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Rådström the fastest in Snow Rally of Sweden Snow Rally in Östersund far up north of Sweden was not only a part of the Swedish Rally Championship but also a part of the European Cup. The rally started Friday evening and was finished Sunday ...

Rådström the fastest in Snow Rally of Sweden

Snow Rally in Östersund far up north of Sweden was not only a part of the Swedish Rally Championship but also a part of the European Cup. The rally started Friday evening and was finished Sunday afternoon. The first leg was a complete round of the Swedish Rally Championship and so was the second leg. Thus there were lots of championship points to fight of.

Winner of Snow Rally/European Cup was the Swedish veteran Kenneth Bäcklund/Johan Olsson in Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VII, group N, followed by Patric Carlsson/Leif Fredriksson in a similar car. The young and very promising P-G Andersson took a sensational third place in his small but very fast and spectacular 2WD Suzuki Ignis.

In European Championship rallies you are not allowed to enter WRC cars any more, so there was another rally in the rally, called Jämtrallyt including all those who are fighting of the points for the Swedish Rally Championship.

Thomas Rådström in a Olsbergs sponsored Toyota Corolla WRC, was no doubt favourite in that rally, co-driven by his companion since many WRC-rallies Frenchman Denis Giraudet. In fact there was none of his competitors that could threaten him. Not mentioning the first super special stage in front of thousands of spectators, when there was a switch for some hydraulic function that was off. The car was nearly impossible to drive. But from that moment on he really looked like a winner.

Mats Jonsson/Johnny Johansson, Ford WRC, ended second on Saturday, i.e. the first round of the championship this weekend, 24 seconds behind Rådström, but only 1 second ahead of Mats Thorszelius/Tomas Thorszelius in a Toyota WRC.

On the last day Thomas Rådström continued his fast and very save driving towards the finish. He had no obvious problems.

-I did not drive faster than I needed at any time, he stated after the finish.

But the day was not as successful for all of his competitors. Mats Jonsson seemed to have his second place very save. But at the last stage he had some engine failure and limped slowly over the finish line. He finished fifth.

But the former Swedish Enduro Champion Dick Wicksell, co driven by Niklas Fransson in a potent Subaru WRC pushed all the day and finally reached second place, 21 seconds after Rådström at the ramp. Number three was Mats Thorszelius, 43 seconds behind.

Thorszelius is now the leader of the 4WD class after three rounds in the Swedish Rally Championship, with 22 points.

Kenneth Bäcklund was the winner even in the national championship for production cars 4WD and is now the leader with his three consecutive wins, on 30 points.

P-G Andersson in his fast Suzuki is the leader in his class 2WD on 45 points ad so is Anders Karlsson, production cars 2WD, even he has got 45 points.

Next round of the Swedish Rally Championship, and the last winter event, will be Rally Vännäs, close to Umeå still far away up north in Sweden. On February 27 -28.

Vännäs is the home village of Thomas Rådström^Å

Results from Snow Rally EC, Östersund, Sweden, February 13-15: 1) Kenneth Bäcklund, Mitsubishi gr N, 2.02.14,3) 2) Patric Carlsson, do, + 3.28,3 3) P-G Andersson, Suzuki Ignis, 2WD, + 3.52,4 4) Magnus Mellquist, Mitsubishi gr N, + 4.21,0 5) Peter Ågren, do, + 4.50,7 6) Jimmy Joge, Peugeot 206, 2WD, + 5.04,9.

Results from the classes in Swedish Rally Championship:

4WD: 1) Thomas Rådström, Toyota WRC, 54.35,5, 2) Dick Wicksell, Subaru WRC, +21,2 3) Mats Thorszelius, Toyota WRC, + 43,7.

Standings after three rounds of eight: 1) Mats Thorszelius, 22 p, 2) Thomas Rådström, 20 p. =2) Mats Jonsson, 20 p.

Production cars 4WD: 1) Kenneth Bäcklund, Mitsubishi, 56.43,5, 2) Stig-Olov Walfridsson, do, +1,6 3) Patric Carlsson, do + 1.35,1.

Standings after three rounds of eight: 1) Kenneth Bäcklund, 30 p, 2) Stig-Olov Walfridsson, 16 p, 3) Oscar Svedlund, 14 p,

2WD: 1) P-G Andersson, Suzuki Ignis, 58,14,3, 2) Jimmy Joge, Peugeot 206, + 33,4, 3) Stefan Jonsson, Seat, +4.22,5.

Standings after three rounds of eight: 1) P-G Andersson, 45 p, 2) Stefan Jonsson, 26 p 3) Jimmy Joge, 24 p.

Production cars 2WD: 1) Anders Karlsson, Renault, 1.00.48,9, 2) Jonas Ericsson, Honda, +31,4, 3) Jani Ylipahkala, FIN, Renault, +32,6

Standings after three rounds of eight 1) Anders Karlsson, 45 p, 2) Anders Fredricsson, VW, 28 p, 3) Patrik Sandell, Renault, 22 p.

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