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RACE #13 - H Production Sports Car picks: Randy Canfield, Austin-Healey Sprite Steve Hussey, Austin-Healey Sprite Bob Weber, Austin-Healey Sprite Grid: Steve Hussey, Michael Feavel, Randy Canfield LAP 1: Jerry Lee Oleson joined the grid late and will start at the back. The track is still wet with a light rain. 26 starters take the green flag. The field really mixes it up going into the first turn. Weber spins at the end of the straight. Feller also spins as does A.L. Drum. Michael Feavel leads the first lap followed by Yergler, Walker, Canfield, Collishaw, Salisbury, Schreiner and Purgason. LAP 2: Feavel, Yergler and Walker stretching out a lead over the field. LAP 3: Link spins slowly just before the S/F line but does not contact anything and continues. Drum is finally out of the gravel and continues. Feller also getting back on track. Yergler tangles with Feller as he reenters and loses a position. Feavel now leads Walker by 2.1 seconds with Yergler in third. LAP 4: Yergler has lost his left front fender. Feller pulls into the pits. Yergler is closing on Walker for second as Feavel continues to lead. Following Yergler is Collishaw, Salisbury, Hussey, Schreiner, Mevoli, and Purgason. LAP 5: Yergler moves into second and begins making up ground on Feavel, now just 3 seconds behind. LAP 6: Canfield pulls off at turn 8 and climbs out. Feavel's lead over Yergler is diminishing. A battle for third is forming with Walker, Collishaw, Hussey and Salisbury bunching up. LAP 7: Hussey is moving his way back through the field after dropping from his number one grid position at the start. LAP 8: Hussey moves into third position. Yergler continues to close up on leader Feavel. Feavel is beginning to get into slower traffic. Feavel leads Yergler by barely one second with Hussey back another ten seconds. LAP 9: Schreiner lost power going into carousel but picked it back up and continued, losing substantial ground. Yergler off at turn 7 straight into the gravel. This leaves Hussey in second and leaves Feavel with a nine second lead. Third goes to Collishaw followed by Walker, and Salisbury. LAP 10: Hussey has cut the lead margin to less than seven seconds behind Feavel. LAP 11: Leaders are now Feavel (by 4.3 seconds), Hussey, Collishaw, Walker, Salisbury, Purgason, and Weber. LAP 12: Hussey continues to close on Feavel by better than one second per lap. Weber gets by Purgason for sixth. LAP 13: Feavel is having trouble with some of the slower traffic and Hussey is gaining even more ground. Hussey closes to a car length behind Feavel. LAP 14: Hussey makes a move at the end of the back straight. Side- by-side going into turn 8 and 9. Hussey holds on to take the lead away from Feavel. Hussey leads Feavel by 1.3 seconds at the S/F line. Leaders are now Hussey, Feavel, Collishaw, Walker, and Salisbury. LAP 15: Feavel is staying with Hussey through slower traffic. LAP 16: Turner spins at the end of the back straight but continues. Hussey has about 2 seconds on Feavel. Collishaw is over 30 seconds behind the lead pair. LAP 17: Appears to be some oil on the track at the end of the back straight as drivers are taking extra care going through. Hussey extends his lead over Feavel to more than five seconds. Leaders are Hussey, Feavel, Collishaw, Walker, Salisbury, Weber, and Purgason. LAP 18: Hussey cruising comfortably. Large gaps between all top four cars. LAP 19: Purgason pulls off at turn 7. Pommer spins at the carousel and pulls into the pits. Hussey is all alone on the track and takes the National Championship by more than 15 seconds over Feavel. Third is Collishaw followed by Walker and Salisbury. Salisbury closed quickly on Walker in the carousel and make one last push for fourth, but Walker held him off. Dan Collishaw - 3rd "Seemed like everybody wanted to crash out early." "I've never been here in the rain - it's really tricky." "There was no concrete out there - just ice." Michael Feavel - 2nd "I stayed the same (when the rain quit) - the other got better." "I've got the worst crew - all they do is lay under the car and drink beer." "Steve was polite enough to let me lead for awhile." "Tell the Mid-Ohio people that everything has been great but they have got to allow pets. I don't have any kids, I want to see my wife but I really miss my dogs." Steve Hussey - 1st "The car was really hooked-up." "I watched the GP guys and took the same line they did." "Got on the gas a little too hard coming out of 8 and spun." "Want to thank Mike and all the guys for not hitting me." "I didn't think I had a chance until my pit board showed P-5." "I was making better time on the people in the wet." "My last win was at Road Atlanta in the wet."

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