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Campos was unfortunate during the second run through Paúl: "I missed the start, the engine went dead and I lost about 10s, a mistake that cost me the win" Explained Campos. However hopeful to win the Rally Vinho da Madeira, Peugeot Total ...

Campos was unfortunate during the second run through Paúl: "I missed the start, the engine went dead and I lost about 10s, a mistake that cost me the win" Explained Campos.

However hopeful to win the Rally Vinho da Madeira, Peugeot Total Silver Team SG team manager, Carlos Barros spoke of a sense of accomplishment "I knew how hard it would be to beat Andrea Aghini. He is quite an expert in the Madeira rally and is currently the official test driver for Peugeot Sport. His ideal set-up experience was fundamental in his win. We are proud of this result. We fought until the very end and finished with a small difference. We scored the maximum points in the Constructors Championship and Miguel was the only Portuguese driver to collect points".

The Peugeot 206 WRC's successes on Portuguese roads is impressive to say the least, with 12 wins in the 26 events run in Portugal (since 2000), including the Rally of Portugal 2000 and 2001.

Overall Standings for the Rally Vinho da Madeira - European Championship:

1st Andrea Aghini/Loris Roggia - Peugeot 206 WRC - 3h02m15,2s
2nd Miguel Campos/Carlos Magalhães- Peugeot 206 WRC at 12,1s.
3rd Renato Travaglia/Flávio Zanella - Peugeot 206 WRC at 1m32,9s.
4th Henryk Lundgaard/Freddy Pedersen - Subaru Impreza WRC at 4m07,3s.
5th Manfred Stohl/Ilka Petrasko - Peugeot 206 WRC at 5m13,9

National Championship after 6 rounds:

1st Miguel Campos, 48 pts; 2nd Rui Madeira e& Andrea Aghini 20 pts; 4th Armindo Araújo, 11 pts; 5thJosé Pedro Fontes, 11 pts.

1st Peugeot, 54 pts; 2nd Ford, 27 pts; 3rd Mitsubishi, 25 pts; 4th Fiat, 13 pts; 5th Citroen & Toyota, 10 pts; 7th Subaru, 9 pts...

Next Event: Rali Rota do Vidro - 27th and 28th of September 2002 (European Championship)

Press Release, August 5th of 2002

Peugeot 206 WRC takes over podium at Rali Vinho Madeira

Miguel Campos and Andrea Aghini battle for win until the end

The Madeira Island was once again setting for Peugeot's triumphant successes, monopolizing completely the event podium, with Andrea Aghini standing tall on first, followed by a glowing Miguel Campos and finalizing with Renato Travaglia. The Portuguese Peugeot 206 WRC pair, Miguel Campos and Carlos Magalhães, fought an incredible battle, attempting to contradict Andrea Aghini, but fell short of their dues, and took the runner-up position. Repeating their performance and position in last year's edition, the Peugeot Total Silver Team SG `s drivers were the sole Portuguese pair to score, creasing their championship advantage. This was the 14th time strait Campos/Magalhães ended in a podium position, and the 48th in a row they finish a rally. This was undoubtedly an accountable success for the silver and blue Peugeot 206 WRC of the Peugeot Total Silver Team SG, marking an elevated level in the European Championship. In the Constructors Championship the Team currently holds 54 points, doubling the amount the runner up holds at present.

"It was a tough ride. For the first time we were up a highly competitive European Championship team. Although winning is always better, I am satisfied with second. The Peugeot Total Silver Team SG did an incredible job on my 206 WRC. We scored 6 precious points for the National Championship, but most importantly was this "duel" between Aghini and myself that only ended at the very final SS. He earned the win, but during the fight, where we both gave 100%, I got clear indications, especially since Aghini is an expert on tarmac. The Madeira public deserved a well disputed rally", remarked Miguel, rising for the second year in a row to the second podium position.

Breathtaking, is the defining word to describe the ferocious battle for the win between both Peugeot drivers: national championship leader, Miguel Campos and Italian Andrea Aghini (3 time winner of the Madeira rally). Campos left Funchal with a 7,4 second lead, running strong on the first SS and increasing the advantage to 12,8. The win was disputed in the tenths of a second boundary. Aghini gained 4 tenths during the 10,2 Km of the Referta SS, but Campos answered back winning the 4 Estradas SS by 0,9s, establishing the gap at 14,5s. Later, the Italian got away in Paúl by 1,6s and at Santa by a sole 1/10 tenth, performing a nerve wrecking run for the public. But Aghini broke his own record at the last SS and diminished the time between himself and Campos by 8,6s.

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