Miami Spec Racer Sunday Notes




WARREN STILWELL (#28 Pro Spec Racer) -- We had a caution period and at the end of the caution period they ruled I jumped the restart. Being the pole sitter it is kind of hard to jump the restart. So, I got black flagged and came in. Other wise the race went very well. We were fastest in all the sessions and fastest in the race.

KEITH SCHARF (#82 Pro Spec Racer) -- My first win here at Miami. It is a sweet victory, because I grew up in South Miami. I left in my high school years and I hadn't been back since last year. It is a great homecoming to win this race. (This was Scharf's first victory of the season).

JIM GOUGHARY (#29 Pro Spec Racer) -- We were second here last year, and second again -- always a bridesmaid! Today's race came down to the last restart. The leader jumped the start, and second went with him. I waited for the green flag, like I was supposed to do. (Stilwell jumped the acceleration point on lap nine and served a stop-and-go penalty. The penalty was not issued to Scharf because the leader sets the pace and he was following.) Keith gained 50 yards on me, and that was just about the margin at the checkered flag. My car was really handling good. I think I could have at least challenged for the lead. Today's finish was good for the points. It's going to be a great race for the championship, with only two races to go.

DAVID DONOHUE (#2 Chrysler Viper Team Oreca Chrysler Viper GTS-R) -- Finally we got to run in the dry for the first time this weekend. The track was reasonably quick. It wasn't as much grip in the little corners where the patches were as we had hoped. We are looking good for the race. I think we have a good dry set up and a good wet set up. Only Mother Nature will say how it goes.

KARL WENDLINGER (#1 Chrysler Viper Team Oreca Chrysler Viper GTS-R) -- This morning's warm up was good, because it was the first time in the weekend we ran in the dry. The car was very good right from the beginning. We don't have to change anything now and we'll leave the set up the same.

JOAO BARBOSA (#39 Mosler Automotive Mosler Intruder GT2 N-GT) -- Warm up went fine. We are still trying to find the right set up for the car. It is our first time out here and first time we run with the Goodyear tires. So, the car has changed a lot from the last race to this race. I think the first session was not bad and I think we should improve a lot for the race.

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