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Here is the Final Entry List for the Plains Rally, the 5th round of the 1997 BTRDA Rally Series which ran in mid-Wales on Sunday 4th May. Full event results and full championship tables are available on my WWW pages under ...

Here is the Final Entry List for the Plains Rally, the 5th round of the 1997 BTRDA Rally Series which ran in mid-Wales on Sunday 4th May.

Full event results and full championship tables are available on my WWW pages under or

The 1997 Plains Rally NUMBER CREW CLASS G1 Simon Chapman/Peter Foy Vauxhall Nova GSi A6 G2 Pete Littler/Andy Marchbank Vauxhall Astra A7 G3 Martin Meadows/Ian Oakey Vauxhall Nova GSi A6 G4 Paul Griffiths/Shaun O'Gorman Ford Escort RS2000 A7 G5 Peugeot Ryton Employee Rally Team David Hutchinson/Frank McAlister Peugeot 306 S16 A7 G6 Cameron Park/Graham Parker Nissan Sunny GTi N3 G7 Robert Davies/Andrew Powell Vauxhall Corsa GSi A6 G8 Simon Gudgeon/Terry Moore Peugeot 205 GTi A7 G9 Andy Senior/Dave Ellis Vauxhall Astra GSi N3 G10 Damon Harvey/Calvin Cooledge Peugeot 306 S16 A7 G11 Dave Weston/Paul Spooner Vauxhall Nova GSi A6 G12 Nigel Wakefield/Roger Allan Peugeot 205 GTi A7 G13 Richard Davies/Keith Jones Nissan Sunny GTI A7 G14 Nigel Worrall/Guy Weaver Peugeot 205 GTi A7 G15 George Butler/Will Roberts Vauxhall Nova GSi N2 G16 David Nutt/Shelley Nutt Vauxhall Astra GSi A7 G17 Steve Head/David Marshall Vauxhall Nova N2 G19 Ian Jones/Craig Wilkinson Vauxhall Nova GSi A6 G20 Nik Elsmore/Stuart Paterson Vauxhall Nova A6 G21 Richard Phillipson/Catherine Phillipson Vauxhall N3 G22 Ian Foot/David Battensby Peugeot 205 GTi A7 G23 Roger Simpson/Kevin Booth Ford Escort N3 G24 Dave Hull/Pamela Ludgate Vauxhall Astra GSi N3 G25 Gary Fincher/Linda Whitmore Ford Escort RS2000 N3 G26 Mark Budgett/Guy Matthews Ford Escort N3 G27 Niall McShea/Mark Cassidy Nissan Micra A5 G28 Mark Fisher/Clive Jenkins Nissan Micra A5 G29 Michael Brown/Liam Clogger Nissan Micra A5 G30 Carl Davies/Peter Davies Nissan Micra A5 G31 Lionel Firn/John Richardson Nissan Micra A5 G32 Rob Russell/Pete Russell Nissan Micra A5 G33 Martin Sansom/Phil Wells Nissan Micra A5 G34 Nigel Wetton/Clive Hilton Vauxhall Nova GSi A6 G35 Mike Dawe/David Bromley Nissan Micra A5 G36 Skip Green/Paul Price Rover 220 GTi N3 G37 Lisa Parish/Jim Perkins Peugeot 205 GTi A7 G38 Timothy Egerton/Bert Egerton Vauxhall Astra A7 G39 Nick Pollitt/Peter Smith Peugeot 205 GTi A7 G40 Alun Pearson/Simon Brook Nissan Micra A5 G41 Alistair Konig/Jonathan Stockley Nissan Micra A5 G42 Oliver Boakes/Kevin Devine Nissan Micra A5 G43 Michael O'Hara/Richard Forster Nissan Micra A5 G44 George Mullins/Kim Bannister Nissan Micra A5 G45 Philip Dean/Neil Medhurst Nissan Micra N1 G46 Stuart Rolte/Richard Pomfret Nissan Micra A5 G47 Daniel Beckham/Steve Smallbone Vauxhall Nova N2 G48 Peter Beards/Elwyn Manuel Peugeot 205 GTi A7 G49 Oliver Braithwaite/Julie Kelly Vauxhall Astra GSi N3 G50 Paul Crossen/Phil Hesketh Nissan Micra A5 G52 Peugeot Ryton Employee Rally Team Charles Hiscock/Michael Howe Peugeot 306 S16 N3 G53 Steven Bunting/Simon Hunt Vauxhall Nova GTE N2 G54 Gilly Handley/Bob Duck Vauxhall Corsa GSi A6 G55 John Devenport/Sean Grimes Skoda Favorit N1

S1 John Bennett-Evans/Chris Jones Ford Escort B13 S3 Dom Buckley/Stella Boyles Mitsubishi Lancer B13 S4 Alistair Tough/Graham Law Mitsubishi Galant B13 S5 Steve Winter/Neil Dashfield MG Metro 6R4 B13 S6 Steve Bannister/Dave Oldfield Mitsubishi Galant B13 S7 Bob Green/Mal Capstick Ford Escort Coswor B13 S8 Jon Ballinger/Andy Salisbury Opel Manta B11 S9 Ian Joel/Graeme Wood Ford Escort Coswor B13 S10 Charly Lamb/Jim Plevey Ford Escort Coswor B13 S11 John Thompson/David Hancock Ford Escort Coswor B13 S12 Simon Crook/Alister Crook Ford Sierra Coswor B13 S13 Geoff Jones/Rhydian Welson Ford Escort B11 S14 Dominic Frattaroli/Tim Hobbs Mazda 323 Turbo B13 S15 Paul Fry/Mike Steele Ford Sierra Sapphi B13 S16 Tony Bird/Sue Bird Ford Sierra Sapphi B13 S17 Ian Gwynne/Paul Morris Subaru Legacy B13 S18 Robert Coates/Graham Andrews Ford Escort Mk2 B11 S19 Jeff Wincott/Dave Jones Ford Escort Mk2 B11 S20 Phil Bayliss/Andy Wynn Ford Escort B11 S23 Alistair Adams/Andrew Adams Ford Escort B11 S24 Mark Loomes/Stephen Lloyd Ford Escort RS B11 S25 Grant Sturkey/Leo Todd Ford Escort 1600 B B10 S26 James Potter/Nigel Turner Ford Escort B12 S27 Peter Jackson/James Horabin Toyota Corolla GT B10 S29 Simon Tennant/David Tennant Ford Escort RS B11 S30 Clive Williams/Patrick Walsh Ford Escort RS B11 S31 Philip Atkins/Paul Atkins Ford Escort Mk2 B11 S32 James Rogers/Neil Chambers Vauxhall Nova B9 S33 Steve Bowers/Robert Stokoe Vauxhall Astra B11 S34 Gary Standen/Andrew Jones Vauxhall Nova B9 S35 Michael Watson/Geoff Moss Vauxhall Corsa B11 S36 Neal James/Carl Williamson Talbot Sunbeam B10 S37 Jonathan Holland/John Hird Ford Escort Mk2 B10 S38 Wobbley Dobber Motorsport Simon Woodley/Stephen McNamara Ford Escort Mk2 B11 S39 Simon Bush/Andrew Bush MG Maestro B11 S40 Ian Titterton/John Lewis Peugeot 205 B10 S41 Colin Minton/Graham Ramsey Vauxhall Astra GTE B11 S43 Ali Khan/Steve Dedey Ford Escort B10 S44 Dave Nicholls/Ros Troth Rover SDi B12 S45 Philip Ball/Martin Stembridge Ford Escort Mexico B10 S46 Michael Chinchen/Andy Juniper Talbot Sunbeam B10 S48 Pam Lukeman/Jason Austin Ford Sierra Sapphi B13 S50 Tony Dickinson/Gavin Heseltine Ford Escort Mk1 B10 S51 Paul Sanders/John Bradley Peugeot 205 GTi B10 S52 Keith Smart/Graham Smart Ford Sierra Sapphi B13 S53 Jennifer Smith/Susan Freer Ford Sierra Coswor B13 S54 Steve Aram/Paul Aram Austin Mini B9 S55 Anthony Hutchings/Stephen Quine VW Golf GTi B11 101 Starters Results Final at 19:25 on 04 May 97. Results by Tynemouth Computer Services

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