Cars Rally At Monte Carlo (1949)


Full title reads: "Cars Rally At Monte Carlo".

Monte Carlo, Monaco.

SV Monte Carlo.

GV Elevated cars lined up on the side of road ready for elimination test.

CU Jowett Javelin starting off on last section. CU An American car and Fiat starting off on last section.

CU Hotchkiss (winning car) coming round bend fast. MV An old car believed to be a Bentley going round hairpin bend. SV New Humber coming round hairpin bend. SV Time checkers. SV Another car round hairpin bend.

CU Prince Michael of Romania watching.

SV Standard Vanguard coming up to finishing line.

SV Bristol coming to a halt. driven by Dobry Trybal. (Third). CU Badge on Bristol car.

CU Winners - Trvoux and Lesurque (France) drivers of the Hotchkiss receiving first prize, from the Prince Rainier or Prince Pierre, Prince of Monaco. SV Winner with cup in hand laughing with Prince.

GV Elevated cars parked in square.
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About this video
Video by British Pathé
Duration 00:53
Series Other rally
Tags vintage racing

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