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Bianchi Rally (B) - June 8 & 9th 2002 ...

Bianchi Rally (B) - June 8 & 9th 2002 #Welcomed one-two for Future World.

Theunissen-Genten (Toyota Corolla WRC) and Tsjoen-Chevaillier (Toyota Corolla WRC) have offered a welcomed one-two to team Future World during Bianchi Rally, round three of the Belgian Rally Division 1 championship. Tsjoen performed twenty-two "scratches" before losing 1'35" in special stage 25 due to electrical problems. Victory was offered to team-mate Theunissen, new leader of the Belgian Championship.

Last minute Tsjoen started in Ham-sur-Heure (B) in order to prepare next Ypres Westhoek Rally while Theunissen has to secure points for Belgian Championship. Tsjoen took the lead and ended Leg 1 by a margin of 46 seconds over Theunissen. Boxoen (Impreza WRC) was third at 2'50". Theunissen was complaining of intercom problems but he kept concentration to avoid any driving error. Tsjoen didn't succeed it. At the beginning of Leg 2, he was so confident with the car... that he went off in SS17. He lost the rally later on, while engine of his car stopped in SS25. Theunissen took the win and 2000 Belgian champion has now 20 points at the head of the points table, with Cols (Punto S1600) on 15 and Boxoen dropping to third on 11. Boxoen (Impreza WRC) finished third at 2'38" while - classified fifth and sixth - S1600 runners Collard (Saxo) and Cols (Punto) took the flag with just 11 second separating them.

-" One-two is perfect for us even if we've met intercom problems with both cars during all the rally, told Gérard Magniette, team manager of Future World. We think these electrical interferences are also linked to what happened to Pieter Tsjoen during SS25. Win for Theunissen is welcomed because Belgian championship is his priority. But in any case, if Tsjoen has met no problem, team would have asked him to let Theunissen through. "

Next weekend, Future World will run Croatia Rally (European Coef. 5) with Polish driver Leszek Kuzaj.


1.Theunissen-Genten (NL/B) (Toyota Corolla WRC Future World) in 1h43'30"; 2. Tsjoen-Chevaillier (B/B) (Toyota Corolla WRC Future World) at 0.14; 3. Boxoen-Lopes (B/B) (Subaru Impreza WRC) at 2.38; 4. Collard-Toubon (B/B) (Citroën Saxo S1600) at 3.00; 5. Cols-Elst (B/B) (Fiat Punto S1600) at 3.11...

Belgian championship (after round 3)

1.Theunissen : 20 pts (1 win); 2. Cols: 15 pts (1 win); 3. Boxoen : 11 pts; 4. Van Woensel (1 win) : 10 pts; 5 ex.: Munster & Tsjoen: 6 pts


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