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RYBA AND TEAM CHICAGO TAKE LEAD IN ACRL EAST SERIES LIVINGSTON MAINTAINS LEAD IN CLASSIC S2 Watkins Glen NY, June 13, 1999 - Martin Ryba took his Team Chicago Lola flawlessly from pole to checker for his first professional ACRL win around...


Watkins Glen NY, June 13, 1999 - Martin Ryba took his Team Chicago Lola flawlessly from pole to checker for his first professional ACRL win around the beautiful 3.4 mile Watkins Glen course. He finished 8.839 seconds ahead of a hard-charging Duke Johnson of Team St. Louis. Johnson took advantage of a first turn territorial dispute between Dave Dullum and Lynn Trapp and seized the inside line at turn one, moving up from his fifth-place starting postion. The low downforce setup on Johnson's Carbir was optimal for the long straightaways, allowing him to pass Team New York driver Dan Dubrovich on the back straight for second spot. Dubrovich pressured Johnson for the remainder of the race.

Meanwhile, Dullum and Trapp's seesaw battle ended when Dullum spun on lap six, falling to 8th spot. New York's Kent Jones advanced his Classic S2000 Lola 598 from seventh to fourth in two laps, turning lap times competitive with the S2000 class. His efforts came to an end when he got loose at the "bus stop" and retired after contact with Trapp. Trapp then worked his way up fourth while setting fastest race lap (an ACRL track record) but fell to sixth after a stop and go penalty Jim Ballard (Team New York) put on another stellar performance, working his way from eighth at the start to fourth at the checker. Dullum fought his way back to fifth at the end, while seventh, eighth and ninth spots in S2000 class went to New York's David Brand, Akron's Craig Chima, and Team Reading's Darryl Schoff. The Classic S2000 class had an interesting battle. The slowest qualifier, John Green, (Cincinnati) , finally put it all together after battling gearbox problems. With virtually no practice time and a very disappointing qualifying lap, Green and young star Charles Livingston (St. Louis) swapped positions all race long. Their super race ended with Livingston losing his brakes and spinning off course. Green took the win in his first Classic Sports 2000 Pro ACRL race. Scott Livingston retired after 2 laps with oil pressure problems.

Ryba's win, combined with Trapp's sixth, gave Chicago the City Team Cup by just 6 points over Team New York, with Dubrovich third and Ballard fourth. Team St. Louis finished third with 157 points. Team Chicago leads the season City Team points over St. Louis with New York just three points behind in third. Ryba leads the Drivers Points followed by Johnson and Ballard. 23 year old Charles Livingston leads the Classic S2000 standings, just five points ahead of Green.

Qualifying was almost as exciting as the race, with Ryba taking the pole from Dubrovich late in the session with a 2:01.828. Dullum was less than .4 seconds off Dubrovich for the third, followed by Trapp. Duke Johnson's had a "shadow" cast on his qualifying effort when a groundhog charged for his radiator opening! Johnson's radiator suffered damage, but less than that to the groundhog, who went into an uncontrollable spin.

The drivers loved the Watkins Glen circuit to a man. Race winner Martin Ryba

(also victorious in the National club race the same afternoon) said, "It's the most fantastic track I've ever driven. I haven't been here for 10 years.

What a great track for S2000's"

Race Results from Watkins Glen - June 12-13, 1999: Watkins Glen Race Results: Finishing position, start position ( ), driver, team, chassis, class, laps complete, qualifying time, best race lap, reason out (if any):

1 (1) Martin Ryba, Chicago, Lola T90, S2, 15, 2:01.828, 2:02.029 2 (5) Duke Johnson, St. Louis, Carbir CS98, S2, 15, 2:03.840, 2:02.398 3 (2) Dan Dubrovich, New York, Doran, S2, 15 2:02.453, 2:02.829 4 (8) Jim Ballard, New York, Lola, S2, 15 2:04.371, 2:01.815 5 (3) David Dullum, Washington, DC, Lola, S2, 15, 2:02.827, 2:02.506 6 (4) Lynn Trapp, Chicago, Lola 90, S2, 15, 2:03.184, 2:01.395 7 (9) David Brand, New York, SR71, S2, 15, 2:04.515, 2:04.884 8 (13) John Green, Cincinnati, Tiga SC-84, 15, 2:47.607, 2:06.213 9 (6) Craig Chima, Akron, Lola, 15, 2:03.911, 2:02.676 10 (11) Darryl Shoff, Reading, Swift DB-5, 14, 2:13.386, 2:14.878 11(10) Charles Livingston, St. Louis, 83 March, 13, 2:06.479, 2:06.192, Mechanical 12 (7) Kent Jones, New York, Lola 598, 7, 2:04.240, 2:02.782, Mechanical 13 (12) Scott Livingston, St. Louis, 86 Lola, 2, 2:21.579 2:31.213, Mechanical

Race Time: 30:46.312 Race Length: 51.0 miles Track Length: 3.40 miles Lap Leaders: Ryba 1-15

S2 Average Lap Speed: 99.441 mph S2 Fastest Race Lap: 2:01.395 on lap 9 (Martin Ryba, new ACRL record) S2 Margin of Victory: 8.839 seconds

CS2 Average Lap Speed: 94.782 mph CS2 Fastest Race Lap: 2:02.782 on lap 7 (Kent Jones, new ACRL record) CS2 Margin of Victory: 2 laps

Watkins Glen Team Points: 1. Chicago 178 2. New York 172 3. St. Louis 157 4. Washington, DC 80 5. Cincinnati 73 6. Akron 70 7. Reading 67

OVERALL DRIVER POINT STANDINGS (After 2 races) 1. Martin Ryba 195 2. Duke Johnson 177 3. Jim Ballard 157 4. Dan Dubrovich 155 5. Lynn Trapp 146 6. John Green* 125 7. Charles Livingston* 122 8. Craig Chima 119 9. John Fergus 102 10 David Gill 88 11 Jason Engel 80 David Dullum 80 13 Jeff Clinton 76 14 David Brand 73 15 Darryl Schoff 64 David Stefke 64 17 Gari Chaffin* 58 18 Kent Jones* 60 19 Scott Livingston* 55 20 Steve Steeb* 50 21 Glen Jividen, Jr.* 48 22 Bob Liebert 46 23 David Chesrown, II* 2 (* - CS2 drivers)

CLASSIC S2000 DRIVER POINT STANDINGS (After 2 races) 1. Charles Livingston 193 2. John Green 188 3. Gari Chaffin 93 4. Kent Jones 90 5. Steve Steeb 84

Scott Livingston 84 7. Glen Jividan, Jr. 80 8. David Chesrown 2

CITY TEAM POINT STANDINGS (After 2 races) 1. Chicago 344 2. St. Louis 321 3. New York 318 4. Cincinnati 201 5. Columbus 190 6. Akron 128 7. Detroit 119 8. Washington, DC 80 9. Reading 67

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