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Maine Forest PRO Rally Round ...

Maine Forest PRO Rally Round #6 - 1998 Michelin PRO Rally Championship Rumford, Maine Notes #8 - Sunday, August 2 - 2:00 PM

29. More on the Summerbell off. According to folks who have viewed the ESPN2 in-car video, Summerbell had a flat tire while running at speed on the last stage. The car lunged into a burm, and then went off the road, where rocks and stumps damaged the suspension and punctured the oil cooler, causing the DNF.

30. The Production class-winning Honda Civic of Jay Kowalik/Scott Embree finished the last four stages without a rear window as a tow rope and hook that was zip-tied on the inside of the rear deck broke loose and shattered the window.

31. The Mike Whitman/Paula Gibeault Ford Sierra Cosworth, after fixing their axle hub problem after stage #7, actually performed better near the end of the rally as the rough road conditions help bend the three remaining bolts back into their normal position.

32. The Garen Shrade/Doc Shrader Ford Sierra Cosworth, seeming destined for a top ten finish, suffered a setback when Garen bent a control arm and a shock after slamming a rock on stage 9. The team adjusted their driving style to make the car last, and they ended up finished 11th and winning their class in the divisional.

33. Speaking of the divisional, the overall fastest divisional car was the VW Golf of Chris Havas/Eric Trembley, which won the U2 class. We mentioned that the Shraders won 04, and they were the second fastest divisional car overall, and 02 was won by the Dodge Charger of Lesley Suddard/Marc Goldfarb - 12th fastest divisional car.

34. It was an up-and-down weekend for the Gail Truess/Pattie Hughes Mazda 323GTX Production GT car. Truess and Hughes, both divers for the PPG CART Pace car team, got together for the first time this spring at the Headwaters divisional event and finished second overall. This time, both driver and co-drive made mistakes during the event, pushing them out of the top 20 despite some good individual stages.

35. The former Cal Landau/Eric Marcus 1991 Production class national championship VW Golf GTI is now being driven by Brian Vinson/Richard Beels. The pair finished seventh in the Production class.

36. The Ivan Orisek/Olga Orisek Audi Quattro, which now develops 385 horsepower, suffered from massive oil blow-by, and was forced out of the event.

37. For those who are planning to fly to the Ojibwe Forests PRO Rally the end of the month, committee PR chair Sarah Lenz reminds us that the target date for the Northwest Airlines strike (headquartered in Minneapolis and the only airline that flies direct to Bemidji) is August 28. # # #

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