ACRL: Las Vegas Enduro race report

Tirinnanzi/Glenn win First ACRL "United We Stand" Enduro at Las Vegas. Las Vegas, NV, November 4, 2001 -1997 Super Sports 2000 Driver Champion Jeff Glenn returned to the American City Racing League to co-drive in the series' first one-hour ...

Tirinnanzi/Glenn win First ACRL "United We Stand" Enduro at Las Vegas.

Las Vegas, NV, November 4, 2001 -1997 Super Sports 2000 Driver Champion Jeff Glenn returned to the American City Racing League to co-drive in the series' first one-hour endurance race on the 1.07 mile, eight turn infield road course. Glenn teamed with Hollywood driver Fiorenzo Tirinnanzi in a Super Sports 2000 Carbir/Aerocell to take the victory. Several cars made driver changes during the mandatory five-minute timed pit stop, and refueled the cars as well. Other drivers went the distance solo, but were also required to make the five-minute pit stop. Polesitter Peter Zarcades was one of the solo drivers, running on tires used for the previous day's season finale points race. His Swift led the first seven circuits, but was then overtaken by the Glenn/Tirinnanzi Carbir, with Glenn taking the first stint. The other Hollywood car, with first-time ACRL competitor Chris Hundley at the wheel, slotted into third for the first eight laps, then began to drop back as Hundley complained of a sore neck. Hundley pitted two laps later, the first car in for the timed pit stop, turning the controls over to regular driver John Lombardo Jr.  Daytona 24-Hour SRP1 winner A.J. Smith, his Pratt-Miller the quickest of the Sports 2000 class cars, moved into third for the next four circuits. Margie Smith-Haas, her new Hoosiers now thoroughly warmed up, blew by Smith for third on lap 13. Duke Johnson's Carbir, the second of the Sports 2000 class, moved into fifth on lap 9 to join battle with Smith. He was followed by Dave Jansen (Super Sports Lola), John Burke (Sports 2000 Carbir), and the battling trio of David Seuss, Tom Lutzi, and Jim Stengel, all aboard Sports 2000 Pratt-Millers. Marvin Jones got a late start in his Super Sports Carbir, but his transmission soon gave out and he completed only 10 laps.

The order remained Glenn, Zarcades, Smith-Haas, Smith, Johnson, Jansen, Burke, Lutzi, Seuss, Stengel, and Lombardo Jr. until lap 25, when Burke pitted for his mandatory stop, dropping him to the tail of the field. Lutzi came in for his stop on lap 28, but had an oil leak. When he returned to the fray, he made it as far as Turn Six when he had a big off, losing the rear bodywork. He limped to the pits with a flat right rear and retired. Smith-Haas came in on lap 30, turning the Falcon over to 1996 ACRL Driver Champion Bob Schader, who had come back for this race. Wholesale pit stops started at around lap 38, and Glenn peeled off on lap 40 to turn the Hollywood Carbir over to Tirinnanzi.  Zarcades led for one lap, then pitted for fuel. This put Jansen's Lola into the lead, which he held for eight laps, then pitted on lap 49. With all the pit stops complete, the order was: Tirinnanzi, Schader, Smith, Lombardo Jr., Zarcades (who was delayed in the pits by a 30 second penalty), Jansen, Burke, Seuss, and Stengel. Tirinnanzi lost fourth gear in the late going, and Schader was reeling him in at a 2 second per lap clip. Lombardo Jr., who believed he was in second, closed up behind the other Hollywood car for a "photo-op" finish. On lap 53, Jansen passed Zarcades' evil-handling Swift for fifth. At the checker, Schader was eight seconds behind Tirinnanzi, but the team would be assessed a 30 second penalty after the race for a fuel-stop violation, making the official victory margin 38 seconds and change. A.J. Smith was third, the only other car on the lead lap, and the first Sports 2000 finisher. Hundley/Lombardo Jr. were scored fourth, a lap down, with Jansen fifth and Zarcades sixth, also one lap in arrears. Burke was two laps back in seventh overall (second Sports 2000), 2001 East Rookie of the Year Seuss four laps behind in eighth overall (third Sports 2000), and Stengel the last finisher, five laps in arrears (fourth Sports 2000).

Four past Champions (Margie Smith-Haas - 1994, Bob Schader - 1996, Jeff Glenn -1997, and Peter Zarcades - 2000, 2001) joined newly-crowned Eastern Champion A.J. Smith in the stellar field. The Enduro format was well-received by all the drivers and teams, and may well be included in some of the ACRL races for the 2002 season.

The American City Racing League, using a unique team racing concept, races Cosworth-powered Super Sports 2000, Ford-engined Sports 2000, and Toyota-powered Sports 1600 cars, with drivers required to run Hoosier ACRL-stamped R-45 compound tires and Union 76 110 octane Racing Fuel.


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