ProRally: Lake Superior ProRally Saturday Notes Part II

D&N Bank Lake Superior ProRally 64.) Sure. Sure. Now that the rally is over the wind dies down and the sun comes out. As the final few teams come back into town, we have a gorgeous sunset rather like those that you'd see in Arizona ...

D&N Bank Lake Superior ProRally

64.) Sure. Sure. Now that the rally is over the wind dies down and the sun comes out. As the final few teams come back into town, we have a gorgeous sunset rather like those that you'd see in Arizona Highways magazine, with silvers and bright, flaming reds. It's only temporary, though, really just a momentary break in the clouds, but it is a nice way to end the rally. 65.) Henry Joy, who finished second overall, had a ball and didn't seem at all disappointed to be runner-up. "Any time that I finish second to John Buffum," he said, "I feel that I have won the rally." He and Chris Griffin finished less than two minutes behind Buffum in the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo II. 66.) According to Karl Scheible, he and Gail McGuire "had an absolute ball" in the Evo V, enroute to fifth overall. "We worked very hard to win the hillclimb (Brockway Mountain). I was able to beat John (Buffum) both times, but Paul (Choiniere) took a few seconds off me." 67.) Scheible and McGuire have taken a little good-natured kidding about the fact that their ride this weekend, the Evo V, does not have a bud vase. Bud vases are standard on the Volkswagen New Beetle, the car in which they won the 1999 Production driver and co-driver championships. 68.) Mike Hurst and Rob Bohn were the Group 5 winners in their Mazda Rx-7. Hurst felt that they had a distinct advantage over the other two-wheel-drive cars in yesterday's sloppy conditions. The cushion they built up from that advantage allowed them to play it safe today. 69.) What Hurst didn't mention initially was that the advantage came from the Bridgestone R-39s that they ran yesterday. Later on, he volunteered (and Cindy Krolikowski confirmed) that it was the Krolikowskis, his team's chief rivals, who had sold them the tires that they used to beat them. On top of that bit of help, the Krolikowskis also helped to organize a service crew for Hurst and Bohn. 70.) Steve Gingras and Bill Westrick finished sixth overall and in Open in their Eagle Talon. Gingras said that they had a fun day and were able to make up some of the time lost yesterday. At the finish, they were unable to back the car into its assigned slot, due to a broken part somewhere in he brake system. So the car had to sit just about where they stopped it in impound. 71.) Gingras said that he and Westrick had an "awesome time" today. He also served advance notice that he will not run STPR next year. That's because he and his wife are expecting their second child just about then. So he'll be staying close to home during that time frame. Congratulations to the expanding Gingras family. 72.) While we're in a congratulatory mode, happy birthday to Karl Scheible and Art Burmeister. 73.) And happy anniversary to Bryan Hourt parents, Joe and Moni, who are celebrating their 30th here this weekend -- instead of going to Hawaii. 74.) The Daewoo boys are all smiles at the finish. According to navigator Darek Szerejko, they found the cause of their nagging electrical problem, a defective knock sensor, and set the fastest time of any Production car on every stage. They also made Daewoo very happy by bringing home the manufacturers' championship in the class. 75.) Patrick Richard and Claire Chizma, who finished second in PGT in their Subaru Impreza, were feeling pretty good about the fact that they caught and passed one of the top Group 5 cars on the final stage. Earlier, they put on a bit of a show at one of the spectator points when they arrived at the triangular intersection flat-out in fourth and then slid through the island in the middle of the intersection, in full view of the spectators. Richard quickly recovered, back-tracked to where they went off and continued. They feel confident that Chizma has won the PGT co-driver's championship. 76.) Richard has found some OPM (Other People's Money)and will run both the SCCA ProRally and Canadian CARS series next year. 77.) For the third ProRally in a row, Eric Burmeister's co-driver, Mark Buskirk, has put a bit of masking tape on the speedometer. On it is written "finish." It worked. They got fourth in Group 2. 78.) Over the winter, John Rek (Open Class Audi quattro) plans to spend a week in Finland at a snow-and-ice driving school. Then he plans to come home and run in Sno*Drift. 79.) After three years with Al Kintigh as his navigator, next year Doug Davenport (Group 2 Volkswagen Golf GTi) will have a new co-driver –- our own press-room scout and reformed lake-surfer -- Jeff Burmeister. Davenport and Kintigh finished second in PGT in today's ClubRally. 80.) Production came down to a father-and-son battle. Maine winners Evan Moen and Tom Young, in a Plymouth Neon ACR, were challenged by Brian Vinson and Moen's dad, Ron, in a Volkswagen Golf GTi. They ended up just 0.02 minutes apart, with the son victorious. A minor error bought Vinson/Moen some road penalties that widened the gap, and prompted Vinson to joke that the elder Moen was a "plant" from his son's team. They still got second in the class. 81.) The 1999 Michelin SCCA ProRally Champions were announced at the banquet this evening (driver/co-driver/special trophy): Open: Noel Lawler/Woolf; Charlie Bradley/Whitaker Group 5: Henry Krolikowski/Woodner; Cindy Krolikowski/Woodner Group 2: Bryan Hourt; Pete Cardimen PGT: Gail Truess; John Dillon Production: Karl Scheible/Donison; Gail McGuire Open manufacturer: Hyundai Group 5 manufacturer: Toyota Production manufacturer: Daewoo 82.) The 2000 ProRally schedule also was announced: Jan. 28-29 Sno*Drift; Atlanta, Mich. April 14-15 Oregon Trail; Tillamook, Ore. May 5-6 Rim of the World; Palmdale, Calif. June 2-3 Susquehannock Trail; Wellsboro, Pa. July 28-29 Maine Forest; Rumford, Maine August 25-26 Ojibwe Forests; Bemidji, Minn. Sept. 29-30 Prescott Forest: Prescott, Ariz. Oct. 20-21 D&N Bank Lake Superior; Houghton, Mich. ****June 23-25 Rally USA; Denver, Colo. FIA Asia-Pacific Series

83.) One of the best lines of the banquet came while emcee Henry Joy was being recognized for his sportsmanship in last year's event, where he lent his car to eventual ProRally champion David Summerbell. Looking for a humorous remark to downplay his role, Joy paused just as he said, "My car has won this rally…" Before he could finish the thought, event chairman Jay Topping nailed him with "…more times than you have." 84.) In one of several gestures of sportsmanship during the proceedings, Production GT co-driver champion John Dillon handed the trophy to runner-up Claire Chizma and requested a review of the scoring, because he thought that she actually had won. However, the rules are different this year and it appears that he is the champion.

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