Mid-Ohio notes (F.Ford)

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RACE #15 - Formula Ford Sports Car picks: Tom Dalrymple, Swift DB-1 Brian Forster, Swift DB-1 Dan Rinehart, Swift DB-1 Grid: Nick Holt, Tom Schwietz, Dan Rinehart LAP 1: 33 cars take the green flag. A number of cars off at the first corner but all will rejoin. Holt leads the first lap followed by Rinehart, Schwietz and Fillipakis. LAP 2: Fillipakis spins at turn 3 but is able to continue, but has dropped back to tenth. Holt has 1.3 seconds over Rinehart with Schwietz, LaRue and Bruce May close behind. LAP 3: Top three are moving away from the field as the cars start to string out. LAP 4: Two cars come together at turn 1. Drivers appear to be out and ok but there is significant track blockage. The pace car will be going out and a full course yellow will be in effect. LAP 5: Pace car picks up the leaders. Running order on track is Holt, Rinehart, Schwietz, May, LaRue, Oseth, Forster, Fillipakis, Byers, and Townes. LAP 6: Track continues under full course yellow. LAP 7: Pace car will be pulling off and the green flag will be given at the end of this lap. LAP 8: Rinehart and Holt come together at turn 1 and go off into the gravel. Two cars off at the end of the back straight and into the concrete barrier. It appears to be Bill Goldkin and Ralph Hill. No contact reported between cars prior to going off. LAP 9: Pace car is out again to slow the field. Leaders are now Schwietz, May, LaRue, Forster, Oseth, Townes, Dalrymple, Willard, Forrer, and Sabiel. LAP 10: Full course yellow continues. LAP 11: Pace car will be coming in and the green will be given again at the end of this lap. LAP 12: Back to racing again. Schwietz leading through turn 1. May goes by Schwietz under braking at the end of the back straight. Forster spins going into the same corner and loses positions. The top three - May, Schwietz and LaRue - move away from the field. LAP 13: Schwietz closes up on May under braking at the end of the straight. May, Schwietz and LaRue continue to lead. Eight seconds behind the lead pack are Oseth, Dalrymple, Townes, Willard and Forrer. LAP 14: John Fillipakis moves his Swift up from 18th to 16th. LAP 15: May and Schwietz now pull away from third place LaRue.Thomas Sabiel pits with a broken left rear rotor. LAP 16: Oseth, Dalrymple, Townes and Willard continue to battle for fourth with less than two seconds across the four cars. C.T. Hancock pits with broken right rear wishbone. LAP 17: Dalrymple gets around Oseth for fourth. LAP 18: Schwietz is pulling up close on May to within a car length. Schwietz moves to nose inside May at the carousel but can't quite make the move. LAP 19: Schwietz doesn't seem to be able to get by May. Slower traffic is in the way. Schwietz gets by May through the valley at turn 13 but Schwietz has problems with slower traffic and May goes back past him under braking into the carousel. May crosses first less than a second ahead of Schwietz. Third goes to LaRue. Oseth holds on for fourth over Dalrymple and Willard. It s a victory for the Elite motor built by Steve Knapp Race# 15 FF John LaRue - 3rd "Developed a push - chose the wrong set-up." "The car came on strong while the track was damp but went away in the dry." "This is my first year running Nationals." Thomas Schwietz - 2nd "I rented the car for a week - saw it for the first time Monday." "It was slippery out there." Bruce May - 1st "It's been a hell of a week - I mean it's been great." "I'm just glad to be here." "Running grooved slicks"

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