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The Rally of Melbourne, the 5th and final Round of the Australian Rally Championship begins tomorrow (Friday) night in Melbourne. The start will be at the Bourke Street Mall, with the first car leaving at 7.30pm with the real action beginning on...

The Rally of Melbourne, the 5th and final Round of the Australian Rally Championship begins tomorrow (Friday) night in Melbourne. The start will be at the Bourke Street Mall, with the first car leaving at 7.30pm with the real action beginning on Saturday with Heat 1 and on Sunday with Heat 2.

The roads in Melbourne are generally fast, smooth and open on a hard clay base. This can be slippery in places if very wet, but usually provides a lot of grip. In 1997, there was even snow on some stages! There are also a few stretchs of bitumen including Ben Cairns (SS6), my favourite stage, which is a spectacular 15km mostly bitumen stage which goes down the side of a 'small' mountain.

The entry list is very strong and is listed below with the stage details.

Don't forget to check out the official Rally of Melbourne website which can be found at http://www.users.bigpond.com/rallymel/

Rally of Melbourne Stage Details

Friday 28th August

7.30pm Publicity start, Bourke Street Mall

Heat 1 - Saturday 29th August

SS1.1: Mt. Slide 1(6.43km) SS1.2: Sylvia Creek 1 (27.68km) SS1.3: Anderson Mill 1 (6.59km) SS1.4: Paradise Plains 1 (20.80km) SS1.5: Acheron 1 (15.81km) SS1.6: Ben Cairn 1 (15.61km) SS1.7: Sportsground (0.87km)

Total Competitive Distance: 98.76 km.

Heat 2 - Sunday 30th August

SS2.1: Mt. Slide 2 (6.43km) SS2.2: Sylvia Creek 2 (27.68km) SS2.3: Anderson Mill 2 (6.59km) SS2.4: Paradise Plains 2 (20.77km) SS2.5: Acheron 2 (15.81km) SS2.6: Ben Cairn 2 (15.61km) SS2.7: Domaine (1.84km)

Total competitive distance: 94.73km

Rally of Melbourne Seeded Entry List

01 Possum Bourne/Craig Vincent  NSW  Subaru  Impreza WRX P5
02 Neal Bates/Coral Taylor  ACT Toyota    Corolla  P5
03 John Long/Damien Long  NSW   Mitsubishi Lancer EVO III  P5
04 Cody Crocker/Greg Foletta  VIC  Subaru  Impreza WRX   P5     
05 Stewart Reid/Anthony McLoughlin  QLD  Subaru  Impreza WRX  N5
06 John Goasdoue/Alan Bates  QLD  Mitsubishi Lancer EVO II  N5
07 Mark Haybittle/Duncan McIntosh  NSW  Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 5  N5
08 Spencer Lowndes/Claire Parker  VIC  Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 2  N5     
09 Paul Kennedy/Ken Behrend  NSW  Mitsubishi Lancer Evo II  N5
10 Robert Ogilvie/Matthew Ogilvie  ACT  Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 3  N5
11 Graham Alexander/David Stewart  VIC  Mitsubishi Lancer RS  P5     
12 Miles Sandy/Michelle Murphy  NSW Subaru WRX RA  P5
13 Leigh Hynes/Jim Carlton  WA  Subaru  Impreza WRX  N5
14 Rick Bates/Jenny Brittan  ACT  Daihatsu Charade Gti  P2
15 Craig Morris/Jennifer Cole  VIC  Mitsubishi Galant VR4  P5
16 Martin Lintott/Fred Gocentas  NSW  Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 2  N5
17 Philip Messer/Racheal Bruty  VIC  Mitsubishi GSR Lancer  P5
18 Graeme Gambold/Chris Randell  VIC Toyota  Celica 4WDT  P6     
19 Ross Mackenzie/Paul VanDer Mey  WA Daihatsu Charade Gti  P2 
20 Brett Middleton/Andrew Benefield  NSW Honda Civic   P2
21 Robert Davis/Colin Elliott VIC Toyota  GT4  P6     
22 Brett Thompson/Robert Vanderree  VIC  Mitsubishi VR4  P6
23 Mark Fawcett/Tony Boyd  VIC  Mitsubishi Galant VR4  P6 
24 Scott Pedder/Stella  Plenderleith  VIC  Mitsubishi Lancer EVO I  P5   
25 Dean Herridge/Glenn McNeal  WA  Hyundai Coupe FX  P3      
26 Lee Peterson/Graham Legg-Stocker  TAS Nissan Pulsar Gti  P3 
27 John Farrell/Zara White  WA  Subaru  Impreza WRX  N5
28 Jacquiline Dines/Colin  Trinder  WA  Mitsubishi Lancer EVO III  P5
29 David Nutter/Felicity Nutter  VIC Subaru  Impreza WRX  N5    
30 Darren Masters/Paul Whiting  SA  Mazda Familia GTR  N5
31 Justin Middleton/Paul Helm   WA  Toyota Corolla  P3 
32 Danny Murphy  Ross Lilley  VIC  Subaru Legasy RS-R  P6     
33 Glen Cugley/Tim Gadsby  VIC  BMW M3  P4     
34 Dan Prentice/Mandy Rudham  SA  Mitsubishi Galant VR4  P6
35 Geoffrey Full/Graeme Jesse  NSW  Holden  Commodore  P4      
36 Ross Fraser/Ashley Fraser  VIC  Holden VC Commodore  P4
37 Tony McFarlane/David McFarlane  NSW  Toyota Sprinter   P2
38 Andrew Murdoch/Janine Schneiders  VIC  Ford XR6 Falcon  P4
39 Chris Walters/Jamie Sargeant  VIC Holden Commodore  P4
40 David Thompson/Gareth Monaghan  NSW  Toyota Corolla  N3     
41 Robert Whyatt/Kim Martin  SA  Toyota Corolla Seca RV  N3 
42 Jamie Toll/Tony Brandon  ACT  Toyota Corolla RV  N3     
43 Jo Cadman/Liz Swanton  NSW  Toyota Corolla Rv   N3   
44 Jason Slot/Will Logan  VIC  Toyota Corolla Seca   N3 
45 Roman Watkins/Paul Flintoff  WA  Toyota Corolla RV   N3    
46 Steve Forsberg/Lyndall Drake  NSW  Toyota Corolla RV   N3     
47 Ashlea James/Sue McCready  VIC  Toyota Corolla RV   N3    
48 Andrew Wylie/Brendan Spurr  TAS  Toyota Corolla RV   N3     
49 Jeffrey Kilbride/Donna Kilbride  QLD  Suzuki   Swift Gti   P1
50 Kirk Marks/Peter Mahony  NSW  Toyota MR2  P3      
51 Adrian Bukmanis/John Ahern  QLD Honda Civic  P1 
52 Martin Grigg/Chris Tait  VIC  Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 3    N5 
53 David Schneiders/Michael Stiglich  VIC Holden Commodore  P4
54 Chris Rayson/Kevin Wilson VIC Holden SLR 5000   P4
55 Brian Semmens/David Leoncini  VIC Toyota TE 37  P2     
56 Ross Stapleton/David John  VIC Toyota Sprinter   P2 
57 Sam Vaughan/Tony Best  VIC Suzuki Swift Gti   N1 
58 Craig Dawson/Brian Tiedemann  VIC Holden Gemini  P2    
59 Mike Morris/Nick Vardos  ACT Toyota Celica GT4   P6
60 Carl Brewer/Bruce Griffin VIC Mazda 323   P1     
61 Ian Begley/Bruce Rawlings   VIC   Mitsubishi Galant  P5     
62 Steve Poore/Matthew Birchall  VIC  Subaru  Legacy RS R      P6    
63 Jim Brand/Scott DeBruin  SA  Toyota Celica GT4   P6
64 Bevan Phillips/Julian Graziani  WA Hyundai Exel   N2      yes
65 Nigel Moore/Colin Aldred  NSW  Mitsubishi Galant VR4      P6
66 Brendan Lindsey/John McLaughlin  VIC Alfa Remeo Guilia Super  P2
67 Sam Brand/Julie Meridew SA  Toyota Celica  P2
68 Brendon Thompson/Michael Hawiley  WA  Renault 12 Gordini  P2
69 David Smart/Darryl Judd  VIC  Mitsubishi   Lancer  P5
70 Ian Martin/Roslyn Martin VIC  Subaru  Impreza WRX   P5
71 Michael Morris/Geoffrey Floyd  VIC Holden  VC Commodore  P4     
72 Adam Wilson/Doug Fernie  VIC Toyota  Celica RA40      P3     
73 Shane Smith/Colin Miller VIC  Ford  Escort  P3      
74 Mike Welsh/Mike Cains  VIC  Daihatsu   Charade  N1 
75 Peter Montgomery/Chris Montgomery  VIC Datsun 120Y P2
76 Glenn Secomb/Tony Borg   VIC Honda Civic  P2
77 Mark Seltin/Frank Baker  VIC Toyota Sprinter P2

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