ProRally: Lake Superior Final Report (Belated)

D&N Bank Lake Superior PRO Rally The Ottawa Divisional PRO Rally The Auto Value Keweenaw Challenge Divisional PRO Rally Round ...

D&N Bank Lake Superior PRO Rally The Ottawa Divisional PRO Rally The Auto Value Keweenaw Challenge Divisional PRO Rally Round #8 - 1998 Michelin PRO Rally Championship October 23-24, 1998 11/12/98

26. I know that this is a full three weeks after the event, but wrap- up activities have precluded this final page of notes - so here we go:

--The banquet on Saturday night after the event - for both the LSPR the season - was full of emotion for all. Emcee Henry Joy set the tone by reading a letter from Barbara Merrill (which I posted several days ago), and then awarded the first annual Carl Merrill Award to Carl. Lance and WeeGee Smith, who attended the rally weekend, accepted the award on behalf of the family.

--As people were coming off that emotional high, Trevor Donison was called up to accept the Production class driver's trophy, which is named after his father Roy, who was killed testing his rally car when Trevor was 12 years old. He told the audience he was dreaming of this day since he was 12, and, with his eyes raised skyward, said, "I did it, dad."

--Both John Buffum and Woodner Cup winner Ralph Kosmides remembered Jon Woodner as an innovator and intense PRO Rally competitor, with Buffum challenging the audience with "why do we have to wait until people are dead to say nice things about them?"

--The award of the overall national championship trophy was enhanced by the participation of the entire Fennell and Summerbell families from Jamaica. Not lost in the celebration was the gracious handing over of the title from the Paul Choiniere/Jeff Becker camp. As intense competitors, Choiniere and Becker were very disappointed to not win the title again, but showed nothing but class to the PRO Rally community and the new champions.

27. An apology needs to go out to the Janice Damitio/Amity Trowbridge Toyota Celica GT4 team from the Northwest. We were so excited (as were Janice and Amity) to see Gail Truess and Pattie Hughes finish fourth overall that we forgot that Janice and Amity had a fourth overall finish at the Pacific Forests event in 1996. it looks like "Girls Kick Butt" is catching.

28. Some additional detail from Replica Productions on the 1999 PRO Rally TV package. There will be six one-half hour shows on SPEEDVISION, with each event showing several times. SPEEDVISION's 14.7 million households got a major boost this past season as it secured the exclusive live rights in the U.S. for Formula One. Advertising sponsorship packages for companies to gain exposure on these broadcasts are a great marketing value. Opportunities include 30-second spots, in-car cameras, in-depth product information segments, course signage, video billboards and other opportunities designed to strengthen brand image and awareness. For more information, call Doug Plumer at Replica Productions (617) 492-7444 or Kurt Spitner at (303) 779-6622. Information on SPEEDVISION can be obtained by calling the network at (203) 406-2500, or visiting their web sit at <>. Besides being available on cable systems, SPEEDVISION is also available on DirecTV and PrimeStar satellite systems.

29. The PRO Rally Board continues to work with the Rally/Solo Department on the marketing and exposure plan for 1999, with the final version being posted within the next 10 days on <>. The only visible change to the average competitor at this point is the series logo, with "PRO" going away and being replaced with ProRally. The name of the series will now be The 1999 Michelin SCCA ProRally Championship. Still under discussion is the name and roll of divisional rally and the editorial emphasis of the TV coverage. Everything else, include the classes and the assignment of competitor numbers, remain the the same, with the $75 charge for using a season number being dropped.

30. The plans for the public relations activities for the Michelin PRO Rally Championship are being finalized, with a new PR representative to be named shortly.

31. A reminder of the upcoming ESPN2 TV rally schedule:

Prescott Forest Rally - Sunday, November 15, 7:30 PM Thursday, November 19, 3:30 AM D&N Bank Lake Superior Rally - Sunday, November 29 - 7:30 PM

(all times Eastern)

32. With the departure of Paige Wagner from the Rally/Solo department, Adrianne Carwell is handling questions on points, etc.

33. We did not post the stage times for the Saturday Auto Value Keweenaw Challenge Divisional PRO Rally, so that posting follows these notes.

# # #

The Auto Value Keweenaw Challenge Divisional PRO Rally


H.Krol 852 G.Shra 0 G.Shra 0 A.Oder 317 C.Czyz 860 C.Czyz 396 G.True 322 C.Czyz 325 G.True 866 H.Krol 404 A.Oder 324 M.Utec 325 W.Proc 894 G.True 406 H.Krol 329 G.True 325 M.Utec 897 A.Oder 416 C.Czyz 338 H.Krol 346 B.Niel 899 W.Proc 429 M.Utec 347 J.Butt 347 T.Jarv 899 M.Utec 430 C.Kazm 353 E.Moen 348 C.Kazm 900 C.Kazm 435 J.Butt 353 W.Proc 354 A.Oder 900 M.Babi 439 W.Proc 353 B.Niel 355 E.Moen 910 J.Butt 443 B.Niel 353 J.Rek 357 M.Babi 913 B.Niel 444 P.Beau 362 M.Babi 359 J.Butt 936 J.Rek 460 J.Rek 365 P.Beau 362 D.Dave 964 E.Moen 467 T.Wink 368 C.Kazm 363 J.Buch 975 S.Rada 476 J.Adle 375 D.Bose 371 J.Adle 991 J.Adle 480 J.Buch 378 J.Buch 380 S.Rada 994 A.Burm 493 M.Babi 380 T.Wink 380 P.Beau 998 J.Buch 496 A.Burm 392 J.Adle 382 J.Rek 1006 T.Wink 496 D.Dave 393 S.Rada 383 D.Bose 1032 J.Nida 503 E.Moen 394 A.Burm 384 J.Nida 1037 J.Butt 505 S.Rada 395 D.Dave 389 T.Wink 1043 D.Dave 520 D.Bose 400 J.Butt 389 J.Butt 1072 D.Bose 575 J.Butt 403 J.Nida 397 A.Burm 2272 P.Beau 1304 J.Nida 404


G.True 383 H.Krol 819 H.Krol 384 0% A.Oder 831 C.Czyz 385 0% G.True 854 A.Oder 385 0% C.Czyz 862 M.Utec 392 2% M.Utec 881 J.Butt 414 8% C.Kazm 886 C.Kazm 416 8% E.Moen 909 B.Niel 422 10% J.Butt 914 E.Moen 422 10% D.Dave 915 M.Babi 424 10% B.Niel 918 W.Proc 442 15% M.Babi 926 J.Buch 443 15% S.Rada 962 J.Rek 445 16% J.Adle 966 D.Dave 448 16% J.Buch 970 T.Wink 453 18% J.Rek 976 A.Burm 454 18% W.Proc 983 S.Rada 456 19% P.Beau 985 J.Adle 456 19% D.Bose 985 J.Butt 462 20% J.Nida 995 P.Beau 471 22% J.Butt 996 J.Nida 476 24% A.Burm 1009 D.Bose 513 33% T.Wink 1013

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