Goughary Jr. wins inaugural SFR at Lime Rock Park

LAKEVILLE, Conn. (October 14, 2000) - In front of a large enthusiastic crowd, Jim Goughary Jr., of Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. won Saturday's inaugural Dodge Dealers NASCAR 200 at Lime Rock Park, Round Nine of the Pro Spec Racer season. John...

LAKEVILLE, Conn. (October 14, 2000) - In front of a large enthusiastic crowd, Jim Goughary Jr., of Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. won Saturday's inaugural Dodge Dealers NASCAR 200 at Lime Rock Park, Round Nine of the Pro Spec Racer season. John Black, of Tahoe City, Calif. and Warren Stilwell, of Harteville, Ohio completed the top-three. With the fall colors in the background, Goughary Jr. got the start he wanted, taking the lead in turn one. Driving the No. 29 Racerman Motorsports Spec Racer, Goughary Jr. led a four-car train around the 1.53-mile road course in the early stages of the race. As the race progressed Goughary Jr., Black and Stilwell separate themselves from the rest of the field. In the end, Goughary Jr. dealt with lapped traffic and held off numerous challenges to lead flag-to-flag en route to a 0.487-second margin of victory. The win is his first of the year and fourth career. "I got the start I wanted and needed," said Goughary Jr. "I've driven here a lot and knew I had chance take the lead in the first corner. I was fortunate that when lapped traffic hurt me, it affected John [Black] and Warren [Stilwell] too. This is a great way to possibly finish out the season." Black, driving the No. 17 Ascent Racing Spec Racer, strengthened his title hopes with his second consecutive podium finish. Black, battled all race long with Stilwell, with the duo swapping position numerous times. With seven laps remaining, Black took second place for good when Stilwell encountered a brief problem. In the remaining laps, he used lapped traffic to close on Goughary Jr., but never was able to pass for the lead. The second place finish gives Black a two-point lead in the standings with two rounds remaining in the 2000 season. "It was key to finish ahead of Warren [Stilwell] today," said Black. "I'm looking forward to the next two rounds. The Championship is going to be close." Driving the No. 28 Stilwell Racing Spec Racer, Stilwell relinquished the lead in turn one on the opening lap. Stilwell looked to be in contention for the win until late in the race when he struck some debris and dropped back. Discovering that nothing was damaged, Stilwell stormed back to challenge Black for second place. At the checkered, Stilwell settled for third and his fourth podium of the year. Stilwell currently lies second in the championship with 108 points. "I didn't take full advantage here," said Stilwell. "This is a track that I really enjoy and suits my style. I'm a little concerned about the style of the tracks to come." Completing the top-five was Keith Scharf, of St. Louis, Mo. and Carl Harris, of Houston, Texas.

<pre> Lakeville, Conn. - Race results for Saturday's 32-lap, 48.96-mile Pro Spec Racer race at Lime Rock Park, part of The Dodge Dealers NASCAR 200 weekend, with finishing position, starting position in parentheses, driver, hometown, car, laps and reason out.

1. (2), James Goughary Jr, Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., Spec Racer, 32. 2. (3), John Black, Tahoe City, Calif., Spec Racer, 32. 3. (1), Warren Stilwell, Hartville, Ohio, Spec Racer, 32. 4. (4), Keith Scharf, St. Louis, Mo., Spec Racer, 32. 5. (13), Carl Harris, Houston, Texas, Spec Racer, 32. 6. (6), Joseph Colasacco, E. Hanover, N.J., Spec Racer, 32. 7. (5), Neil Tilbor, New Smyrna Beach, Fla., Spec Racer, 32. 8. (18), Herb Sweeney, Downington, Pa., Spec Racer, 32. 9. (14), Chris Funk, Kansas City, Mo., Spec Racer, 32. 10. (7), James Cooper, Annapolis, Md., Spec Racer, 32. 11. (24), Charlie Shears, Houston, Texas, Spec Racer. 12. (17), Dale Furnia, Pawling, N.Y., Spec Racer, 32. 13. (12), Jack Kenney, Kent, Conn., Spec Racer, 31. 14. (21), Slim Bryant, Conway, N.H., Spec Racer. 15. (16), Peter Blanchard, Norwell, Mass., Spec Racer, 31. 16. (19), Bruce Myers, Greenland, N.H., Spec Racer, 31. 17. (26), Dan Yacovelli, Island Park, N.Y., Spec Racer, 31. 18. (25), Sidney Krugman, Great Necks, N.Y., Spec Racer, 31. 19. (23), Richard Doty, Camden Heights, N.J., Spec Racer, 31. 20. (30), Ralph Mayfield, Houston, Texas, Spec Racer, 31. 21. (33), Mike Joy, Simsbury, Conn., Spec Racer, 30. 22. (32), Bob Devol, Greenwich, Conn., Spec Racer, 30. 23. (29), Larry Dulude, Easton, Conn., Spec Racer, 30. 24. (8), Steve Rehkemper, Chicago, Ill., Spec Racer, 21. 25. (11), Chris Dyson, Pleasant Valley, N.Y., Spec Racer, 20. 26. (15), Ian Prout, Essex, Conn., Spec Racer, 18. 27. (20), Donald Kahn, Conway, N.H., SR, Spec Racer, 18. 28. (9), John Steinmetz, New York, N.Y., Spec Racer, 10. 29. (10), Bobby Sak, W. Bloomfields, Mich., Spec Racer. 30. (27), Geoff Pinello, Lake Carmel, N.Y., Spec Racer, 9. 31. (22), Doug Garrison, Hudson, N.Y., Spec Racer, 8. 32. (28), Robey Clark, Dallas, Texas, Spec Racer, 0.

Time of race: 0 hours, 32 minutes, 55.161 seconds. Average speed: 89.236 miles-per-hour Margin of victory: .48699 seconds Lap leaders: #29 Goughary Jr. 1-32 Fastest race lap: Warren Stilwell, 1:00.210 (91.479 mph)

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