Gemini Lakeside race report

QLD Gemini Series, March 17/18, Lakeside International Raceway Entry and Qualifying 13 cars made the trek to Lakeside for the venue's 40th Birthday bash. Qualifying was held early on Saturday morning, with Kris Walton continuing his domination...

QLD Gemini Series, March 17/18, Lakeside International Raceway

Entry and Qualifying

13 cars made the trek to Lakeside for the venue's 40th Birthday bash. Qualifying was held early on Saturday morning, with Kris Walton continuing his domination from the previous round at Queensland Raceway, to take pole by 0.3488 with a lap time of 1:08.3650, from the returning Scott Nicholas. Behind the BRT Motorsport duo was Danielle Argiro, Darren Suhle, Michael Davidson and Ron Lange, who only completed 2 flying laps before winding up in the sand trap at the Karussell.

In 7th was Kandice Walker, then Nerida Stark, Ken Willians (in the ex-Ryding car), Tony Chapman, and Wilson- but not Cameron! The defending champion moved over to allow brother Ben to have his first Gemini start. Rounding out the field were second time starters Nick Rangeley and Matt L'Estrange.

Race 1, 2:05pm Sarurday Afternoon, 8 Laps.

After an even start, Lange drew ahead of Davidson, while Nicholas tried for the lead down the inside of the Karussell. However, he wasn't able to make it past, and in fact ran side by side with Argiro under the bridge. Lange was on a charge, the next on his hit list being Suhle, who he passed down the straight, before Suhle went wide in the Karussell, rejoining behind Walker.

Williams was all over Stark, while Suhle made it back past Walker. Nicholas went for an inside run on Walton at Hungry, but the two were stuck together at the top of the loop- after rubbing panels, Nicholas dropped back to 5th. Lange was flying, now up behind Argiro, and was able to make it past on the outside of the kink. Williams was still all over Stark, but their battle came to end when contact between the two sent Stark spinning over the grass on the inside of the kink. She was able to regain control, and didn't lose too much ground.

Suhle ended his race in the sand at the Karussell on lap 6. At the finish it was Walton the victor by 4 seconds from Lange, who only just held out Argiro over the closing stages. Nicholas came in fourth, ahead of Davidson, Walker, with the trio of Williams, Wilson and Chapman close at the finish. Rangeley came in 10th, ahead of L'Estrange and Stark.

Race 2, 9:40am Sunday Morning, 10 Laps.

Walton made the best start and led through the Karussell, while Argiro was slow off the line, and dropped a few positions. In a repeat of the first race, Lange made it past Suhle down the straight and into the kink, with Argiro also getting past in the Karussell. However it was to no avail, with Argiro heading to the pits to answer a stop-go penalty.

At the front of the pack Walton had established for himself a bit of breathing space, however Wilson was in need of a break; Chapman was all over him. After dropping back behind Williams, Suhle came back past, and gained more ground when Davidson went off at Hungry, after being under some serious pressure from Walker. Near the front, Lange was onto Nicholas, and made it past at the kink after Nicholas went wide off the final turn.

Former karters Davidson and Suhle made contact in the kink, as Suhle scraped past into 5th position. L'Estrange found his way onto Rangeley's rear bumper bar, while Argiro chased them both down. Sparring partners from the first race, Williams and Stark were once again close on the track. As they went side by side into the Karussell braking area, Wilson spotting a gap between them went for a late dive under brakes; however he was too late, and wound up in the kitty litter. The war however had not yet been won- Stark ran wide out of Hungry, and Williams made it past at the kink.

At the line after 10 torrid laps it was Walton, from Lange, who picked up the bonus State Championship point for taking out the fastest lap. In third was Nicholas, followed by the fairly lonely Walker, with a best ever result of 4th. In 5th was Suhle, followed by Davidson, Williams, Argiro, Chapman, Rangeley and E'Strange who were side by side over the line, Stark, whose last lap time blew out to a 1:26, and Wilson, who manged to get out of the sand.

Race 3, 2:20pm Sunday Afternoon, 8 Laps.

With a progressive grid for the final event, Lange, starting from second position had his best chance all meeting to have a crack at Walton. However, Walton lead into the first turn, whilst Nicholas went bush bashing at the first right hander, dropping to the rear of the field. Argiro was all over Williams, and slipped past at Hungry. Davidson was once again onto Suhle and made it past, while Rangeley and Stark were about to be taken in one move around the outside of the kink by Wilson.

Chapman was gaining ground on Williams, while Nicholas was coming back through the field; at the top of his hit list was Wilson, and made it past in the back part of the track. Davidson and Suhle ran side by side through the kink, however their battle came to an end when Davidson, for the second time during the day ran wide at Hungry. L'Estrange was once again only Rangeley, while Walker was onto Davidson after his off. Argiro made her way back into third, this time displacing Suhle.

Lange was still a constant gap behind Walton, while Nicholas made it by Chapman going up the hill, and Williams down the straight. At the finish it was Walton, from Lange, Argiro, Suhle, Davidson and Walker, who were sperated by a bumper bar at the end. In 7th was Nicholas, from Williams, Chapman, Wilson, Stark, L'Estrange and Rangeley.

By Mark Walker-

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