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Here is the entry list for the Snowdonia (Windows and Doors) Cambrian Rally, the final round of the 1996 BTRDA Rally Series, held last Saturday (5th October) in North Wales. SNOWDONIA WINDOWS CAMBRIAN RALLY 1996 NUMBER ...

Here is the entry list for the Snowdonia (Windows and Doors) Cambrian Rally, the final round of the 1996 BTRDA Rally Series, held last Saturday (5th October) in North Wales.

SNOWDONIA WINDOWS CAMBRIAN RALLY 1996 NUMBER CREW CLASS 2 Neil Wearden/David Senior Peugeot 306 A7 3 Hefin Lloyd-Davies/Cliff Simmons Peugeot A7 4 Iwan Roberts/Dylan Jones Peugeot 205 A7 5 Harry Hockly Motorsport Martin Meadows/Ian Oakey Vauxhall Nova GSi A6 6 Ashley Blenkhorn/Greg Haynes VW Golf GTi A7 7 Pete Littler/Andy Marchbank Vauxhall Astra 16v A7 8 Chris Heleine/Chris Dewsnap Peugeot 205 A7 9 Paul Griffiths/Shaun O'Gorman Ford Escort RS A7 10 Robert Davies/Andrew Powell Vauxhall Astra GSi N3 11 Robert Watson/David Marshall Honda Civc A6 13 Les Allfrey/Simon Pain Peugeot 205 A6 14 David Nutt/Shelley Nutt Vauxhall Astra GSi A7 15 Simon Stubbs/Alexis Harper Peugeot 306 A7 16 Tony Larkin/Laurie Walker Peugeot 309 A7 17 Peugeot Ryton Rally Team David Hutchinson/Frank McAlister Peugeot 306 A7 18 Jason Youde/Brian Stubbs Vauxhall Astra GSi N3 19 Matthew Fowle/Tony Watson Peugeot A7 20 Dickster/Lad Motor Sport Carl Davies/Peter Davies Peugeot 106 N1 21 Terry Wilson/Ian Wray Vauxhall Astra A7 22 Colin Smith/Phil Jones Peugeot 205 N3 23 Nissan Motorsport Europe Geoff Jones/Mike Hayward Nissan Micra A5 24 Kelvin Evans/Gwyn Pritchard Peugeot 205 A7 25 Mark Fisher/Clive Jenkins Nissan Micra A5 26 Mike Brown/Liam Clogger Nissan Micra A5 27 Stephen Whitford/Stephen McAuley Nissan Micra A5 28 Alun Pearson/Simon Brook Nissan Micra A5 29 John Clinton/Michael Wilding Peugeot 306 A7 30 Danny Fois/Mike Wiseman Ford RS2000 N3 31 North Wales Car club Andy Williams/Andy Poppleton Peugeot 205 A6 32 Tim Hookway/Neil Prouse Peugeot 106 N1 33 Tim Ferris/Martin Gardner Peugeot 106 N1 34 Andy Gwynne/Andrew Bargery Peugeot 106 N1 35 Aziz Tejpar/Ray Berris Peugeot 306 A7 37 Carl Poscha/Norman Nophone Peugeot 205 N3 38 Oliver Boakes/Kevin Devine Peugeot 205 A7 39 Competition Car Insurance Richard Egger/Pat Egger Vauxhall Nova GSi A6 40 Michael Brew/Breeshey Christian Peugeot 205 A6 41 Andy Senior/Dave Ellis Vauxhall Astra GSi N3 42 Damon Harvey/Calvin Cooledge Peugeot 306 A7 43 Chris Ruck/Paul Thomas Peugeot 205 N2 44 Daniel Beckham/Leigh Gray Vauxhall Nova N2 45 Russell Eden/John Morgan Vauxhall Nova N2 46 Richard Perry/Clive Townend Vauxhall Nova GTE A6 47 John Perrott/Ross McNeill Peugeot 106 N1 48 Mark Burdon/Kevin Wilson Peugeot 106 N1 49 Paul Flack/Jason Dicks VW Golf N3 50 Dee Jays Home Improvement Neale Lewis-Jones/Gareth Turgoose Peugeot 205 A7 51 Nick Pollitt/Peter Smith Peugeot 205 A7 52 Euro Tec Motor Sport Darren Thompstone/Jason McKay Peugeot N3 53 Garry Edgington/Jane Edgington Peugeot 106 N1 54 1st Automotive Ltd. David Donnelly/Malcolm Roberts Peugeot 205 A7 55 Dave Hull/Pamela Ludgate Peugeot 205 A7 56 Jayne Hill/Marina Francks Vauxhall Nova N2 57 Lisa Parish/Jim Perkins Peugeot 205 A7 58 Gary Cooper/Matthew Whattam Nissan Micra A5 59 Team Russell Rally Rob Russell/Pete Russell Nissan Micra A5 60 Martin Sanson/Phil Wells Nissan Micra A5 61 Alistair Konig/Jonathan Stockley Nissan Micra A5 62 Natalie Barratt/Mark Duerr Nissan Micra A5 63 Matthew Humphris/David Kelly Nissan Micra A5 64 Philip Dean/Neil Medhurst Nissan Micra A5 66 Andrew Evans/Roger Wynne-Evans Toyota Corolla A6 67 Julian Fedrick/Jonathan Fedrick Peugeot 309 N3 68 Anthony Broad/Phil Heskith Peugeot 205 A6 69 James Middlebrook/Ray Cleghorn Skoda Fal A5 70 John Hamilton/Howard Pridmore Vauxhall Nova GSi N2 72 Paul Jones/David Jones Mini Cooper A5 73 Justin Chapman/Craig Burgess Peugeot 205 N2 74 Pete Wood/Dave Pitchford Peugeot 205 N2 75 Dedicated Micros/B.P.C. Graeme Powell/Simon Bentley Peugeot 205 A7 76 Jamimie Menzies/Nigel Turner Peugeot 106 N1 77 Rob Yates/Nick Chilton Vauxhall Astra A5 78 David Jones/Philip Herzig Peugeot N3

101 John Roberts/Mark Lewis Ford Sierra Cos B13 102 Nigel Worswick/Clive Molyneux Ford Sierra Cos B13 103 Matthew Clark/Rob Dyson Ford Escort Cos B13 105 Greg Mills/Andrew Sankey Ford Cosworth B13 106 Jonathan Bennett Evans/Chris Jones Ford Escort B12 107 Rob Atkinson/John H. Roberts Ford Escort Cos B13 108 Leominster Car Auction Theo Bengry/Malcolm Perrott Ford Escort B11 109 Adrian Struthers/Graham Hopewell Ford Escort B12 110 Alistair Tough/Alan Bland Ford Escort B11 111 Jon Ballinger/Andy Salisbury Opel Manta B11 112 John Thompson/David Hancock Ford Cosworth B13 113 Gwyn Thomas/Aled Loveluck Ford Sapphire Cos B13 114 Steve Winter/Neil Dashfield Metro B13 115 Gary Smith/Andy Bull Ford Escort Cos B13 116 Glyn Jones/Huw Lewis Mitsubishi Lancer B13 117 Rally & Competition Equip Philip Squires/Michael Squires Ford Escort RS B11 118 Ian Joel/Graeme Wood Ford Escort Cos B13 119 Derek McGinnigle/Rupert Astbury Ford Sierra 4x4 B13 120 Phoenix Airways Oliver Clark/Steve Turvey Ford Escort Cos B13 121 Havenkey Ltd Robin Bradbury/Charlie Husband Ford Escort B12 122 Oxford United Football Club Ian Gwynne/Alun Cook Ford Escort B11 123 Guy Robinson/Pete Forrester Ford Escort Cos B13 124 David Warner/Martin Pettitt Rover B13 125 Mike Roberts/Eurig Evans Ford Sapphire Cos B13 126 John Lay/Tim Hobbs Ford Escort Cos B13 127 Emyr Thomas/Bob Large Ford Sierra Cos B13 128 Rel Davies/Tim Hutchinson Opel Manta B11 129 Ian Sibbert/Ste Rigby Ford Sierra Cos B13 130 Salt+Sadler Titanium Eng Phil Bayliss/ Polly Ford Escort II B11 132 Roger Clark/Max Harvey Ford Escort B12 133 Simon Tennant/Mark Tennant Ford Escort B11 134 John Jones/Andy Capstick Ford Escort B11 135 E.K.A. Roberts & Sons Ltd Edward Roberts/Dave Tomley Ford Escort Cos B13 136 Gary Power/Tony Beddoes Ford Escort B12 137 David Short/Richard Crossman Ford Sierra XR4 B13 138 Gareth Lloyd Davies/Simon Gronow Ford Sapphire B13 139 Andy Brereton/John Woodward Ford Escort B11 140 Geoff McQuilling/Andrew Owen Ford Escort B10 141 Stephen Chamberlain/Martin Payne Peugeot 106 B9 142 Richards Bros/Millers Oil Paul Richards/Jon Griffiths Vauxhall Nova B9 143 Antony Evans/Wayne Allen Peugeot 106 B9 144 Robert Dick/David T. Motram Ford Escort B11 145 Paul Atkins/Philip Atkins Ford Escort B11 146 Kevern Thompson/Peter Fleming Ford Escort B10 147 Colwyn Printing/Worldcare Rob Jones/John G. Jones Mini B9 148 Steve Hetherington/Ian Marshall Vauxhall Nova B10 149 Ray Kelman/Richard Evans Sunbeam B10 150 Nick Wills/Richard Wills Ford Escort B10 151 Mike Davies/John Heath Sunbeam B11 152 Ken Pugh/Mark Williams Sunbeam B10 153 Car Spares Motor Factors Richard Warne/Richard McCarty Ford Escort B10 154 Michael Chinchen/Andy Juniper Sunbeam B10 155 James Young/David Young Vauxhall Astra B11 156 Jennifer Smith/Susan Freer Ford Escort B11 157 Euro Tec Motor Sports David R. Evans/Steve Roberts Ford Fiesta B10 158 Andrew Cooper/David Bolton Peugeot 205 B10 159 Steve Aram/Paul Aram Mini B9 160 Mark Jacks/Jim Alcock Mini B9 131 Starters Results Final at 20:20 on 05 Oct 96. Results by Tynemouth Computer Services

-- David James

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