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Robert Stout sets track record at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in route to win Number 12! The two race, sold out weekend for the NASA series Great Lakes region took place at the historic Mid-Ohio Sports car course and kept regional director...

Robert Stout sets track record at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in route to win Number 12!

The two race, sold out weekend for the NASA series Great Lakes region took place at the historic Mid-Ohio Sports car course and kept regional director Dave Royce very busy. Robert Stout has had a phenomenal season and the success continued as he wheeled his Lucas Oil backed Pro-Challenge Charger to a 2nd place finish on Saturday and a win on Sunday. Equipped with a new set of Kumho tires and Hawk Brake Pads Stout started the weekend off by lighting up all of his E3 Spark Plugs and qualifying on the pole for the Performance Touring A class with Matt Carlyle in a close second in his Corvette. At the start of the race the 45 car field was massive and everyone jockeyed for position into turn one. Carlyle got the better of the deal as he took the lead position into turn one and the race was on. For the next 40 minutes Stout and Carlyle would swap positions for the lead on many occasions as they both put on what race director Brian Cohn called the "best race of the year" during the Saturday night awards ceremony.

Stout said "It was an incredible race, that's what we come out here for and Matt is always solid. He races clean but I always know he is bringing his A game and today he got the better of me. His car has the horse power for this incredibly long straight away and mine is better in the tight stuff. I beat him to the stripe a couple of times coming out of the carousel and hoped to do it on the last lap but he figured it out and ran a different line. He earned it today but there is always tomorrow".

In the process to his 15th Podium of the season Stout also set a new track record for the Performance Touring A class at 1:35.826 only to destroy that number the next morning.

Sunday brought great weather and Crew Chief Todd Bellew and car Owner Ken Stout made plenty of changes to the Lucas Oil backed machine based off data from the Racepak IQ3 data logger. The changes paid off as Robert went out and shattered the track record again this time by nearly a second as he laid down a 1:34.636 in qualifying and 8th quick overall in the 45 car field. Stout said "Again Matt was right there with us in qualifying as my dad was telling me his times and mine so I got up on the wheel and went for it. I went a 1:35.07 and was so close to a :34 then dad told me I had one lap to get it done and pull it in to save the tires. I pushed it hard and earned Pole position number two for the weekend, it was sweet but I wanted to beat him in the race"!

At the start of Sunday's race the stands were packed as the 45 car field roared to life.

This time Stout would take the early lead with Carlyle right behind him. Down the long straight away again Carlisle flexed the muscle of the Corvette and was able to drive around Stout. As they worked their way through different classes Stout got shuffled backed two more positions.

Stout "Our combination is great for tight and sweeping turns. We are light and nimble but give up the big horsepower for that. These guys can pass me down the straight then I catch them in the turns but if they are in the preferred line it is very difficult to get around them. I really have to be patient because this car shines at the end of the race". Robert's dad told him to be patient on their PCI radio's telling him that his time would come and it did. The entire group of cars bunched up in the carousel and the games began when it was all said and done Stout was again on the back bumper of Carlisle's vette. [IMAGE]Stout said "I knew I had to pass him going into the Madness section as that was the start of all the tight stuff. That was the only way I could gap him far enough to stay in front down the straight away and that's exactly what happened".

About two laps past the half way point Stout used lap traffic to his advantage as he dove under Carlyle going into Madness and then railed the rest of the 10 turns to gain enough room to keep the lead and bring home win number 12 on the season. Car owner Ken Stout said "This was a good weekend for us as Mid-Ohio has not been kind to us. The last two times we were here we knocked a rod out of two engines so we were beginning to wonder if things would ever go our way here. The car responded to everything we did and we went faster all weekend. Todd made some good decisions on the Kumho tire pressures and Robert did the rest. The kid can drive a race car and he and Matt put on a show all weekend. This is why we race"!

Robert heads to Joliet, Illinois for his next event this weekend at the Autobahn and is planning on nothing less than a pair of wins!


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