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Crazee Espresso Doo Wop ProRally Round 2 1999 Michelin SCCA ProRally Championship Olympia, Washington March 13-14, 1999 Press Notes ...

Crazee Espresso Doo Wop ProRally Round 2 1999 Michelin SCCA ProRally Championship Olympia, Washington March 13-14, 1999

Press Notes #1

Good morning and welcome to a slightly hazy but otherwise clear Olympia, Washington, home of the 1999 Crazee Espresso Doo Wop ProRally. This event will consist of two one-day rallies, Doo Wop III and Doo Wop IV. Combined, they comprise round 2 of the 1999 Michelin SCCA ProRally Championship. Yesterday's lingering rain is gone, and temperatures are in the low 40s, with a light breeze. Thirty-eight cars are expected to start the event.

1.) These reports are being produced by "remote control" from Wind River Group's office in Ohio. So there will be some time lag in their generation. Rally/Solo marketing manager Kurt Spitzner is on the scene, reporting information back frequently by fax, phone and Email.

2.) Long periods of rain and snow over recent weeks have left the roads in the rally area wet, muddy and slick.

3.) The Forest Service has graded three of the stage roads in the past couple of days, making them very smooth, but leaving sizable amounts of loose gravel over the underlying slimy mud. Based on reports from yesterday's press stage, this gravel is somewhat larger than normal pea gravel, and is very sharp. Although there were no flats, many tires showed evidence of cuts from the gravel on the 1.5-mile stage.

4.) Olympia-area coffee-house chain Crazee Espresso has come aboard as sponsor the for ClubRally portions of this event. Crazee Espresso also sponsors Janice Damitio's Open Class Toyota Celica AllTrac.

5.) The event originally schedule to take place next on the 1999 Michelin SCCA ProRally calendar, the Little Creek Casino Wild West ProRally, officially has been postponed for environmental reasons. Weather is the underlying cause of the postponement. Both Doo Wop and Wild West take place in the same general area of western Washington. This winter, the effected counties have endured a combination of all-time record snowfall and an all-time record for consecutive days of rainfall. This produced very high levels of runoff and silting of area waterways. Doo Wop was permitted to run, but authorities felt that continued use of the roads would prolong or worsen the silting and interfere with the forthcoming salmon migration. Therefore, organized use of the area roads -- including commercial logging -- has been temporarily put on hold until after the migration.

6.) Wild West has been rescheduled for June 18-19. For a while, there was some debate about the date, but it now has been finalized.

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