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INAUGURAL 10 INDUCTED INTO SCCA HALL OF FAME "MAGICAL" NIGHT WRAPS UP 2005 NATIONAL CONVENTION KANSAS CITY, Mo. (Jan. 31, 2005) -- The inaugural 10 members of the Sports Car Club of America Hall of Fame were inducted Saturday night during...


KANSAS CITY, Mo. (Jan. 31, 2005) -- The inaugural 10 members of the Sports Car Club of America Hall of Fame were inducted Saturday night during what was referred to as a magical conclusion to the 2005 SCCA National Convention at the Westin Crown Center in Kansas City.

The inaugural class of 10 included some of the most influential people in SCCA's first 60 years, representing road racing, Solo and Rally. The class included: Cameron Argetsinger, Tracy Bird, John Fitch, Arthur Gervais, Harry Handley, Vern Jaques, Bill Milliken, Sue Roethel, Art Trier and Rob Walker.

Fitch, Milliken, Roethel, Trier and Walker were each in attendance to receive their honor, as well as the families of Argetsinger (who was scheduled to attend, but could not due to bad weather in the Northeast), Bird and Jaques.

"There are so many people deserving of this," Trier, who remains active in the Solo community, said. "I am extremely honored. I am extremely humbled as well."

Further giving current members a look back into the rich history of SCCA was keynote speaker Denise McCluggage, who spoke on her experiences as a racer with SCCA and Internationally in the 1950s and '60s.

"The past is like a foreign country," McCluggage said in her opening statement. "They do things differently there.

"But I look at what SCCA is now and I think it's pretty cool," she later remarked.

The evening, which was attended by most of the nearly 500 Convention attendees, started with the awarding of many of the top awards for the 60,000 member organization. Al Mitchell was presented the top Solo Award, the Solo Cup. Outgoing Director Phil Mellor was presented the Bill Bradshaw Award for contributions to the Performance Rally program. Earning the John McGill Award for longterm Club Racing service was Bob Lybarger. Reigning Formula Vee Club Racing Champion Jeff Loughead was presented the President's Cup.

Kathy Barnes, of New England Region, was presented with the Woolf Barnato Award--the highest honor in the Club--for her long term contributions to all facets of the organization.

Additionally, the following awards were presented during the three-day convention:

Club Racing

David Morrell Award: Bill Johnson

George Snivley Memorial Award: Dr. Joseph Hume

Jim Fitzgerald Rookie of the Year Award: Ryan Ciechanski

Kimberly Cup (Most Improved Driver): Kyle Watkins

Martin W. Tanner Award (Bravery): Members of the turn one staff during the Heavenly Hazel event at Heartland Park.

#$Performance Rally

ClubRally Region of the Year: St. Louis Region

ClubRally Division of the Year: Southern Pacific Division

ClubRally of the Year: Wild West, Northern Pacific Division

ProRally of the Year: Rim of the World


Regional Achievement Award: New England Region and Old Dominion Region

Divisional Achievement Award: Central Division

National Tour Rally of the Year: Badger Trails, Land O'Lakes Region

Arthur J. Gervais Award: "Highway Robbery," California Sports Car Club and "Steel Haul," Steel Cities Region


Solo II Divisional of the Year: Midwest Division, Oklahoma Region

Rookie of the Year: Andy Aust

Driver of the Year: Tim Aro

Driver of Eminence: Gary Thomason

Web site Awards

Small Regions

1st Place: Pan Am

2nd Place: Middle Georgia

3rd Place: Salina

Medium Regions

1st Place: Southern West Virginia

2nd Place: Oklahoma

3rd Place: Ozark Mountain

Medium-Large Regions

1st Place: Mohawk-Hudson

2nd Place: South Carolina

3rd Place: Western New York

Large Regions

1st Place: St. Louis

2nd Place: Arizona

3rd Place: Ohio Valley

Jumbo Regions

1st Place: Northwest

2nd Place: Chicago

3rd Place: Florida


1st Place: Southwest

2nd Place: Midwest

3rd Place: Central

Newsletter Awards

Small Regions

1st Place: Salina

2nd Place: Southwest Montana

3rd: Southern Indiana

Medium Regions

1st Place: Ft. Wayne

2nd Place: Wichita

3rd Place: South Bend

Medium-Large Regions

1st Place: Glen

2nd Place: Buccaneer

3rd Place: Kansas City

Large Regions

1st Place: Neohio

2nd Place: Finger Lakes

3rd Place: Houston

Jumbo Regions

1st Place: Oregon Region

2nd Place: San Francisco

3rd Place: Central Florida


1st Place: SoPac News

Region Achievement Awards

Small Regions

1st Place: Southern Indiana

2nd Place: Salina

3rd Place: Red River

Medium Regions

1st Place: Blue Mountain

2nd Place: Las Vegas

Medium-Large Regions

1st Place: Kansas City

2nd Place: Kansas

3rd Place: Continental Divide

Large Regions

1st Place: St. Louis

2nd Place: Neohio

3rd Place: Finger Lakes

Jumbo Regions

1st Place: San Francisco

2nd Place: Florida

3rd Place: Oregon

Tom Burke Award: Hawaii Region


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