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Doo Wop ProRally presented by Whitney's Chevrolet 48.) Good morning and welcome to the second installment of the Doo Wops ProRally presented by Whitney Chevrolet. Our man on the scene, SCCA Rally/Solo marketing manager Kurt Spitzner, reports...

Doo Wop ProRally presented by Whitney's Chevrolet

48.) Good morning and welcome to the second installment of the Doo Wops ProRally presented by Whitney Chevrolet. Our man on the scene, SCCA Rally/Solo marketing manager Kurt Spitzner, reports that the weather is slightly overcast, with temperatures in the mid-50s and spectacular views to be had.

49.) Today event is Doo Wop IV, the second portion of the Doo Wop ProRally. It is being presented by local auto dealer Whitney Chevrolet. There will be four stages today. The first two will use the same stretch of road, run in opposite directions. This is the road used for the famous Brooklyn Tavern stage, which will be covered in more detail later.

50.) Overnight, SCCA ProRally steward John MacArthur was kind enough to sort the total times for yesterday's activities and produce an overall order following the Crazee Espresso Doo Wop III. It is as follows (minutes/seconds/hundredths; hours also for last few entries):

 1 Brasil/Tevares                 45:57:00
 2 O'Sullivan/O'Sullivan        46:13:00
 3 Jardevall/Elkin              46:49:00
 4 Lane/Huhn                    47:40:00
 5 Davis/Greisler               48:53:00
 6 Damitio/Trowbridge           48:55:00
 7 Lahm/Chester                 49:01:00
 8 Kosmides/Noyes               49:06:00
 9 Truess/Hughes                49:32:00
10 Choiniere/Becker             50:04:00
11 Hintz/Chase                  50:21:00
12 Light/Watts                  50:40:00
13 Malik/Edstrom                50:48:00
14 Hintz/Swalley                52:02:00
15 Shadbolt/Chizma              52:19:00
16 Tabor/Tabor                  52:23:00
17 Beson/Bradley                53:03:00
18 Russell/Dillon               53:21:00
19 Wright/Wright                53:35:00
20 Dykes/Fuller                 53:50:00
21 Dekovic/McFarland            54:12:00
22 Tabor/Poirier                54:53:00
23 Donison/Gibeault             56:31:00
24 Tabor/Hoke                   57:05:00
25 Hirato/Swier                 57:06:00
26 Thielke/Allen                57:39:00
27 Gaude/Maple                  57:50:00
28 Koch/Warner                1:00:07:00
29 Green/Wiles                1:04:59:00
30 Third/Lane                 1:07:41:00
31 Mailman/Kruse              1:25:55:00
32 Walker/Walker              1:27:48:00
Reaves/Reaves                   DNF
Call/Dille                      DNF
Hartmann/Yeeles                 DNF
Kouba/Beckman                   DNF
Lingelbach/Andrews              DNF

51.) The start order for Doo Wop IV ProRally presented by Whitney Chevrolet is as follows:

Start   Car
Pos.    No.     Driver/Co-driver                        Car                     Class
 1.       3     Paul Choiniere/Jeff Becker              Hyundai Tiburon         Open
 2.      92     Rui Brasil/Carlos Tavares               Audi S2 quattro         Open
 3.      90     Laughlin O'Sullivan/Farina O'Sullivan   Audi 4000 quattro       Open.
 4.      39     Carl Jardevall/John Elkin               Volvo 740T              Gr5
 5.     198     John Lane/Scott Huhn                    Volvo 262               Gr5
 6.     249     Vance Walker/Karen Walker               Mazda RX-3              Gr5
 7.      34     Peter Lahm/Matt Chester                 Mitsubishi Lancer       Evo IV Open
 8.      17     Janice Damitio/Amity Trowbridge         Toyota Celica AllTrac   Open
 9.      50     Rick Davis/Ben Greisler                 BMW 318ti               Gr5
10.       7     Ralph Kosmides/Joe Noyes                Toyota Supra            Gr5
11.      16     Gail Truess/Pattie Hughes               Mazda 323 GTX           PGT
12.     272     Robert Reaves/Tammy Reaves              Mazda RX-3              Gr5
13.       9     Guy Light/David Watts                   Volkswagen Golf GTi     Gr2
14.      10     Bill Malik/Christian Edstrom            Volvo 240               Gr2
15.     247     Rick Beson/Ben Bradley                  Mazda Protégé           Open
16.     207     Dave Hintz/Doug Chase                   Mazda RX-7              Gr5
17.      35     Lee Shadbolt/Claire Chizma              Subaru Impreza          PGT
18.     127     Chad Dykes/Deborah Fuller               Toyota Pickup           Gr2
19.     240     Rick Hintz/Marc Swalley                 Datsun 240Z             Gr5
20.      45     Jake Dekovik/Dave McFarland             Mazda 323 GTX           Open
21.     232     Mark Tabor/Kristen Tabor                Mazda 323 GTX           PGT
22.     245     Carey Wright/Alan Wright                Dodge Colt              Gr5
23.      70     Kendall Russell/John Dillon             Dodge Shadow            PGT
24.     253     Noah Third/Jason Lane                   Volkswagen Rabbit       Gr2
25.     248     Mike Mailman/Shelly Kruse               Volkswagen Golf GTi     Gr2
26.     222     Jon Tabor/Kevin Poirier                 Nissan Sentra           Prod.
27.     250     Jeff Call/Brent Dille                   Volkswagen Golf GTi     Gr5
28.      21     Trevor Donison/Paula Gibeault           Plymouth Neon           Prod.
29.     260     Eric Eaton/Kenny Almquist               Mazda 323 GTX           PGT
30.     271     Matt Tabor/Chris Hoke                   Toyota Corolla          Gr2
31.     202     Nao Hirato/Don Swier                    Toyota Celica AllTrac   PGT
32.     244     Marc Thielke/John Allen                 Lancia Scorpion         Gr2
33.     246     Gordon Gaude/Tim Maple                  Volkswagen Rabbit       Gr2
34.     242     R. Scott Koch/Tina Warner               Datsun 210              Gr5
35.     256     Neville Green/Chuck Wiles               Mercury Merkur XR4ti    Gr5

58.) Culp also reported that the fast downhill sections of Stage 9, the well-known Brooklyn Tavern stage, are covered with sharp gravel. He says that this gravel ate one of his new tires while he was scouting photo locations Friday. If the gravel is still there, it could pose a problem for teams twice, as Stage 10 is the same road run in the opposite direction.

59.) The Chris Kouba/Gary Bockman Group 5 Mazda RX-7 that retired from the event yesterday was put out by transmission damage inflicted during an off when they stuck a tree stump and then a tree.

60.) Following today's first stage, Stage 7, Kurt Spitzner reports that it is now pouring. The locals, he says, insist that is only drizzling. 61.) From his vantage point, Spitzner felt that Choinier was running

very well, having gained perhaps 30 seconds on Brasil. Ralph Kosmides also appeared to be picking up the pace and seemed to have gained a similar amount on Rick Davis.

62.) Another entry that he felt was doing well was the Group 2 Toyota pickup of Chad Dykes and Deborah Fuller.

63.) The Mike Mailman/Shelly Kruse Group 2 Volkswagen Golf GTi has found another ditch, but will continue.

64.) The historic Group 5 Datsun 240-Z of Rick Hintz and Marc Swalley has its left-front fender flapping in the breeze, but Spitzner reports that there are still a couple of bolts holding it on.

65.) Prior to the start the day's second stage, the Mailman/Kruse Golf GTi retires with transmission failure.

66.) The Open Class Mazda Protégé of Rick Beson and Ben Bradley retired following Stage 7 for unknown reasons. However, Spitzner noted that it had a pronounced noise sounding like a cracked exhaust manifold when it passed his vantage point.

67.) After a receiving a new rear axle and a liberal application of 200-mph tape to deal with damage from yesterday's altercation with a bank and another rally car, the Robert Reeves/Tammy Reeves Group 5 Mazda RX-3 is running very strongly again.

68.) The Group 5 Golf GTi of Jeff Call and Brent Dille, which rolled yesterday, is running today with glass borrowed from the Golf of Todd Hartmann and Peter Yeeles. That car retired yesterday following differential failure.

69.) Spitzner reports that the spectator turnout is very large in the viewing areas and unofficial vantage points, and that the scenic vistas on today's stages are nothing short of spectacular.

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