East African Safari Rally results, quotes

2005 East African Safari Rally Driver Quotes - Final Leg (9) 5. Bjorn Waldegård /David Cavanagh - S/RI - Porsche 911 "Our first day without problems! It's been a fantastic Safari though; you have to expect problems but I've enjoyed every minute...

2005 East African Safari Rally
Driver Quotes - Final Leg (9)

5. Bjorn Waldegård /David Cavanagh - S/RI - Porsche 911
"Our first day without problems! It's been a fantastic Safari though; you have to expect problems but I've enjoyed every minute of it, even the four hours each night as a mechanic! I think of the old days, passing through such beautiful places, and it amazes me that everyone we have met seems to have loved what I've done in Kenya over the years. The competitive sections absolutely compare to the old days, with great stages, and the road sections are easy but not stupidly easy. It's been fast like hell at times though; 130 kph in the last section. All the effort that we put into this has been worth every minute."

9. Iain Freestone/Preston Ayres - GB/GB - Ford Escort
"We've had one hell of a battle today with Graham Alexander and Bjorn Waldegård; it's been the three of us all day. What a fantastic last day though. We took it a bit carefully to get to the finish, but we're second in class, second Escort and second British crew, so I'm happy, especially as we had no service crew for two days. We've enjoyed the whole thing, it's been fantastic. We've spent the whole rally looking after the car and the plan was to be there or thereabouts and expect some attrition. Those I expected to be in front of us are, so we're well pleased to have finished our second Safari Classic (the crew also finished sixth in 2003). Bjorn, though, what a true ambassador to rallying; a fantastic guy."

10. John Lloyd/Paul Amandini - GB/GB - Porsche 911
"We didn't break anything today, despite Paul telling me to take it easy about 50 times! We've been a bit nervous the last few days, but had a good time in the Taita Hills today, which were amazing. I'm absolutely delighted and it's nice we've never been out of the top four. It's been bloody good fun."

12. Simon Glover/Russ Langthorne - GB/GB - Ford Escort @The crew is reported to have had an accident in the final section but are unhurt.

15. Anthony Ward/Ievan Thomas - GB/GB - Ford Escort
"We had our first problem of the rally today, when the intercom broke in the second section, which was a pity as it was a lovely twisty section. We've had no punctures, no broken wheels, nothing; in 2003 we had seven broken wheels and 15 punctures! The car's been perfect, even though the rally's been much faster this year."

16. David Kedward/Crispin Sassoon - GB/GB - Ford Escort @The crew has been delayed during the leg for unknown reasons. They are however okay.

19. James Ingleby/Mike Bowen - GB/GB - Rover
"We had a puncture after the last section, the only one we've had all event. The Rover's held together and we're here! We've had lots of problems, but Andy and John - the service crew - have been brilliant. It was a very good rally, we're pleased to be here and the marshals have all been excellent, thank you."

20. Marzio Kravos/Renzo Bernardi - EAK/EAK - Mercedes 450 SLC
"We've had a fantastic day; in fact everything's been fantastic and the car very good."

2015. Soren Kjaer/Mads Kjaer - DK/DK - Porsche 911
"We made it, that's fantastic! It's been wonderful and rounded off with four fantastic stages today. The whole thing's been great for us and the UN's 2015 Millennium Development Goals. We've had lots of media coverage for the project which is great. Sportingly, it was sad we broke the engine in Leg 2, otherwise we could have been in the top 10. But, as soon as we put the 2015 number on the car, it wasn't about a finishing position; that's what it's about being a protector of such important goals. It was also wonderful doing the event with my brother and it's been 12 very exciting days where we've also become a lot closer."

21. Josef Pointinger/Peter Hall - A/GB - Ford Escort
"Not such a bad day for us, unlike yesterday when the clutch broke after the first section; we were lucky the second one was cancelled. This car has done London-Mexico, London-Sydney, the Panama-Alaska, two Safaris and I was King of the Barbados Rally Carnival in 2003. Every one of those events I've finished in this car and so it's retiring now! We've done the whole rally without a service crew, but that's normal for me, and we've collected no road penalties either. The car's pretty much as it was at the start and no one has put a hand on it other than Peter and I."

22. Graham Alexander/David Stewart - AUS/AUS - Datsun 260Z
"It's been good, very enjoyable. It was tough, but for my first time in the Safari it was more or less what I expected. Our result is better than we thought it would be; I've not rallied for eight years."

24. Jurgen Bertl/Jiri Kotek - D/CZ - Porsche 911
"We met a truck on a blind left corner in the second section today and 'kissed' it with the right rear of the car at high speed, passing it in the ditch. We were lucky it wasn't anything more major. We're very happy." Adding to Jurgen's comments, Jiri Kotek said: "I'm very happy to have been in such a powerful car, my first time, and it was exciting. We're very very happy with the Proflex suspension and I have to thank them, as well as Silverstone tyres. We have used just one set of suspension for the whole event; absolutely fabulous. I also have to thank Francis Tuthill, who helped us prepare the car and gave us so much advice and instruction."

29. Marc Devis/Dan Erculisse - B/B - Porsche 911
"I'm so excited to have finished! It's great to be here; the dream was always Mombasa and we did it. The car held together and it's been no easy day today either. It was beautiful up in the Taita Hills and we then had two very fast sections; I was just praying for the car! But, we made it, despite wondering what to do today - whether to play it safe or go for it. I went for it; Dan said I was crazy!"

30. Jean-Michel Martin/Jean-Francois Chaumont - B/B - Porsche 911
"It's been extremely difficult, more so than we expected. But we've experienced something each day and for a team who has never done the Safari, we're happy. We've been changing the car throughout the event and it's now better than it was at the start. A fantastic rally."

32. Timothy Mammen/Jaspal Matharu - GB/EAK - Datsun 1600SSS
"We're glad to be here at the finish. It was tough this year for us. The car normally behaves but we've broken so many things. She's not been handling well either; always wanting to tip over, which we did once in Tanzania. It was rougher this year and more of a challenge than in 2003."

33. Aslam Khan/Imran Khan - EAK/EAK - Datsun 180B
"It's been wonderful. The car has been great and the sections good, especially up in the Taita Hills today. More competitive sections and less road mileage would be good, but we've enjoyed it."

36. Simon Sharpe/Denis Burnett - EAK/GB - BMW 2002
"It was long, tiring and dusty, but a lot of fun. It was definitely worth doing. The rally was what I expected. We broke the engine mounting coming into Mombasa, that's all today."

37. Alastair Caldwell/Catriona Rings - GB/GB - Mercedes 280 SE "We've been self-service the whole way and had two days out of the rally repairing the car. It's been very good though, we've enjoyed it a lot. We also found some great people along the route who helped us enormously. One man worked on the car for us until 03:00 hrs as there were no garages open; he changed the whole front suspension which was a huge job. Then we had a problem with the fan and a lady came and helped us. It turns out she (Lynda Hughes) was the youngest female to ever finish the Safari! A fantastic family, who then towed us 40 kilometers to their house, put us up and helped us change the head gasket. We'd do the event again, but not without a service crew."

39. Imtiaz Dewji/Iqbal Singh Sagoo - GB/GB - Datsun 240Z
"If we hadn't had bad luck, we'd have had no luck at all! We found it tougher than in 2003, but also better in every way; no complaints at all. We rolled in the second leg in Tanzania but botched up the car in Dar es Salaam and since then have had gearbox and engine mounting problems in every section. Our service crew has also had its own problems, and we've only had them for 50% of the time."

40. John Hills/Michael Tuckey - GB/AUS - Ford Escort
"It was a doddle..not! A great day for us; no problems. It's a tough event and but for our problems in CS1, who knows, we could have been in the top 10, but that's rallying."

47. Jonathan Savage/Quentin Savage - EAK/EAK - Datsun 260Z
"We've very very pleased. I'm not sure what we expected, but we're seriously chuffed to have finished. It's been excellent with no problems today and we just drove to get to the finish. The car's as sweet as it was at the start."

<pre> Overall Results - 2005 East African Safari Rally

1. Rob Collinge, Anton Levitan          Datsun 260Z             15hr 49min 18sec
2. Stig Blomqvist, Ana Goni             Ford Escort RS1600      16hr 15min 05sec
3. Frederic Dor, Paul Howarth           Porsche 911             16hr 20min 35sec
4. John Lloyd, Paul Amandini            Porsche 911             16hr 41min 49sec
5. Graham Alexander, David Stewart      Datsun 260Z             17hr 04min 33sec
6. Iain Freestone, Preston Ayres        Ford Escort             17hr 04min 55sec
7. Bjorn Waldegård, David Cavanagh      Porsche 911             17hr 05min 23sec
8. Anthony Ward, Ievan Thomas           Ford Escort             17hr 59min 44min
9. Jonathan Savage, Quentin Savage      Datsun 260Z             19hr 02min 17sec
10. Simon Sharpe, Denis Burnett         BMW 2002 ti             19hr 14min 08sec


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