Edinburgh: Peugeot - Jim Clark Rally leg two summary

Jaunty Jennings. The Jim Clark Rally 12th - 13th July, 2002 Leg 2 One hundred and eight miles awaited the remaining 18 crews on the second day of the fourth round of the TOTAL supported 206 Super Cup. With a dawn start at 5.30am the crews...

Jaunty Jennings.
The Jim Clark Rally 12th - 13th July, 2002
Leg 2

One hundred and eight miles awaited the remaining 18 crews on the second day of the fourth round of the TOTAL supported 206 Super Cup.

With a dawn start at 5.30am the crews were greeted by a deep blue sky and the temperature soared through the day, a complete contrast to the torrential rain of the previous day.

Overnight leader Garry Jennings was confident that he could keep his stranglehold on the event, carrying an 8.6 second lead over Chris Moore with Shaun Gallagher 3rd, 14.3 seconds down on the leader.

The opening stage of the day was the 7.72 miles of Blackadder and the leader board changed immediately when Jennings went off into a field of barley. Gallagher was somewhat surprised by Jennings appearing at a farm gate just as he was passing. Chris Moore set the fastest time, still totally despondent after ruling himself out of contention when he lost 10 minutes on the previous day.

Position after SS8
1 Shaun Gallagher 0:53:51.2
2 Marko Ramanen 0:54:08.6
3 Garry Jennings 0:54:14.3

Stage nine Ayton 1, a 7.87 miler, saw Pawley visit the scenery when he went through a hedge damaging his sump guard. Chris Moore was rueing what might have been with another fastest time with Gallagher 2nd.

Marko Ramanen retired on SS10 Chirnside. Half way through the 10 miler he was caught out by a slippy corner, flew up a bank and hit a tree. The crew were unhurt but the event was over for the Finnish flyer. (The demise of Ramanen promoted Jazz Nandhra up into 3rd ). Moore was delighted with his times and intent on keeping his foot in. Jack Ingleby had a big moment at the same point where Ramanen went off, he also slid up a bank but was relieved to the extreme, when he managed to settle the car and stay on the stage. Richard Sykes who also lost chunks of time on Friday was beginning to enjoy himself and he sent spectators scattering when he took a huge cut. Unfortunately later in the stage he got a traffic cone stuck under the car which only freed over a big jump later in the stage.

Positions after SS10
1 Shaun Gallagher 1:11:37.2
2 Garry Jennings 1:12:01.3 0:00:24.1
3 Jazz Nandhra 1:13:15.7 0:01:38.5

Stage 11 Blackadder 2 saw Gallagher quickest, he had now stretched his lead out to 25.6 seconds, he said; Ive backed off a bit now and am not taking any risks. Jennings was checking times formulating a strategy and Sykes picked up a rabbit which was grilling to a turn jammed against his radiator. Martin Evans was having a fair event however he was having problems with intermittent power steering.

Ayton immediately saw Jennings take advantage of Gallaghers caution by taking 12.6 seconds from his fellow competitor, Nandhra was second fastest and consolidated his 3rd position.

Positions after SS12
1 Shaun Gallagher 1:26:39.4
2 Garry Jennings 1:26:52.4 0:00:13.0
3 Jazz Nandhra 1:28:11.5 0:01:32.1

Stage 13 saw Jennings yet again fastest taking a further 4.2 seconds from Gallagher whose lead was beginning to look a little shaky. Moore split the pair with another excellent time but Chirnside saw the demise of Sykes who went off and had to retire after breaking the steering rack.

The short Langton water splash fell to Jennings who had now narrowed the gap on Gallagher to 8.4 seconds.

The 8.96 miles of Eccles 1 saw Jennings eke out a further 3.9 seconds on Gallagher who was complaining about the heat and that he had to drink loads of water. A marked contrast to the day before. Jennings also commented on the heat; Its savage hot and the tyres are going off. Ingleby was slipping back on the bumpy stuff with variable handling after earlier damaging a wishbone and steering arm. Pawley suffered some problems with his notes a similar problem to Dunbabin who suffered some hairy moments. Patrick Richard was having a quiet day learning but still overshot a hairpin damaging his bumper and having to reverse again.

Jennings was now on a huge charge and took another fastest time through Swinton 1 to narrow the gap to a mere 0.6 seconds and the inevitability of it all was beginning to dawn on Gallagher.

Fogo 1 saw Jennings finally retake the top spot; he was fastest again taking 1.8 seconds from Gallagher to move into a 1.2 second lead. Nandhra looked comfortable in 3rd , 2minutes down on the leader but with a 1minute 21 second buffer on 4th placed Dunbabin. Roper retired at service after suffering accident damage. Richard had a nightmare through stage 17 when his throttle jammed open for 6 miles through the stage.

Just when it was going all Jennings way Gallagher showed he was having none of it setting the fastest time through Langton by 1.7 seconds and moving back into a very narrow half second lead. Dunbabin was struggling with a new set of pads and a brake pedal that was unnervingly hitting the floor.

With Eccles 2 cancelled it was no change at the top and the crews went into the penultimate stage split by only 0.5 seconds.

Swinton 2 looked like it was game over with Jennings setting a stunning time 6.4 seconds up on Gallagher over the 11.17 mile stage. He moved into a 5.9 second lead going into the final stage.

Yet again it all came down to the very last stage and Jennings and Gallagher both gave their all and at the end of the stage they were only split by 0.7 seconds, it was however in Jennings favour and took him to victory by a very slender 6.6 seconds. He was understandably delighted commenting; Who dares wins. He had even caught Hughes on the last stage but fortunately had been quick enough on the earlier section of the stage which negated the time lost behind Hughes.

Gallagher said; Im delighted with the result, but gutted I couldnt catch Garry.

Jazz Nandhra rounded off an excellent event with a fine 3rd place, commenting; I tried hard to catch the guys early on but decided to settle for the points. He picks up the Motorsport News Award for Best Improvement in Seeding for his efforts.

Daniel Dunbabin took fourth with Jack Ingleby gushing, It was extremely eventful and I cant believe where we have ended up.

Chris Moore took the Total Spirit of the Rally Award after his superb stage performances during the second day when the event was all but over for him. Some consolation for a late retirement with clutch failure. Jack Ingleby won the Hella Cool Box on behalf of his service crew.

<pre> Driver Co-driver Nat Total Diff 1 Garry Jennings Paul Naggle GB/GB 2:24:46.1 2 Shaun Gallagher Richard Pashley IRL/GB 2:24:52.7 0:00:06.6 3 Jazz Nandhra James Phillips GB/GB 2:27:16.4 0:02:30.3 4 Daniel Dunbabin Clive Dunbabin GB/GB 2:29:26.4 0:04:40.3 5 Gareth MacHale Derek Brannigan IRL/IRL 2:29:35.4 0:04:49.3 6 Jack Ingleby Grania Ingleby GB/GB 2:30:47.7 0:06:01.6 7 George Philippedes Marshall Clarke GB/GB 2:31:18.4 0:06:32.3 8 Andy Pawley Tim Sturla GB/GB 2:31:46.8 0:07:00.7 9 Eugeen Meegan Patrick Walsh IRL/GB 2:32:01.2 0:07:15.1 10 Tom Hynd Sue Hynd GB/GB 2:33:23.7 0:08:37.6 11 Patrick Richard Alyson Marlow CDN/GB 2:37:23.8 0:12:37.7 12 Adrian McElhinney Rory Thomas IRL/IRL 2:39:15.9 0:14:29.8


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