F1000 news 2011-02-02

Hyperco Joins F1000 Pro Series as Partner Sponsor

Fremont, Ca (February 2, 2011) - Hyperco ( www.hypercoils.com) announced today that it is joining the F1000 Pro Series as a partner sponsor for the series in 2011. In addition to becoming a partner sponsor Hyperco will provide contingency awards for registered drivers competing in the F1000 pro Series.

Hyperco is a supplier of high performance suspension components for all levels of the motor racing industry. In 1996, Hyperco joined with MW Industries, Inc (www.md-ind.com) to become one of the top spring and specialty fastener manufacturer's in the nation.

Hyperco's product line includes suspension coils (Hypercoils), hydraulic load centering perches and composite leaf springs. Hyperco specializes in the development and optimization of these products for the motor racing industry.

-source: scca pro racing

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