Mid-Ohio results (C Sports Racing)

PROVISIONAL RESULTS FOR RACE NUMBER - 12 CSR Valvoline Runoffs on October 9-15 1995 SCCA Club Racing processing by MONITOR Systems as licensed to: SCCA CLUB RACING Sanction ...

PROVISIONAL RESULTS FOR RACE NUMBER - 12 CSR Valvoline Runoffs on October 9-15 1995 SCCA Club Racing processing by MONITOR Systems as licensed to: SCCA CLUB RACING Sanction # IDC-95-S Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course - Length of Track: 2.4 Miles 12:58:09 10-14-1995 Number of starters: 15 Number of Finishers: 15

Qual Laps Fast # Driver/Hometown/SCCA Division/SCCA Region Sponsor Pos. Comp Lap Time

1 92 Alexander Smith/Voorhees/NJ/NE/NNJ Philadelphia Rag Enterprises Pratt & Miller 5 19 1:55.546 2 5 Al Beasley Jr/Windham/OH/CE/NeOh Beasley Fiberglass/Gdyr/Red Ln Beasley B2 4 19 2:00.904 3 0 Jeff Miller/Plymouth/WI/CE/Milw Kohler Pwr Sys/Strlg/Cyclo/RdL Wynn Furst Lola 7 19 1:58.904 4 04 Steve Forrer/Mequon/WI/CE/Milw Forrer Supply Co/Anderson Eng Lola T90 10 19 2:03.325 5 58 Corky Priep/Sebastian/FL/SE/CFla Bali-Hai Sales Ralt RT-5 9 19 2:03.130 6 8 William Fralick/Deerfield/NH/NE/NEng Allen Aviation/ALLPRO/Amalie Tiga TR-1 8 19 1:56.859 7 68 Charles Kulmann/Vacaville/CA/SP/CSCC Stardance 13 19 2:10.502 8 43 Aaron Ellis/New Palestine/IN/CE/Indy Ellis Racing Swift DB-2 12 19 2:11.721 9 30 Ron Pellman/Trumbull/CT/NE/NEng Pellman Enterprises Inc Crossle 475 15 19 2:11.960 10 2 Frank Vogel/Mount Prospect/IL/CE/BhV Road Rogue Racing Swift 94ETAL 14 19 2:11.761 11 09 David Chesrown II/Newark/OH/CE/OhV Chesrown Olds Cdlc/Lncln/Merc Swift DB-5 6 18 1:55.308 12 88 Steve Fried/Mentor/OH/CE/NeOh A.Miller/RedLn/Gdyr/F.Campanal Ralt Toyota 2 * 17 1:58.060 13 18 Tom Foster/Hickman/CA/NP/SanF Tracer/Billington Wldng & MFG Tracer TR-2 3 17 1:57.334 14 6 Keith Scharf/Kirkwood/MO/MW/StL Vlvln/Subway/Team Duke Racing Lola Shannon 11 * 11 1:57.886 15 48 Chuck Billington/Modesto/CA/NP/SanF Tracer/BWM Inc/Mazda/Rd Ln/Gdy Tracer TR-2 1 * 10 1:57.543

** Better than the Existing Track Record * Not Running at the Finish

Chief T/S: Bill Skibbe Time Posted O/A Time of Race: 41 minutes 35.633 seconds Signed:_________________________ ___________ Length of Race: 45.6 Miles Margin of Victory: 35.48 seconds 65.778 MPH Average Lap Speed Fastest Race Lap: 01:55.308 by David Chesrown II in car # 09 ===================================================================================== LAP LEADER(S) # 48 1- 1 # 92 2- 19

RACE #12 - C Sports Racing Sports Car picks: Chuck Billington, Tracer Tom Foster, Tracer Keith Scharf, Shannon Grid: Chuck Billington, Steve Fried, Tom Foster LAP 1: 15 starters take the green flag in a light rain. The start is clean and Foster moves by Fried into second with Billington taking the lead. At the end of lap one the leaders are Billington, Alexander Smith, Foster, Fried, Al Beasley,Jr., Fralick and Miller. Scharf is moving up quickly. LAP 2: Smith is pressuring Billington for first place. The two of them are pulling out a lead over the field. Smith makes a move in the carousel and goes by Billington into first. Fried spins just before the S/F line and loses a couple of positions. Leaders are Smith , Billington, Foster, Beasley, Scharf and Fried. LAP 3: Billington is off at turn 7 and is back on but smoking and moving slowly. Appeared to just go off without contact. LAP 4: Smith leads Foster by almost 7 seconds. Billington is holding on to third followed by Beasley. LAP 5: Foster is off at the keyhole. Smith's lead is now almost 30 seconds over Billington followed by Fralick, Scharf, and Fried. LAP 6: Pace car is being sent out with a full course yellow to clear Foster's car from the gravel. LAP 7: Pace car has the field. This will allow Billington to close up behind Smith. Running order on the track is now Smith, Billington, Fralick, Scharf, Fried, Forrer, Beasley and Miller. LAP 8: Field is still behind pace car. Field will get the green at end of this lap. LAP 9: Smith quickly pulls out about ten car length lead down the back straight. Fralick is challenging Billington for second. Fralick tries a move on the inside going into the carousel but can't make it stick. Smith has a 4.2 second lead over Billington and Fralick with Scharf and Fried following. LAP 10: Smith continues to extend his lead. Fralick is working hard trying to stay with Billington. Billington and Fralick both off into the tire wall at turn 11. Fralick continues but Billington is staying. LAP 11: Top 5 are Smith, Scharf, Fried, Forrer, and Beasley,Jr. LAP 12: Fried spins and contacts the guardrail. Scharf is off at turn 7 and out of the car. Full course yellow again as the pace car is going out. Beasley is now in second place. LAP 13: Pace car has the field. The current running order on the track is Smith, Chesrown, Beasley, Forrer, Miller, Priep, Fralick, and Fried. Leaders are Smith, Beasley, Forrer, Miller and Fralick. LAP 14: Pace car will be pulling in and the field will get the green. LAP 15: Fralick spins at turn 7 but continues. Smith leads by almost eight seconds over Beasley with one car between them on the track. LAP 16: Smith continues to extend his lead over Beasley. Beasley has about 3.5 second advantage over Miller with Fried not far behind. LAP 17: Smith now has over a twenty second lead on Beasley with Fried now in third - Miller having spun and dropped back. LAP 18: Fried off at the keyhole into the mud leaving Miller back into third. LAP 19: Smith takes the National Championship by over 35 seconds. Al Beasley,Jr. is second and Jeff Miller third. Race# 12 CSR Jeff miller - 3rd "I thought from the beginning the Olds would win because of its broad power band." (To Alexander Smith) "One thing about being in the lead - you can see" Al Beasley Jr. - 2nd "I run Atlantic tires and wheels and they were not the best for the conditions." "My brother Ben built the car this summer and will run it next year." Alexander Smith - 1st "The car is super user-friendly and that's what we needed for this race." "The crew worked really hard this morning changing everything to a wet set-up."

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