Quinton Stages Entry List

Here is the Final Entry List for the Quinton Stages Rally, the 7th round of the 1997 BTRDA Rally Series. Full results for the Quinton Stages Rally, together with Championship points tables for the BTRDA Rally Series can be found on my Special...

Here is the Final Entry List for the Quinton Stages Rally, the 7th round of the 1997 BTRDA Rally Series.

Full results for the Quinton Stages Rally, together with Championship points tables for the BTRDA Rally Series can be found on my Special Stage results archive at http://www.idiscover.co.uk/tcs21/ or http://www.tcs01.demon.co.uk/

                     QUINTON STAGES RALLY 1997
NUMBER              CREW                             CLASS            
  G1    Premiere Security/Lookers Vauxhall
     Pete Littler/Chris Jones       Vauxhall Astra      A7   
  G2    Competition Car Insurance / Csma
     Simon Chapman/Ian Bevan        Vauxhall Nova GSI   A6   
  G3    Peugeot Ryton Employee Rally Team
     David Hutchinson/Frank McAlister Peugeot 306 S16   A7   
  G4 Ricky Evans/Ian Butcher        Peugeot 306 S16     A7   
  G5    Carr+Griffiths, Shawspeed, Dolwen Filling Station
     Paul Griffiths/Shaun O'Gorman  Ford Escort RS2000  A7   
  G6    Harry Hockley Motorsport
     Martin Meadows/Ian Oakey       Vauxhall Nova GSI   A6   
  G7 Simon Gudgeon/Terry Moore      Peugeot             A7   
  G8    Paterson Dental/Rex Paddock Motorsport
     Nik Elsmore/Stuart Paterson    Vauxhall Nova GTE   A6   
  G9    A Cut Above
     Ian Jones/Andrew Burton        Vauxhall Nova       A6   
 G10    Beaver Motorsport
     Nigel Wetton/Clive Hilton      Vauxhall Nova GSI   A6   
 G11    A + S Transport
     Andy Senior/Dave Ellis         Vauxhall Astra GSI  N3   
 G12    AJP Notebook Computers
     Phil Morgan/Dave Taylor        Peugot 306 S16      A7   
 G15 Chris Heleine/Chris Dewsnap    Opel Corsa GSI      A6   
 G16 Roger Simpson/Kevin Booth      Ford Escort RS2000  N3   
 G17    PB Motorsport
     Dave Hull/Pamela Ludgate       Vauxhall Astra GSI  N3   
 G18 John Clinton/Jon Griffiths     Peugeot 306 S16     A7   
 G19    Merry Hill Construction
     Peter Beards/Elwyn Manuel      Peugeot 205         A7   
 G20 Tim Egerton/Bert Egerton       Vauxhall Astra GSI  A7   
 G21    Motoring News
     Lisa Parish/Jim Perkins        Peugeot             A7   
 G22 Richard Phillipson/Catherine Phillipson Vauxhall   N3   
 G23 Cameron Park/Graham Parker     Nissan Sunny GTI    N3   
 G24    Flexion
     Gilly Handley/Richard Pashley  Vauxhall Corsa GSI  A6   
 G25 Nick Pollitt/Pete Smith        Peugeot 205 GTI     A7   
 G26 Mike Brown/Liam Clogger        Nissan Micra        A5   
 G27 Mark Fisher/Clive Jenkins      Nissan Micra        A5   
 G28    W.G. Beaumont & Son
     Niall McShea/Mark Cassidy      Nissan Micra        A5   
 G29    Disckster Motorsport
     Carl Davies/Andrew Powell      Nissan Micra        A5   
 G30 Martin Sansom/Phil Wells       Nissan Micra        A5   
 G31 Mike Dawe/Ben Coles            Nissan Micra        N1   
 G32    Team Penguin Motorsport
     Steve Head/Andrew Dugdale      Vauxhall Nova       N2   
 G33    Cobsen Davis Roofing Ltd
     Andrew Pawley/Tim Sturla       Peugeot 205 GTI     A7   
 G34    Chuley Road Garage
     Kevin Wills/Karen Wills        Peugeot 205 GTI     A7   
 G35 Debbie Gilliver/Linda Craske   Peugeot 205 GTI     A7   
 G36 Paul Crossen/Philip Hesketh    Nissan Micra        A5   
 G37    Team Russell Rally
     Rob Russell/Pete Russell       Nissan Micra        A5   
 G38 Lionel Firn/John Richardson    Nissan Micra        A5   
 G39 Michael O'Hara/Rick Forster    Nissan Micra        A5   
 G40    The Wild Bunch
     Oliver Boakes/Kevin Devine     Nissan Micra        A5   
 G41    Dean Autosport
     Philip Dean/Neil Medhurst      Nissan Micra        A5   
 G42 George Mullins/Kim Bannister   Nissan Micra        A5   
 G44 Steve McGregor/Roy Campbell    Peugeot 205 GTI     N3   
 G45    Peugeot Ryton Rally Team
     Charles Hiscock/Michael Howe   Peugeot 306 S16     N3   
 G46 Jeremy Nash/Greg Haynes        Peugeot 205 GTI     A7   
 G47 Mark Budgett/Guy Matthews      Ford Escort RS2000  N3   
 G48 Nick Berg/Angus Frazer         Nissan Micra        A5   
 G49    Excel Automotives of Chesterfield
     George Butler/Will Roberts     Vauxhall Nova GSI   N2   
 G50    PRC Colour Processing
     Jaimie Menzies/Paul Williams   Peugeot 106 Rallye  N1   
 G51 Ben Briant/Gethin Jones        Ford KA             A5   
  S1    Pagid UK/Hunter Timber
     Steve Winter/Neil Dashfield    MG Metro 6R4       B13   
  S2    Chris Allen Ford
     Ian Joel/Graeme Wood           Ford Escort Cosw.  B13   
  S3    Philliskirk Sports Field Drainage
     Warren Philliskirk/Eurig Evans MG Metro 6R4       B13   
  S4    Quick Motorsport
     Richard Gough/Jayson Brown     Mitsubishi Carisma B13   
  S5 Alister Tough/Graham Bisset    Mitsubishi Gallant B13   
  S6    D.O.M.E.
     Kevin Curran/Simon Warner      Ford Escort Coswor B13   
  S7 John Thompson/David Hancock    Ford Escort Cosw.  B13   
  S8 Kevin Furber/Liam O'Kane       Ford Cosworth      B13   
  S9 Glyn Jones/Ryland James        Mitsubishi Lancer  B13   
 S10 Steve Bannister/Dave Oldfield  Mitsubishi Galant  B13   
 S11 Jon Ballinger/Andy Salisbury   Opel Manta         B11   
 S12    Rally and Competition Equipment
     Philip Squires/Michael Squires Ford Escort RS     B11   
 S14    Blakemans Sausages
     Simon Crook/Alister Crook      Ford Sierra Cosw.  B13   
 S15 Charley Lamb/Paul Spooner      Ford Escort Cosw.  B13   
 S16 Jim Carty/Ken Bills            Rover Metro 6R4    B13   
 S17    Leominster Car Auction
     Theo Bengry/Les Forsbrook      Mitsubishi E3      B13   
 S18 Alistair Adams/Andrew Adams    Ford Escort RS2000 B11   
 S19 Gary Smith/Phil Clarke         Ford Escort Cosw.  B13   
 S20    Wem Motors Ltd
     John Lay/Shaune Clorley        Ford Escort Cosw.  B13   
 S21    Havenkey Ltd
     Robin Bradbury/Charlie Husband Ford Escort MK4    B12   
 S22 Will Clarke/Martin Mansell     Ford Escort        B11   
 S23 Andy Miers/Emyr Jones          Ford Escort RS2000 B11   
 S24    Pertemps/Timber Frame Services
     Charlie Pye/Dave Tinsley       Ford Sapphire Cosw B13   
 S25 Gary Adam/Gordon Adam          Ford Escort Cosw.  B13   
 S26 Geoff Cottrill/'Chalkie' White Metro 6R4          B13   
 S29 Tony Bird/Sue Bird             Ford Sapphire Cosw B13   
 S30 Grant Sturkey/Leo Todd         Ford Escort        B10   
 S31    W J Roadmarkings
     Steven Bayley/Nigel Bayley     Talbot Sunbeam     B10   
 S32    Salt & Sadler Titanium/Hard Anodising
     Graham Bayliss/Graham Hopewell Ford Escort        B11   
 S33    Sealtec SE Plc
     James Potter/David Gamblin     Ford Escort Cosw.  B12   
 S34 Kevin Stevens/Phil Morgan      Ford Escort Cosw.  B13   
 S35 Edward Roberts/Dave Tomley     Ford Escort Cosw.  B13   
 S36 Martin Wyles/Sue Mee           Ford Escort        B12   
 S37 Jeff Wincott/Dave Jones        Ford Escort MkII   B11   
 S38 Peter Beer/Mick Hilton         Ford Escort MkII   B10   
 S39 Martin Thomas/Gilly Alsop      Ford Escort G4     B11   
 S40 Rob Coates/Graham Andrews      Ford Escort        B11   
 S41    Nuclear Electric/Magnox
     Simon Tennant/David Tennant    Ford Escort RS     B11   
 S42 Steve Humphreys/Paul Chislett  Ford Sapphire Cosw B13   
 S43 Malcolm Walters/Robert Lyles   Ford Escort        B12   
 S44    The Headrow Dental Practice
     Jack Cooke/Martin Melsome-Smith Vauxhall Nova     B10   
 S45 Linda Taylor/Malcolm Irving    Vauxhall Astra GTE B11   
 S46 Nick Wills/Richard Wills       Ford Escort MK2    B10   
 S47    ZF Great Britain/Delapre Communications
     Ian Titterton/John Lewis       Peugeot 205        B10   
 S48 Simon Mansell/Bob Shaw         Opel Corsa Sprint   B9   
 S49    Wobbley Dobber Motorsport
     Simon Woodley/Stephen McNamara Ford Escort MK2    B11   
 S50 Gary Standen/Andrew Jones      Vauxhall Nova       B9   
 S52    Carcomm Motorsport
     John Reddington/Laim Curtin    Ford Escort        B11   
 S53    Dewhirst Ladies Division
     Neal James/Carl Williamson     Talbot Sunbeam     B10   
 S54    Coalville Signs
     Ian Clarke/Anne Ellis          Vauxhall Nova       B9   
 S55 Derek Morgan/Philip Morgan     Peugeot            B11   
 S56    Team D.I.R.T/Derick Briggs Auto Electrical (Hull)
     Tony Dickinson/Gavin Heseltine Ford Escort MK1    B10   
 S57 Chris Warring/Russsel Horrobin Peugeot 205 GTI    B11   
 S59 Dave Nicholls/Ros Troth        Rover SD1          B13   
 S60    Stanwell Trailers
     Michael Chinchen/Andy Juniper  Talbot Sunbeam     B10   
 S61    Nationwide Energy Management Ltd
     Andrew Cooper/David Bolton     Peugeot GTI        B10   
 S62 Jennifer Smith/Susan Freer     Ford Sierra Cosw.  B13   
 S63 Les Parsons/Glynn Hayward      Talbot Sunbeam     B10   
 S64    Carcomm Motorsport
     Les Adams/Sean Adams           Ford Sierra Cosw.  B13   
 S65 Geoffrey Harper/Ian Howard     Ford Escort         B9   
 S66 Steve Aram/Paul Aram           Austin Mini         B9   
 S67    Wobbley Dobber Motorsport
     Christopher White/Jason Woodley Ford Escort MK2   B11   
 S68    Wobbley Dobber Motorsport
     Scott Reed/Stephen Payne       Ford Escort        B11   
 S69 B.Singh Grewal/Denise Whitt    Datsun             B10   
 S70 Keith Morris/Bill Robertson    Peugeot 205        B10   

113 Starters Results Final at 19:20 on 26 Jul 97. Results by Tynemouth Computer Services

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