HQ Holden Likeside race report

QLD HQ Holden Championship, March 17/18, Lakeside International Raceway Entry and Qualifying 16 of Holden's finest made the trek to Lakeside to celebrate the circuits' 40th anniversary. In Saturday's 20 minute qualifying session, it was ...

QLD HQ Holden Championship, March 17/18, Lakeside International Raceway

Entry and Qualifying

16 of Holden's finest made the trek to Lakeside to celebrate the circuits' 40th anniversary. In Saturday's 20 minute qualifying session, it was no surprise to find the number 1 car of Craig Yates with a pole time of 1:06.0823. Dale Youd however was not far behind in second place, only 0.1614 seconds in arrears. In third was Gary Bonwick, followed by Justin Senescall, Ben Simpson, Rod Boyle, Paul McCahon, Michael McCloud, Rowan Stanfield, Dave Blunt, Scott Trent, Stuart Osman, Josh Van Kalken, Brett Shepheard, Zack Howell, and Chris Trent.

Race 1, 2:50pm Saturday Afternoon, 8 Laps.

Yates won the start, and lead into the first turn, with Bonwick also making a good start to jump ahead of Youd. Bonwick was right onto Yates by Hungry Corner, while Simpson and Boyle were close together, however Simpson had a sideways run onto the straight, and tried to go around the outside of Boyle at the Karussell without success. Blunt made it past McCloud into Hungry.

The top four of Yates, Bonwick, Youd and Senescall were in a slipstreaming train down the front straight. Simpson's run suffered a major set back when he ran wide at the Karussell and dropped back down the order behind Scott Trent. Blunt was another to take a sideways run onto the straight in his pursuit of McCahon. Chris Trent and Shepheard were close together on the track, before Shepheard dropped back. Yates had forged himself a slender gap at the front, while Youd was still stuck to Bonwick. Osman and Van Kalken were both to retire in the pit lane.

Simpson made it past Stanfield, while the Trent boys ran side by side down the straight. McCloud was onto McCahon before spinning with Simpson at the top of the Eastern Loop. At the finish it was Yates from Bonwick, Youd, Senescall, Boyle, Blunt, McCahon, Stanfield, Chris and Scott Trent, Simpson, Shepheard, and McCloud.

Race 2, 10:25am Sunday Morning, 10 Laps.

Bonwick and Yates once again made the best of the start, once again with Yates leading. Bonwick ran side by side with Youd right through from the Karussell to Hungry, with Bonwick dropping back to third only after dropping a couple of wheels in the dirt on the exit. The Trent's resumed their battle, this time with Stanfield joining in. Senescall was once again joined to the tail of the leading trio. Blunt and Boyle were close together, while Shepheard made it past Osman in the Karussell. Scott Trent was onto McCloud, with Blunt still all over Boyle.

Youd was very close to Yates at the front, the pressure was building, with Bonwick running wide onto the straight; Youd even tryed an outside run on Yates in the Karussell. Chris Trent made it past Stanfield, while Simpson was having a lonely race in fifth position. Blunt and Boyle ran side-by-side down the straight, but Blunt was still unable to get past. Yates eventually won by half a second from Youd, in third was Bonwick who was very wide onto the straight for the last time. In fourth once again was Senescall, followed by Simpson, Boyle and Blunt, who were side-by-side over the finish line, McCahon, McCloud, Chris and Scott Trent, Stanfield, who slowed in the closing stages, Shepheard, Osman and Howell.

Race 3, 3:00pm Sunday Afternoon, 8 Laps.

Youd won the third start, while Bonwick, Senescall and Yates ran three wide, however by the back section of the track Yates was once again challenging Youd. The race however was red flagged when Shepheard and Howell smashed into the wall under the bridge, both unable to make the restart.

Youd made another good start, but Yates lead into the Karussell. Senescall didn't make the best start and was behind Simpson, but pressuring him all the same. Blunt and Boyle ran two abreast through the kink, while Chris Trent was onto McCahon and Scott Trent was onto Stanfield. Senescall made his move into fourth after Simpson was sideways onto the straight. Blunt and Boyle continued their great scrap; the pair running side by side for the best part of a lap before Blunt finally made it past.

Yates was still feeling pressure from Youd, while Boyle dropped back to McCloud. Scott Trent was still all over Stanfield, while Bonwick once again ran wide onto the straight. Coming onto the straight, McCahon suffered a spin, and dropped to last behind Osman. At the line after 8 laps it was Yates, this time by only 2 tenths of a second from Youd, Bonwick, Senescall, Simpson, Blunt, Trent, Boyle, McCloud, Stanfield, Trent, McCahon and Osman.

By Mark Walker- http://www.qrda.asn.au

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