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" Dyno Davis draws the attention of BBC news " The Kent Rally Crew of Stefan Davis and co-driver John Bond contested in their local event this weekend "The Rally of Kent". The event was based in the usually peaceful Kent ...

" Dyno Davis draws the attention of BBC news "

The Kent Rally Crew of Stefan Davis and co-driver John Bond contested in their local event this weekend "The Rally of Kent". The event was based in the usually peaceful Kent forests of Bedgebury, Hempsted and Kingswood. Stefan Davis car number 55 in his new fluorescent orange car tackled the stages to explore the limits and generally get a feel for how the car will react on his next Rally Scholarship round, the British Rally Championship National Rally, "The Rally of Wales".

The crew were also aiming to attract some local attention to their rallying sponsorship campaign before it all comes to a premature end. The driver Stefan Davis has had some encouraging results in his short rally career and has been tipped by many in the sport as a likely candidate to be British Rally Championship. Stefan has been self funding his career and is now way out of his depth and crying out for local financial help. It would be a massive shame for Stefan not to fulfil his full potential and for a Kent youngster not to win at the highest level in the country and not gain the British Rally Championship Title.

The 25 year old from Kent suffered from consecutive mechanical problems in 2004 that would have forced most people to question their motivation. He was however able to show his pace on a few occasions where the mechanics of the car did not stand in his way finishing in third place on one of the Peugeot 205 1.9 scholarship rounds and second overall on the Gwynedd National Rally in Wales beating competitors in much faster cars. The Kent driver is currently lying in 8th place out of 20 after the first Scholarship round and is confident this is only going to improve.

Stage 1 - Jacketts 1 - The rally got off to a good start a run through the tranquil forest of Kingswood near Charing. The crew attacked from the off setting a good time and the changes to the suspension made pre rally had surprisingly transformed the cars handling. The crew had a bit of a moment with the back end 2 metres in the air at 70 mph over one of the bumps which made an interesting view from the cockpit. Stefan kept the power nailed and escaped without a problem!

Stage 2 - Jacketts 2 - another run through Kingswood. The crew were pushing even harder and set a good time this time without any little incidents.

Stage 3 - Rogley 1 - A run through Hempstead Forest. The crew were pushing hard and feeling more and more comfortable with the car, pushing hard they set a fast time.

Stage 4 - Rogley 2 - A re-run of the previous stage and another big push taking 6 seconds off their previous run. Amazingly the crew were only 21 seconds off the eventual rally winner Will Nicholls in his Subaru World Rally Car!

Stage 5 - Bedgebury 1 - A run through the Bedgebury forest and the crew were trying hard and kept 100% commitment through the forest stage to the delight of the marshals and spectators.

Stage 6 - Bedgebury 2 - The crew attacked once again through Bedgebury Forest and all was going well until the crew were set a reaction test at the split junction. Another competing crew were illegally reversing down the stage after going the wrong way. The lightening reactions of Stefan avoided a very near big accident much to the delight of the observing spectators, receiving a big round of applause!

Stage 7 - Oathill 1 - The crew went back up to Kingswood forest to attack the stage and continue the push. They set 31st quickest time out of the 81 car strong field even with a bit of a moment over a big bump.

Stage 8 - Oathill 2 - Back through Kingswood on a different route. Three corners in and absolute commitment far beyond the car the crew had a minor excursion when they just ran out of grip and road drifting sideways off the road. The car went up onto two wheels about 6 feet into the air before landing back on the floor, much to the delight of local camera man Barry Ambrose. Stefan quickly selected 1st gear as the wheels barely touched the ground and managed not to lose a great deal of time. The crew kept it sensible for the next few corners but were back on the pace for the dramatic jump into a tricky downhill section which was taken perfectly by the Kent crew.

Stage 9 & 10 - Chittenden 1 & 2 - The crew continued to push through the stages and indeed the pace compared to the field continued to improve, setting 24th quickest then 26th quickest through the re-run stage.

Stage 11 - Pinetum - A run through Bedgebury Forest and the testing twisty muddy section. The crew kept calm and calculated through the tight section and flowed through the fast stuff using every inch of the road!

Stage 12 - Louisa Lodge - The final stage and the longest of the day through the Bedgebury Forest. The crew were on it from the off and looked extremely committed through the tree lined forest tracks. Their continued improvement and confidence with the car was clear to see and it was clear on the timecard as well. The crew set 22nd fastest time through the stage which was no easy fete in this strong national field! The crew finally finished 25th overall in the 81 car field an impressive result by anyone's standards. Stefan's efforts did not go un-noticed and his committed good to watch driving was picked out by local BBC news film crew for a rally report on BBC South East Today showing Stefan's massive potential for media attention for any potential sponsors!!!

The SDM Rally Team are looking forward to the next Scholarship round after such a positive rally but are left wondering where the entry fee is going to come from as the financial reality of trying to achieve a dream becomes more prominent.

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