British Light Cars Triumph (1934)


Full title reads "France BRITISH LIGHT CARS TRIUMPH in the Monte Carlo rally - World's great motor car test."

Monte Carlo, Monaco.

Nice shot of the streets of Monte Carlo. A long shot of the start. A man moves the flag and a woman wearing a dress runs towards her car, gets in and and drives off. A car is seen moving through an arch and stopping.

A man moves the flag and another person (a man) runs, enter his car and drives off. A car driving along a large number 8 - showing manoeuvring skills. A car drives towards the camera. A man waves the flag and the car stops.

Two girls leaning on their car with flowers in their hands. They have St George's Cross on their pockets. Another two girls with flowers leaning on their car. Another two girls standing next to their car, each on her side next to the car door.

There is no soundtrack for this item so story remains unclear.
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About this video
Video by British Pathé
Duration 01:24
Series Other rally
Tags race highlights, vintage racing

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