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Flatirons Rally Team Announces New Look for 2007 Boulder, CO -- After missing the first event of the season, the SnoDrift Rally in Atlanta, MI, the Flatirons Rally Team is proud to officially announce their 2007 Rally America Production GT ...

Flatirons Rally Team Announces New Look for 2007

Boulder, CO -- After missing the first event of the season, the SnoDrift Rally in Atlanta, MI, the Flatirons Rally Team is proud to officially announce their 2007 Rally America Production GT Championship plans. The team will have a new look with a new car, new driver, and a new title sponsor. For 2007 the team will be running a 2004 Subaru WRX to replace their previous competition vehicle and is pleased to welcome former Production GT front runner Stephan Verdier to the team to replace departing driver Tanner Foust. Flatirons Tuning will also be taking over the title sponsorship of the team in addition to continuing to provide the preparations and at event service for the team.

The Flatirons Team has been a front running team in the Production GT championship since Rally-America took over the sanction and series administration of the Rally-America National Championship. When asked about the teams new plans, co-driver Scott Crouch stated, "After our big crash at the Cog Rally (see the video at http://FlatironsRally.com) our old car was destroyed. We also knew that Tanner (the teams driver from 2003-2006) had been working on putting together a new team and car to tackle the championship in the prestigious Open class. We had to decide if we wanted to attempt to be a part of Tanner's new plans or if we were going to continue in Production GT as our own team." Crouch went on to elaborate on the decision process for the team once the decision to continue as a team in the Production GT Championship was made; "Once we decided to find a new car we couldn't think of a better person than Stephan to put in the drivers seat. Stephan was one of the top Production GT drivers back when the SCCA was in charge, in fact we have never beaten him head to head in an event he finished in. With Stephan on board we hope to have a chance at re-taking the Production GT Championship after loosing it last year."

After over two months of work on getting the new team together the team is now making final preparations for their debut at the 100 Acre Wood Rally. Verdier for his part commented; "I am really happy to be teamed up with Scott and the whole Flatirons Tuning Rally Team for 2007. When Scott approached me about having me drive the team's new car it was the perfect opportunity. I am really excited to see if I still have the speed that I had when I was racing in PGT before, 100 Acre Wood will be a lot of firsts for the team and I but we really just want to finish and see where we are. We really want to work together and take a second Production GT National Championship for the Flatirons Team." To complete the team's new image the familiar purple and white paint scheme that has become so familiar on the Rally-America circuit will be retired as the team will debut a new livery to go with their new title sponsor, Flatirons Tuning. Also joining the team for the 2007 and their new look will be BPM Sports, a top Subaru tuning company based in Australia and COBB Tuning, one of the top Subaru tuners in the United States.

The Driver:
Stephan Verdier, of Long Beach, CA, is a former top Production GT championship contender and has taken two overall rally wins to date in his rallying career. In addition to his duties as the driver for the Flatirons Tuning Rally Team Verider also competes in the Formula D Drifting series where he will debut a new rear wheel driver Subaru WRX STi as well as participating in a variety of Time Attack races. In addition to his motorsports exploits Verider is a former French National Downhill Skiing competitor as well as former 2 times Winter X Games Skier Cross competitor.

The Co-Driver:
Scott Crouch is the General Manager of Flatirons Imports in Boulder, CO, home to the largest Subaru Dealership in the Rocky Mountain region. Scott has been co-driving for over three years and won the 2005 Rally-America Production GT National Co-Driver Championship as well as was half of one of the first 12 teams to compete for Rally Gold at the ESPN X Games in 2006. Scott is the proud father of three children and is supported by his wife Libby.

The Sport:
Performance or Stage Rally is the world's second largest and one of the oldest forms of motor sport, reaching over 801 million viewers world wide in 2005, and is a pinnacle of automotive technology and car control. Teams compete in, street legal, production based vehicles in a variety of different classes. Times are taken from closed road sections called stages which consist of a wide range of surfaces, including but not limited to, ice, snow, gravel, mud, and sand, where teams drive as fast as possible in an exercise of all out automotive and driver performance. This exciting and challenging form of motor sport is one of the most visually stunning exercises of all out car and driver performance.

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