Peugeot wins title at Rally Casinos do Algarve

Peugeot: National Constructors Champion Two 206 WRC on the Podium in the Rally Casinos do Algarve With Miguel Campos/Carlos Magalhães stunning win, and Adruzilo Lopes / Luís Lisboa second place in the Rali Casinos do Algarve, the Peugeot Esso...

Peugeot: National Constructors Champion
Two 206 WRC on the Podium in the Rally Casinos do Algarve

With Miguel Campos/Carlos Magalhães stunning win, and Adruzilo Lopes / Luís Lisboa second place in the Rali Casinos do Algarve, the Peugeot Esso Silver Team SG has guarantied the Constructors Championship title, while in the drivers Championship, Adruzilo leads with an 8 point advantage to teammate, Miguel Campos.

Miguel Campos and Carlos Magalhães, at the wheel of the second Peugeot 206 WRC, were the incredible winners of last weekend’s event in the Algarve region. The pair lead the rally form beginning to end, attaining their second consecutive win in the National Championship, and contributed for the 23rd win of the Peugeot Esso Silver Team SG (in 55 participations in the National). This was also Peugeot’s fifth triumph this season and the sixth time one of its drivers managed full score.

“ We have managed our primary goal: the Constructors Title for the Peugeot Esso Silver Team SG for the second time, proving we bet on the right horse. We are also very pleased since the Driver’s title will be exclusively Peugeot’s, once only Adruzilo and Miguel are in the run. Therefore, we’ll have the Constructors Championship title, first and second in the driver’s”, remarked Team Manager, Carlos Barros.

Pair, Adruzilo Lopes and Luis Lisboa, saw the win slip through as they punctured a tyer during the fourth special stage. The current leaders of the championship were undoubtedly the stars of the rally, battling positions of opponents such as Rui Madeira (3rd) at 21,6s and Pedro Matos Chaves (2nd) at 34,6s. Adruzilo took the Peugeot 206 WRC to premium during 5 final stages at an untamable rhythm, granting him the second position.

With a strong bet on the second and third passages through the 3 tracks, Lopes and Lisboa stole Madeira’s third place during the 7th special stage and shortened the advantage to Chaves. Just a mere 8 seconds separated Adruzilo from Chaves at the beginning of the last stage. The Peugeot driver decided to firmly attack, but Pedro Matos Chaves punctured a tyer and gave away his second position to Lopes. The Peugeot Team won every special stage there was to win at the Rali Casinos do Algarve, having Adruzilo won 7 of the 10 stages, and Miguel Campos the remaining 3. Besides the second position, Adruzilo Lopes is not put down and referred to the upcoming Rali Rota do Dão when he’ll conquer the“ tri”, once Madeira and Chaves are out of the battle.

Delegate Administrator of Peugeot Portugal, Christophe Bergerand, accompanied the Algarve rally and remarked:“ When we have an opportunity– which was the case in the Rali Rota do Vidro– where we are alone in first and second with a major difference from the rest of the pack, we may, analysis a team strategy. In the Algarve Rally, we were in first and third and we still had to overtake Matos Chaves (2nd) before getting to the lat stage it would be quite tough for Adruzilo to rise to second before the last stage, only this way could we think strategy. We didn’t find it correct to fight it off out of the tracks with a penalty in the Final Control”.

“ We have re-affirmed our goals: Lopes and Lisboa crowned three-time national Champs and Campos and Magalhães Runners– Up. For this to take place, all we need is that both drivers end the Rali Rota do Dão. Adruzilo must end the rali 5th maximum, in order conquer the title, and Peugeot will support him, as ever, with the best technical conditions so he may accomplish his wish”, remarked Christophe Bergeramd, pleased with his new 2001 National Constructor title.

Adruzilo Lopes/Luis Lisboa’s second place, approximated them to the absolute driver’s championship title run, even though a puncture in the right rear driver during the 4th stage, threw them from 2nd to fourth and losing 46 seconds to the leader:“ It was far from an easy rally, especially during the first passage through the Special stage of Tavira where we had a puncture and got delayed. The first time out, we made a wrong tyer selection, as they were too smooth and heated up too much during a 19 km special stage. Then, I had to strongly attack Pedro Matos Chaves, and Rui Madeira which we managed and entered the last stage with just an 8 second difference from Matos Chaves”, explained Adruzilo Lopes, who ended this rally in second, wining 70% of the Special Stages.

At the end of the event, Miguel Campos remarked:“ It couldn’t of run smoother. We won the second rally in a row for Peugeot and contributed with 32 points for the title battle. We also managed to get both Peugeot’s on the championship Podium, which was also one of Peugeot’s main goals for the season. I got a clear distance during the first round, where I won three stages, and since then my only worries was to keep the lead until the end. I seemed quite easy, but actually, it wasn’t so, since Adruzilo was fighting for Chaves and Madeira’s position, and they were all driving at their max. Even though, I the remaining six stages, I managed second in 5 of them, and third in the last one”. This was Miguel’s ongoing 40th participation in National events without any withdrawals.

“ I’ve always wanted to win the Rali Casino do Algarve, but this year I was dependent on Adruzilo’s situation. Meanwhile, I didn’t belive it would be this year, since I spun off during the Shake Down and damaged the car. The hard work done by the Peugeot Mechanics was incredible and the reconstructed my 206 WRC magnificently. I want to dedicate this victory to all the Peugeot Team, who worked hard for us to attain this dream”, remarked young prospering Miguel Campos before climbing to the highest step of the Podium.

Overall Standing in the Rali Casinos do Algarve 2001 1st Miguel Campos/Carlos Magalhães - Peugeot 206 WRC 1h01m01,9s 2nd Adruzilo Lopes/Luís Lisboa– Peugeot 206 WRC at 27,4s. 3rd Pedro Matos Chaves/Sérgio Paiva– Toyota Corolla WRC at 1m02,8s. 4th Rui Madeira/Fernando Prata– Ford Focus WRC at 1m15,5s. 5th Victor Lopes/ José Janela– Citroen Saxo Kit-Car at 3m16,5s. Next Event: Rali Rota do Dão

Points of the National Championship after 9 of 10 events

Driver Points
1º Adruzilo Lopes 46
2º Miguel Campos 38
3º Rui Madeira 32
4º Pedro Matos Chaves 29

Make Points
1º Peugeot 78
2º Ford 44
3º Mitsubishi 39
4º Toyota 28

- Peugeot Esso Silver Team SG

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