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Falken Tire Pikes Peak International Hill Climb Post-qualifying notes Friday, June 24, 2005 * Micky Dymond is a PPIHC rookie who usually competes in Supermoto events. But that did not prevent him from setting the fastest qualifying time for the...

Falken Tire Pikes Peak International Hill Climb
Post-qualifying notes
Friday, June 24, 2005

* Micky Dymond is a PPIHC rookie who usually competes in Supermoto events. But that did not prevent him from setting the fastest qualifying time for the 750 Class with a run of 5:21.301. "It's the fastest one. It wasn't my best one but it was good enough. Jeff Grace and I were together. We traded the lead a couple times," says Dymond. "We have a great bike. We were doing a Supermoto race and Gary Trachy let me know about this event and talked me into coming out. As long as it's within my schedule, I'm going to make it next year as well."

* Although he set the fastest time in the 500 class, Greg Tracy has had a very tough week so far. "I was fastest in my division. Unfortunately, we blew the engine on the way up," Tracy says. "It was starting to go about halfway up. Probably around the Picnic Ground the motor started to let go. By the time we crossed the line it actually did seize up. That motor is actually something we put together last night because I blew the engine yesterday. I'm pretty disappointed." Tracy says his team will throw together a "mix-match" engine for the race Saturday, but it will not be as powerful as the one that let go Wednesday. He says that will hurt his chances to take the 500 title away from reigning champion Davey Durelle. Durelle did not qualify because he is away at a flat-track race. He will race in the 500 class Saturday using a past champion's provisional.

* Nathan Conley has an advantageous starting position as he tries to repeat as 250 class champion. He set the fastest qualification time with a run of 5:32.708. "It was nice and smooth. I was happy with it, but I think we can improve it a little bit," Conley says. He wants to break Don Bruner's 250 race record of 12:52.94 before he moves on to other things. "This is our last time touching two wheels. After this, we're taking rally full-time," says the 23-year old Conley. "We've got a rally car built that we've already been racing. We'll try to have some fun with something with four wheels next year."

* Gary Trachy set the fastest qualifying time in the new Supermoto class with a run of 5:19.071. "It's the first year (for Supermoto). Now we just want to get it to grow," says Trachy, who already has PPIHC victories in the 250 and 750 classes. "With guys like Micky Dymond out here and Supermoto Magazine, that will get people interested in Supermoto to come out here."

* John Stallworth hopes his fastest Quads run of 5:18.988 means he will regain a title at the Hill Climb. "I thought I was about third fastest. I didn't ride a very good run," says Stallworth, who posted Pro Quads victories in 1996 and 1998 and a Super Quads title in 1997. Stallworth says he is a little rusty after taking time off to recover from a concussion suffered in a crash last year. "The machine's there. It's faster than I can ride it."

* After taking time away from Pikes Peak, Mickey Alzola returned and set the fastest time in the Vintage class with his run of 6:09.622. "It was 30 years ago, this first time I came here to race a motorcycle," Alzola says. "I've missed the last five years here, I think. This has been a special place for me. It's an amazing place to be." Alzola has two career victories in the Open Amateur division here and holds the course record in that class.

* Anders Nilsson will win the Sidecar race as long as he makes it to the summit tomorrow. Nilsson, who won the Sidecar race in 2000, is the only entry in that class this year. He returns to the PPIHC after taking two years off to spend time with his two children. "I'm here only for one thing and that's to take the record back to Sweden," says Nilsson. A native of Nykoping, Sweden, Nilsson set a course record for Sidecar when he won in 2000, but lost that record to the Whitney brothers in 2001.

* Bill Tolley crashed in his Timed Attack car near the 8-mile mark while he was on his first run up the mountain in morning practice. "I was just having too much fun," Holley says. He got into a turn too fast and the car started to push. Not wanting to fight the push due to a lack of track room and spectators on his left, he aimed the car into a ditch on his right. Once his car went into the ditch it rolled once and landed on its wheels. He was not injured, and drove the car back down after being towed out of the ditch. He says the damage consists of a bent wheel, bent spindle and broken windows. Tolley, who lives in Franktown, grew up in Colorado Springs and watched his family race up Pikes Peak. His grandfather, Al Daniels raced here and his uncle, Bill Daniels, won the Super Stock Car race in 1967.


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