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Rali Casino do Algarve: decisive for the title hand-over Adruzilo Lopes and Luis Lisboa just a step for the title The Rali Casinos do Algarve, the second to last event of the National Rally Championship, will be held during the last weekend of...

Rali Casino do Algarve: decisive for the title hand-over Adruzilo Lopes and Luis Lisboa just a step for the title

The Rali Casinos do Algarve, the second to last event of the National Rally Championship, will be held during the last weekend of October, and may be the decisive event of the drivers and constructors title distribution. The current leader with 40 points, is the pair Adruzilo Lopes / Luis Lisboa, who hold an 11 point advantage from Rui Madeira and 14 from Pedro Matos Chaves. Therefore champagne can be sprayed at Monte Gordo if Adruzilo beats the rally or ends ahead of his main rivals.

Peugeot may also be crowned champions in the Constructors Championship, proving once again their superiority, now creased with the two 206 WRC of the Esso Silver Team SG, driven by Adruzilo Lopes and Miguel Campos

The Rali Casinos do Algarve will be run during the 26th and 27 of October in the southern region of Portugal. The rally will be composed of a total of 10 special stages in the areas of Faro, Tavira, Loule and Monte Gordo. The Rally stars on Friday at 9:00 PM with a super special with just 8 kilometers in Faro.

Being this region his Home Town, team manager, Carlos Barros, would enjoy celebrating the championship title in his land, increasing the importance of the win.

"It would be great to finally put aside the Championship title dispute and lift the pressure off the teams shoulders. It would be even greater if we managed the title in my hometown. Unfortunately last year the rally didn't run that well here but I am hopping the 206 will scream victory in my region. It would give me great pleasure". Remarked Carlos Barros, confidante of another successes from both his Peugeot Esso Silver Team SG.

"We are preparing both cars with the same usual precision. It doesn't matter if the event has 120 kilometers or 300; the preparation is always done with the same professionalism. The team's morale is great and our main goal, as ever, is to win, although, as we all know, we can't sing victory before the rally is over". Added team manager, Carlos Barros

After Adruzilo's last event, the Portuguese driver is quite moralized for this upcoming rally, and is aware of its importance, hopping to attain another triumph in the rally he won in 1996 and 98 at the wheel of a Peugeot 306 Maxi.

"The fact that I have so much pressure on me, gives me more motivation. Last year, with the fist participation of the Peugeot 206 WRC we withdrew right at the beginning, and this year we hope things will run smoother and we will be manage the podium. Mathematically, all I need is to win the rally to obtain the title, and that is our main goal, both drivers and constructors", remarked Adruzilo Lopes, highlight the importance of a good result in the Algarve: "After this, we go off to run the last event of the calendar and concentrate on helping out Miguel reach the second position".

Besides the fantastic confidence, Lopes is quite aware of the difficulties he might find along the way: "The rally is quite changed this year, just as most of the rallies this year, and that only gives us more work, although it clearly won't be a problem, seeing we all hold the same knowledge of the track. Our biggest worries lie in our opponents who will have the same line of thinking as we do and who want to beat us. But there is only room for one in the number one position. We'll have to have to work hard if we want to party later".

After an amazing win at the Rali Casino de Espinho, the first in his career, young driver, Miguel Campos sets off for the Algarve with new aspiration. His knowledge and easy with the 206 WRC is ever growing and the five-time group N Champ hopes to add yet another a positive result and meanwhile helping Adruzilo Lopes and the Peugeot Esso Silver Team SG to accomplish their goals.

"After my recent win in Rali Casino de Espinho, I'm going to give another go at my best, having as priority helping the Team. I am more and more adapted to the 206 WRC and I believe that my effort will show during this rally", remarked Miguel Campos underscoring the "excellent fellowship" with Adruzilo Lopes in the last events, " translated into great results" for both drivers.

"We'll have faith that everything runs well in the Algarve, which means leaving with champion titles", concluded Miguel Campos, who once again has been positively remarked by team manager, Carlos Barros: "I already knew how fast Miguel was, all that lacked in him was the chance at proving himself in a superior car, and surprisingly he quickly adapted and gave off great output. Since his arrival to the team, Miguel has contributed with 22 points, meaning those 22 points were subtracted from our opponents. His work is wonderful, especially since his win in the last rally. We will try to win the podium, with one driver in first and the other one in second".


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