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NARA Motorsport Festival On America's Birthday, July 4th, 2000 The Fourth of July is the biggest of American holidays. For US Autosport fans the 2000 fourth might be the biggest one ever. The North American Rally Association is presenting a ...

NARA Motorsport Festival On America's Birthday, July 4th, 2000 The Fourth of July is the biggest of American holidays. For US Autosport fans the 2000 fourth might be the biggest one ever.

The North American Rally Association is presenting a combination of the largest motorsports events that have ever occurred in the Northwest. The FIA listed Olympus Rally, American Rally, Celebrity Rally, Pirelli Vintage Rally, ArmorAll Classic Car Show and the Northwest Fender Blues and Rock Festival and several other attention-getting events will all happen in a three-day period from the 2nd through the 4th of July.

NARA Chairman, John Nagel said "This will be most important rally event in North America this year. The Olympus Rally was a part of the FIA World Rally Series in the mid 1980s, and NARA intends to bring the FIA World Rally Series back to America in the next few years. Our organization that put on the WRC event is still in tact and our organization is working full time finalizing all the aspects of the event. We have received a large number of inquires from overseas and hope to have a very large field of International and National rally cars at the Festival. We are also working with local classic car clubs to bring one of the largest classic car shows on the west coast to the festival. The Fender Blues and Rock Festival concerts are going to raise funds for a proposed technology training center in the Seattle area to retrain some lost talent in the area."

The Olympus Rally will bring World Rally class cars to the United States for the first time since the 1988 Olympus Rally. The America Rally will allow cars fitting the American, Canadian and Mexican Rally classes to compete. The Pirelli Vintage Rally will include rally cars from earlier than l988, including at least one of the awesome Group B cars. The Celebrity Rally will be run by well-known personalities supplied by Universal Studios Hollywood in identically prepared Group N rally cars.

Fans will be able to watch these races and keep in touch with all the action with the world's first Digital Nervous System. This is a combination of internet, photographs, video, chat sites, instant results and interaction with drivers and teams in real time, something that will allow the "virtual participants" to have more information, faster and more accurately than ever in any sporting event. You will be able to follow any car, team or driver with real time video, action photos, and when they aren't busy driving, live chats with the drivers. In car cameras and crews of videographers and photographers will provide up close action like you have never seen before. Results won't just be at the end of the race, but in real time, as the car finish each of the racing stages. Virtual Participants will be able to customize this to their tastes and interests. Follow a certain driver or follow them all, download live photos, watch multicast in-car videos, calculate up the instant results - You will be able to decide what you want, and when and how you want it. NARA considers the DNS to be the promise of the Internet, by taking the Internet surfer to the level of Virtual Participants as they ride with the team with the multicast video. Results forms will not need to be refreshed as the scores arrive as Microsoft has developed some new technology for the site called "data casting". DNS corporate support includes Motorola, Nextel, Icon Communications and Microsoft.

There will be continuous action; every moment of every day will be filled with a variety of events that will run throughout Western Washington. Along with racing there will be a Rodeo, Concerts, fireworks and a Native American Potlach. Never a dull moment and with DNS you will always be in the center of it all. NARA believes this is a revolutionary approach to cover of a sporting event, with real time interactive information on a scale never before attempted. NARA can also supply the media with complete coverage directly from the DNS to their computer, including stories, results, action pictures, and video clips.

The North American Rally Association is a non-profit corporation dedicated to bring world class rallying to the United States and keeping it here. "We have a revolutionary approach to coverage on this event, with a radio station, DNS, multicasting the start and some stages over the Internet, and providing information in real time to the entire world. We would not be surprised is the number of impressions made during the week of the event tops several billion. Rallying and technology melding together to support North America's premier rally, were everyone in the world with a computer can become a virtual participant" stated John Nagel, executive director of NARA.

2000 NARA Motorsport Festival Schedule: March 1, 2000 Entry opens - entry acceptance based on "date of entry"

May 15, 2000 Entries close, entrants notified of acceptance or refusal Videos of Rally Stages mailed to competitors Festival Kickoff

June 24/25, 2000 (Sat/Sun) Training Rally for Celebrity Drivers & co-drivers, training filmed for local television for telecast on June 29, 2000.

June 26, 2000 (Monday) Wild West Rodeo & BBQ (evening) Tacoma

June 27, 2000 (Tuesday) Distribution of RallyPaks Local NW Papers carry mini RallyPaks Media Center opens

June 28, 2000 (Wednesday) Governor's Reception Capitol Rotunda, Olympia Competitor Contest - Seattle Center (tire changing contest)

June 29, 2000 (Thursday) Media Center Opens Digital Nervous System (DNS) comes on line NARA Internet Radio Station comes on line

June 30 2000 (Friday) Media Day - Rally car rides on special rally media stage (sponsors, media, VIPs) - Welcoming Party - Bellevue, WA Fender Blues and Rock Festival - Key Arena (public concert) Celebrity Rally Training shown on local television

July 1, 2000 (Saturday) Rally News begins publication & distribution

July 2, 2000 (Sunday) - Festival Starts Festival Rallies Start Day 1 - Seattle Center Classic Car Rally to Seattle Gas Works Park Forest stages North Bend Super Stage Major Service - Snoqualmie Forest stages Parc Ferme - Gas Works Park, Seattle Fender Blues and Rock Festival - Tacoma Dome

July 3, 2000 (Monday) Rallies Start Day 2 - Gas Works Park Ft. Lewis Super Stages (2) Ft. Lewis Military Reservation St. Martins College Super Stage, Lacy Olympia Street Super Stage Forest stages in Shelton area Major Service in downtown Shelton Forest stages in Shelton area Major Service in downtown Aberdeen Aberdeen Street Super Stage Overnight Westport (fishing village on the coast) Fender Blues and Rock Festival, Aberdeen, Concert

July 4, 2000 (Tuesday) Rallies Start Day 4 - Westport Aberdeen SuperStage Forest Stages - Montesano Elma Fair Grounds Super Stage WPPS SuperStage - Nuclear Cooling Tower Stage ORV Park Super Stage Forest Stages Rally Finish - Fireworks Display

July 5, 2000 (Wednesday) Prize Giving - Brunch - Bellevue, WA

Olympus History

The Olympus Rally began in 1968 as a time-speed-distance rally running for two days in the Puget Sound basin. The first Olympus drew over 250 cars and became a legend overnight. NARA Chairman John Nagel and a number of his friends organized this event. John retained his position as chairman through out the years. From its small beginnings as a local rally, it grew in stature and was awarded "Best Rally of the Year" a number of times by the SCCA. In 1983, the Olympus organizers began a quest to achieve status as a FIA World Championship Rally. In 1984 and 1985 the Olympus was held as a prototype for an American round of the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC).

In 1986 the Toyota Olympus Rally achieved it's goal when the rally was added to the FIA World Rally Championship as a "Drivers Championship Round." This event was held in December of 1986 as the final round of the 1986 WRC. The rally that year determined whom the World Rally Championship. The racing on this event was extremely close on the race sections (stages) the two top cars were only 2 seconds apart after over 380 miles of racing. The FIA was impressed with the event and moved the Toyota Olympus Rally to the status of "Manufacturers and Drivers Championship" for the following years. In 1989 no sanction was requested by the SCCA from the FIA.

John Nagel and organizers of the Olympus Rally with their new group (NARA) are again ready to bring back a WRC to the Pacific Northwest. This event has worldwide impact. The organizers are planning the prototype international rally for the July 4th weekend, 2000. This is a four-week break in the FIA WRC calendar. This will allow Factory teams to come from all over the world. NARA already has commitments from five factory teams to participate. The 2000 Olympus Rally will have more participants than any other event in the world via the DNS. "We plan for the Olympus to become the "Indy 500" of rallying, drawing teams and media from around the world." Stated John Nagel Chairman of NARA.

The 2000 edition of the Olympus Rally will run for four days covering a large portion of the Pacific Northwest. The Olympus is one of three rallies conducted within the NARA Motorsport Festival (International Rally, Rally America, Vintage Rally, Celebrity Rally) Future plans call for the rally call for possible expansion into Canada or Oregon.

The Olympus Rally has been the best rally in the world and plans to repeat this task again starting in 2000. This will be accomplished with a professional staff; organizing committees with world rally experience, and a worker base of over 2,000 dedicated people. Add to this formula national and international media coverage, the Microsoft DNS and you have an impressive Motorsport event with a rich history, and a showcase for its sponsors.

More information can be found on the web at www.olympusrally.com or NARA can be reached at (425) 672 7204 or e-mailed at narally@wa.freei.net

The DNS Requires: Paradigm Shift

A paradigm shift in the design of a Digital Nervous System web site will be required to provide for easy navigation, real time information, multicast videos, chat sessions, customizable content, and be interactive in real time to an audience of millions of avid rally fans around the world. This paradigm shift will allow NARA to present the first Internet site with Virtual Participants who can interact with their favorite team.

Establish Unique Communications

A communications system (csystem) will be established by ICON Communications, Motorola and Nextel which provides 100% coverage of the entire event. The system providers will supply access to the csystem to competitors, organizers, media, sponsors, and the spectators (rental units). The csystem devices support cellular, voice, data, e-mail, and the Internet with a built-in web browser. Information will flow between all the Virtual Participants in the event interactively in real time. The csystem supports downloading and uploading of data, video, and digital images. The csystem also provides encrypted communications for emergency traffic.

Use the System

The core of the DNS the Central Nervous System (CNS) located at rally headquarters will be in contact with media, competitors, spectators, organizers, and sponsors and will process this data into the DNS for dissemination. Information between sources and the DNS will two way and information flow in both directions. In the case of chat sessions these will be in real time with contacts anywhere on the event. The CNS maintains the "life flow" of the DNS.


Videos from the top competitors will be uploaded into the CNS and be multicast on the DNS in as close to a real time as possible. Videos are removed from competitors vehicles and downloaded to the CNS from the field. Multicast Videos will be played on a repeating schedule over the next six months (much like TV repeats). This will provide for Virtual Participants to enjoy their favorite videos time and again.

E-Mail & Chat Sessions

The DNS will request that Virtual Participants subscribe to the system and indicate what type of data they demand. As data is received it is categorized and posted on the web site and in the DNS (this also applies to the text of Chat Sessions). This information is then delivered by E-Mail to the Virtual Participants as soon as it is posted. Real Time information for millions!

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