frederic Carpenter/Joshua Bessem Alfa Romeo Milano
64   Grp 5   6    921   Howard Richards/Joel Richards   Mitsubishi Eclipse
65   TBA     6    461   TBA/TBA                         TBA
66   PGT     6    902   Marty  Allen/Stewart Allen      Mazda 323 GTX
67   PGT     6    913   Janusz Jastrzebski/Marcin Korneluk  Subaru Impreza
68   Grp 2   6    912   John Cassidy/Travis Smith       Honda Civic CRX
69   Grp 2   6    910   Matthew Lewis/Tony Lumino       Pontiac LeMans
70   Grp 2   6    522   Jonathan Butts/Garry Butts      Dodge Omni

Good morning and welcome to day two of the Maine Forest ProRally, Round 6 of the Michelin SCCA ProRally Championship. It’s partly cloudy, warm and humid here in the dense woods of western Maine. It’s uncomfortable outside, but nowhere near as unbearably hot as yesterday…at least not yet. 46.) Restart time today is 9:30 a.m., and cars are moving down highway US 2 to the restart point, a large unoccupied commercial complex a half-mile from the headquarters hotel. It has a huge parking lot that is ideal for staging such a large field of cars. 47.) In addition to the second day of the ProRally, today we have the Mead Paper ClubRally running together with the Pro event. It will run the same roads. Teams running both the Pro and Club events will stay in their positions based on where they finished yesterday. Those competing in only the Club event will be added at the end of the Pro field. 48.) With day one’s attrition (54 cars remain from yesterday’s 70 starters) and today’s added Club entries, we will start about the same size field today. 49.) Yesterday’s observation that the heavy early morning rainstorm had very effectively ended the likelihood of dust problems proved correct -– but only so far. The rain did not cover as large an area as had been thought. As a result, Stages 1-4 were just fine. However, Stage 5 turned out to be a dust bowl, and Stage 6 would have been one also, had it not been cancelled due to spotty communications. So much for relying on weather canoes for forecasting. (More later.) 50.) The dust was so severe on Stage 5 that Charlie Bradley says he and Noel Lawler lost a full 40 seconds to the Sprongls, who were ahead of them on the road. 51.) Like everyone else, Dean Panton and Mike Fennell lost a fair amount of time to the dust on Stage 5. However, according to Panton’s father (who is checking in periodically from his home in Jamaica)they also had a turbo hose come adrift on the stage, leaving the car seriously down on power. In addition, he said that the car apparently was somewhat down on power on other stages. 52.) Before they retired last evening, Chris Havas and Eric Tremblay were flying in their six-speed Group 2 Volkswagen Golf GTi. They were the fastest two-wheel-drive car, and were running about eighth overall. 53.) Seed 6 driver Alex Aristoy and veteran navigator Ben Greisler were flying, too, in their Open Class Audi 90; and they still are. Yesterday they moved up a whopping 31 places. 54.) One of the front-runners who is not here this weekend is Paul Eklund, whose screaming-yellow Open Class Subaru Impreza finished sixth overall at Rim of the World and third overall at Wild West. Limited budget has forced him to pass up this rally. However, he is aiming to make all of the remaining events. 55.) Dean Fry and Don Kennedy had been expecting great things from the new engine in their Open Class Subaru Legacy, but had a rather short event. They retired on Stage 1 with two broken rocker arms. Because the engine is a four-valve type, and because the broken arms were on different cylinders, the engine ran quite well after the failures. In fact, they couldn't even tell anything was wrong until they completed the stage and could hear the noise from the broken parts. 56.) Only in wonderful Maine Dept.: Maine, of course, is very famous for lobster. The McDonald's just down the road from the headquarters hotel features lobster rolls on its menu. Just try ordering one of them in your local McDonald's. (They're about four dollars, and won't win any awards; but they're not bad.) 57.) Last night, Ramana Lagemann and Bill Washburn swerved to miss a large rock in the dust on Stage 5, went off the road and into a culvert. The car wasn't badly damaged, but they retired their Production Class Volkswagen Golf GTi on the spot with a holed fuel tank. 58.) Earlier, we thanked Andy Schupack and press assistants Bowie Gray and Matt Johnson. We also should point out that Craig Zurhorst of Mead Paper has been the human dynamo behind Mead's efforts to make the rally happen. He's been everywhere, doing just about everything - coordinating people and equipment, moving and setting up audio equipment, helping us set up and run the media/VIP stage yesterday, and doing his regular job. On behalf of the entire rally, thanks, Craig! 59.) Peter Malaszuk and Darek Szerejko have been running well in the factory-backed Production Class Daewoo Nubira. However, on Stage 4, as they landed after a jump a large rock wedged itself between the skid plate and the right-front control arm. The result was a mangled control arm, which was replaced in the next service. They’re back running well. 60.) Karl Scheible and Gail McGuire will not get their third-straight Production Class victory for the Volkswagen New Beetle. Suspension problems have taken them out of the hunt; but they still will run in the ClubRally. 61.) The fresh-cut flowers in the New Beetle’s bud vase for this rally are geraniums. 62.) Now, about the weather canoes: We’ve been using an old backwoods Maine guides’ trick for determining weather conditions. The technique depends on the upturned bottom of a canoe, and works like this: If the canoe is wet, it’s raining. If light is reflecting strongly off the canoe, it’s sunny. If it’s summer, you can’t see the canoe, and all you can see is white, it’s foggy. If it’s winter, you can’t see the canoe, and all you can see is white, it’s snowing. If you can’t see the canoe and all you can see is black, it’s night. And so on. 63.) First reports from the field indicate that things are going along as before at the front of the field. After Stage 8, Blomqvist/Smith have more than a two-and-a-quarter minute cushion over the Sprongls. Lawler/Bradley are about 75 seconds back from there, with the Shraders a bit less than four minutes further back. 64.) Malik/Edstrom (Volvo 240) have about two minutes on Gerald Sweet and Stuart Spark (SAAB 99EMS)in Group 2, and they’re running in the top 10. 65.) In Group 5, Henry and Cindy Krolikowski (Dodge Shadow) are about a minute ahead of Mike Hurst and Rob Bohn. Hurst and Bohn have a hot new peripheral-port 13B engine in their Mazda Rx-7, and it seems to be running very well. 66.) In Production GT, early leaders Cal Landau and Eric Marcus are reported out of the event. They’re said to be limping along a short distance of a time in the crippled Mitsubishi Eclipse, but the cause of their problem is not known. 67.) Chris Czyzio and Eric Carlson have assumed the PGT lead in their Eclipse. They are about 30 seconds ahead of Greg Healey and John Macleod, in their new Subaru Impreza.

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